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The offers on this page are the leftovers in our warehouse, the desired product may already be sold.
Prices shown (without VAT) are only for the piece of material – if any processing is required (cutting, polishing etc) it will be an extra cost.

P – polished
H – honed
B – brushed
F – flamed

GraniteWidth mmSize mmPrice £
ATLANTIC LAVASTONEH302950 x 310 mm145
ATLANTIC LAVASTONEH301380 x 350 mm77
BIANCO SARDOP301900 x 520 mm57
BLACK PEARLP301880 x 480 mm143
BLUE IN THE NIGHTP303140 x 510 mm173
BLUE PEARLP302880 x 600 mm268
COLONIAL IVORYP301380 x 510 mm91
EMERALD PEARLP302480 x 550 mm211
GALAXY STARP303200 x 510 mm259
GALAXY STARP302070 x 400 mm132
GALAXY STARP302540 x 440 mm178
GALAXY STARP301680 x 530 mm142
GALAXY STARP303360 x 530 mm283
GALAXY STARP303360 x 480 mm256
GALAXY STARP302800 x 580 mm258
GALAXY STARP303360 x 530 mm283
GALAXY STARP302920 x 540 mm251
GALAXY STARP301960 x 600 mm187
KURU GREYP301940 x 330 mm102
NERO ASSOLUTOP301440 x 480 mm77
NERO ASSOLUTOP301240 x 600 mm83
SENSA COLONIAL WHITE P302190 x 530 mm185
STAR GATEP302250 x 540 mm153
STAR GATEP301550 x 500 mm98
STAR GATEP302400 x 510 mm154
STAR GATEP302100 x 600 mm159
VISCOUNT WHITEP301200 x 430 mm49
VISCOUNT WHITEP302300 x 510 mm111
VISCOUNT WHITEP303150 x 420 mm125
VISCOUNT WHITEP303250 x 480 mm147

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