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How is the price for a worktop determined?

How is the price for a worktop determined?

It only takes a few minutes to calculate the price of a worktop!

Each stone worktop is tailor-made, completed while an eye is kept on your needs and preferences. When selecting a suitable stone surface it pays to keep in mind the interior design of your kitchen, your lifestyle and habits, your family members (especially the smallest members), the size of the kitchen, etc.
All of these choices also affect the price of the worktop – every little thing is important, and it is always reasonable to carefully weigh what is necessary and in what form.


To the majority of people, terms such as corner radius, diameter of the tap´s opening or T-profile have very little meaning, and may even cause confusion. We have made an effort to avoid using those technical terms, and made the Granitop worktop price calculator as simple and convenient to use as possible. All to make it understandable to everyone and not require any specialised knowledge from users! True, at times it is not possible to calculate a price down to the finest subtleties, but one can get a pretty good idea of the costs involved in making their home more beautiful and our specialists are always available to provide additional explanations.

Noble Supreme White quartz


Look for possibilities!

In the interests of speed, simplicity and clarity, the selection of material in the price calculator includes the most popular stones, although not all of the stone materials (the list of stones that can be ordered is indeed quite long) are displayed. In the case of a background stone (backsplash) only the spaces set aside for measurements must be filled in, but it is not necessary to specify the number of socket openings or their locations; later on, it will be possible to add water grooves running into the sink; it will also be possible to round the outer corners of working surfaces – whether this is in the interests of style or safety.

The selection of processing for visible front edges only includes the four most popular options, even though there are many more possibilities for shaping the edge of the worktop. The homes of each of our clients are distinctive, in the same way that the pattern in each stone is a unique work of art. This is why we always encourage you to ask about anything that seems to be missing from our homepage.

There are thousands of different combinations and kitchen solutions

You can read more about the plusses and minuses of granite, marble and quartz the methods for attaching sinks, the finishing possibilities for worktops, the selection of premixing taps, and more in our  blog. For example, if there are playful children in your family, it is of course important that the corners of the stone worktop be rounded. If the sink that is attached either on top of or below the worktop is located near a kitchen window that opens inwards, it would be prudent to select a premixing tap that is recessed into the worktop or which can be easily removed from the worktop. All of these minor details and possibilities affect the price of the worktop; but let’s leave the final calculation until you have decided what you want!

Learn more about the types, patterns and colours of stones in the longer article on the similarities and differences of artificial stones (quartz and Terrazzo)!


Viscount White granite

The amount of data and selections entered in order to obtain a price calculation from the calculator is not excessive, and in the interests of simplicity, measurements and selections are divided into stages:

– The first step is to select the material and thickness of the stone worktop.

– Next, select the shape of your kitchen, enter the measurements for the worktop plates, and then select the method for finishing the front edges and the length of the finished front edge (Attention! The dimensions are to be inserted in millimetres!).

– With the third step it is possible to select the sink and premixing tap, as well as to designate the required number of openings for hobs and the method of installation. If you select the sink and premixing tap from our catalogue, you can be sure that Blanco products are perfectly suited to the worktops manufactured in our factory. It’s no problem for us if you find your sink or premixing tap elsewhere – all you have to do is let us know which accessories you have chosen, so that we will know the precise measurements for the openings to be milled and cut into the worktop and the method of installation for kitchen appliances.

Look for sinks!

– In the fourth selection stage you can select a background stone and enter its dimensions. The lengths of background stones with the same height may be added together, the number of pieces will not change the final price.

– The space for additional information allows for a regional selection – the price of installation and transportation depends on your location.

– Now, all you have left to do is enter your contact information! After clicking on the ‘calculate and send the inquiry’ button an approximate calculation will be sent to your e-mail address, which is based on the data that you personally entered! Sending a calculation is not accompanied by an obligation to order. If you like, you can also add a drawing or pictures, but adding a file is not required.

– Within a few minutes after sending the inquiry you will learn the cost of your dream stone worktop – a high quality and long-lasting worktop manufactured exclusively for your home. The more detailed the information you enter, the more precise the price.

– A helpful specialist from Granitop will contact you within two working days, at the latest – if you have any further questions regarding the calculation or if you would like additional information on all of the available options, don’t be afraid to ask!

The consultation, which will be of help to you when it comes to purchasing a beautiful and practical granite, marble or quartz worktop, is entirely free of charge. And if the price is right, the time between the taking of measurements and the installation of your new worktop is only 2 weeks! Please note! Depending on the final measurements and your selection, the final price may differ from the price obtained with the  price calculator.

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