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Blanco sinks and mixer taps – perfection is revealed in the details

Blanco sinks and mixer taps – perfection is revealed in the details

Water occupies a position of importance for every living organism, with nearly two-thirds of the human body being comprised of water. Water also plays an important role in the kitchen, used not only in foods and drinks, but also in food preparation, the cleaning of salads, fruit and vegetables, dishwashing, etc.

It is postulated that if you were to observe the movement of people in the kitchen, the time spent cooking and behind the stove would comprise only 25% of the total time spent in the kitchen. Interior architects and modellers of ergonomic living environments have found that food lovers spend 60% of their time in the so-called wet zone – the area by the sink – while about 15% of their time is spent on other activities. You could say that the selection of the worktop, sink and mixer tap, their placement, and the planning of the movement of the residents in the room, is a decision made without haste. Instead, it is a well-thought-out project, one that can make staying and working in the kitchen comfortable and enjoyable.

Comprehensive solutions, which are created keeping in mind user-friendliness and functionality

A triangle of movements, which connects the sink-refrigerator-stove, should be the foundation for the planning of every kitchen. Few people place the refrigerator and stove next to each other, although a sink and stove go well together. If the refrigerator is located across from the sink, or if the sink has been placed in the kitchen island located between the stove and refrigerator, everything you need is conveniently within reach, and bustling about in the energy intensive space is avoided. The dishwasher also fits in very well near the sink – it helps keep the plumbing budget under control!

Choose the right sink!

In many ways the selection of a sink depends largely on the dimensions of the required kitchen furniture and the user’s lifestyle. Regardless of whether you need a washing corner with a small and round bowl for rinsing a salad or a wide sink with two bowls, all of the options can be found within the Blanco product range. High-quality stainless steel kitchen appliances (including Durinox matte finish) as well as ceramic and patented artificial granite sinks are available. When choosing a sink, the method of installation is also important. The sink is made from stone-like material (Silgranit), is available in a number of different colours, and can be installed both above and below the worktop. You want a sink that is recessed in the worktop, under-mounted or flush-undermounted – everything is possible!

Make cooking easy and enjoyable!

Accessories that match the sink perfectly help to make your efforts in the kitchen more efficient and comfortable. Cutting boards and bowls, screens, colanders, drip trays, hot plates, and caddies are specially adapted for each model, made taking into consideration the dimensions, material and shape of the sink bowl. If you choose a suitable waste sorting system and accessories organizer during the planning phase, you can be sure that the result will be complete and beautiful.

Many Blanco sinks come with a recently improved sink strainer, which can be turned into a sink stopper simply by turning it. The InFino drain system was designed with cleanliness and reliability in mind. There is more than meets the eye to this simple and elegant design; specifically, a proven technical solution with the minimum number of gaps and corners as possible, which helps to prevent the accumulation of food residues.

Well-thought-out product development and perfectionism are also reflected in the design of wash-basins. For example, the Etagon series with a stepped edge is suitable for innovation, which comes with a pair of top rails suitable for the size of the sink. With this type of caddy you can create an additional level using the intermediate step in the middle of the sink, on which a bowl or, for example, a colander will fit. If the items being chopped on the cutting board that is placed over the sink can be pushed directly into the pan or sieve, think about how much faster and easier it will make subsequent cleaning, and how much easier food preparation will be.

Blanco Etagon 500 U Silgranit

Blanco Silgranit PuraDur sinks bring colour to the kitchen!

Ease of use and quality are paramount when it comes to renovating a home and kitchen, but beauty should not be forgotten alongside these conditions! More and more people want their kitchen to be a harmonious whole, in addition to offering functional planning and modern technology. Like a handbag and shoes, a stone countertop, sink and faucet – which can be a material other than stainless steel – must fit together. With Blanco products, it is easy to meet these requirements, furthermore, it is guaranteed that the complete set of the sink, faucet, soap pump and accessories will last for years – for as long as the stone work surface remains beautiful.

Silgranit PuraDur patented material is:

  • hygienic and easy to clean,
  • impact and scratch resistant,
  • acid and heat resistant,
  • may come into contact with food products,
  • a fade-resistant and pleasantly stony surface.

Blanco Silgranit PuraDur sinks are available in various colour tones, with the selection also including Ceramic PuraPlus sinks. Grey and matte black have been added to the modern selection of colours, while the previous Silgranit colour range includes anthracite, coffee (brown), rock grey, truffle, nutmeg, alumina, jasmine, pearl grey, and white. Even though the champagne colour is no longer being produced, it is likely that in the case of some washbasin models or sizes it is still possible to acquire a sink with this tone.

Tastes change and the same colours are not always in fashion. So it is that the supply of popular products is greater and the delivery time is shorter than for sinks that are moving less frequently. If you want to be sure that the completion of your kitchen is not delayed by the wait for the sink, check with the helpful staff of our sales department regarding the availability of the desired model.

New product – Blanco Subline 500 U Black Edition!

Look for sinks!

TOP 10 in 2021

Subline 500 U (Black Edition)
Andano 700 U
Subline 700 U Level (White)
Andano 500 U
Claron 500 U
Etagon 500 U Silgranit (Alu-metallic)
Etagon 700 U Silgranit (Coffee)
Zerox 500 IF
Zerox 340/180 U
Claron 700 IF Durinox

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