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Kitchen sinks

Kitchen sinks

Granitop offers a wide range of high-quality kitchen sinks by Blanco

Our selection of inset and undermount sinks offers something for everyone, and besides our favourable prices it is also convenient to purchase a sink from us – it’s a one stop shop!

Choose an elegant stainless steel kitchen sink or a stone sink by Silgranit that perfectly matches your granite worktop. Should you find your perfect sink someplace else, however, it’s not a problem for us!

Installation methods

There are four ways to install a kitchen sink in a worktop:

inset sinks

This is the easiest and most common installation method that is mainly used for laminate and wooden worktops. Its advantages are low cost and easy replacement; however they are less visually appealing and less practical than other options.

Flushmount sinks

With this method, the sink is mounted so deep within the stone that its edge remains flush with the surface of the worktop. This is an elegant solution, but it requires more maintenance over time. Flushmount sinks need to be top quality, which is why they are somewhat more expensive.

Undermount sinks

The sink is glued under the worktop in a way that displays the entire cross-section of the stone worktop in the sink opening. This type of sinks goes well with stone worktops and is low-maintenance. Undermount sinks also allow you to have drain grooves cut in your stone worktop.

Flush-undermount sinks

Similarly, the sink is glued under the worktop, but it this case it is only semi-recessed with half of the cross-section visible in the sink opening. This is an elegant and practical solution for stone worktops, which allow you to have drain grooves cut in your worktop.

See all kitchen sinks and find the most suitable for you!

When purchasing a sink, please pay attention to its installation options. The Blanco sinks sold in Granitop have designations about whether they are meant to be installed from the top or the bottom, also whether these are to be recessed or not.

The sinks with multiple basins are available in left- (LH) and right-handed (RH) versions. The version is designated on the basis of which basin is larger. Not all sinks have both-handed models.

The hobs and sinks are generally installed in the centre, i.e. an appliance is installed in the middle of the cabinet/module under it. If under the hob there is an oven that is wider than the hob, there is equal space on both sides. If you want any other principles to be followed, let us know about your preferences as early as possible, and be sure to thoroughly check the installation drawing you are to approve.

Norrvange Light Grey

New product – Blanco Subline 500 U Black Edition!

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TOP 10 in 2021

Subline 500 U (Black Edition)
Andano 700 U
Subline 700 U Level (White)
Andano 500 U
Claron 500 U
Etagon 500 U Silgranit (Alu-metallic)
Etagon 700 U Silgranit (Coffee)
Zerox 500 IF
Zerox 340/180 U
Claron 700 IF Durinox

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How to choose a kitchen sink?

At Granitop you can order sinks made of the same quartz stone as the surface material, priced at 2000 £ per meter.

Noble Athos Brown composite stone sink

Noble Concrete Grey composite stone sink