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Best finds

Are you looking for a well-priced window sill in marble, bargain granite steps for stairs or a fair price stone for a fireplace or sofa table?
Here you will find the best offers for stone material and ready-cut details of different sizes, which we are selling for half price.





Composite stone






Best finds directly from our warehouse!

NB! Prices shown are only for the piece of material – if any processing is required (cutting, polishing etc) it will be an extra cost. There may be minor imperfections on the surface. Ask for an offer! Availability of materials in the best finds section is updated bi-weekly.

The dimensions of the materials found in the bargain section are an indication of the size of the piece that can be cut from the corresponding slab of stone. The dimensions are approximate – cutting may be necessary if the edge is uneven or if the sides are of different lengths.

Attention! Photos of stones are illustrative, the pattern of the stone may vary from the one shown on the photo!
Ask for the the prices and availability of materials from our sales department! Prices shown are without VAT.