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Composite stone worktops

Composite stone worktops

Composite stone worktops offer the best set of physical properties. They are tough and resistant to scratching, but we still recommend using a cutting board in order to protect your knives. These worktops practically lack absorbency, which eliminates the possibility of staining and makes the worktops both low-maintenance and highly hygienic.

In case of composite stone it is, however, important to avoid placing hot pots and pans on narrow strips of stone (e.g. around the sink), as sudden changes in temperature could cause the stone to crack. Quartz surfaces are easy to maintain – water, dish detergent and a cloth should usually suffice. A nonabrasive cream cleanser can be used to remove traces left by plastic or metal marks.

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Technistone composite stone worktops

Brilliant Black
Crystal Calacatta Silva
Crystal Absolute White
Crystal Diamond
Crystal Polar White
Gobi Black
Gobi Grey
Harmonia Dolomites
Noble Areti Bianco
Noble Athos Brown
Noble Carrara
Noble Concrete Grey
Noble Ivory White
Noble Olympos Mist
Noble Pietra Grey
Noble Silver Notte
Noble Supreme White
Noble Troya
Starlight Black
Starlight White

Silestone composite stone worktops

Coral Clay
Aluminio Nube
Bianco River
Blanco Zeus
Charcoal Soapstone
Snowy Ibiza
Blanco Orion
Eternal Marquina
Eternal Serena
Eternal Statuario
Iconic White
Eternal Calacatta Gold

Quartz, also known as composite stone or engineered stone, is a man-made stone – as suggested by the name. This type of stone has many advantages, including a uniform and even colour as well as great physical properties, such as toughness, durability and the lack of pores that could absorb any substances. All this makes quartz extremely hygienic. More than 90% of composite stone is natural crushed stone material and the rest is glue, colouring agents and other additives used to enhance its physical properties. Quartz worktops can offer you a genuine interior design experience!

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natural materials
water resistant
wide range of patterns and finishes
wide product range
scratch-resistant surface
stain-proof and acid-resistant
proper for food contact
easy to clean
steady and non-changing color
unique design
durable and long-lasting

New stones – our selection of worktop materials has grown!

Terrazzo – artificial stone as a worktop material

Crystal Calacatta Silva quartz worktops in the kitchen of a perfectionist

Marble-patterned Noble Carrara in the kitchen of a newly completed apartment

Modern gray quartz stone Breeze Pearl in a dignified wooden house from the beginning of the last century

Marmor-like artificial stone Mystery White in modern single-family home kitchen

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