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Marble-patterned Noble Carrara in the kitchen of a newly completed apartment

Marble-patterned Noble Carrara in the kitchen of a newly completed apartment

We visited 23-year-old Erica, who bought her first home with her boyfriend Sven. In the youths’ kitchen, the light-coloured walls emphasize the delicate pattern of the white marble, the freshness and beauty of artificial stone. Noble Carrara quartz stone lies in contrast to natural wood and solid black kitchen appliances.

Visiting Erica: modern youth kitchen in a new apartment building

We found out how the journey to a new home went and how satisfied they are with their new home and kitchen.

You bought your first home. What did this process look like to you?

Sven and I have actually lived together for four years, we met at university. Earlier we rented an apartment, but at some point we thought it might be worth acquiring our own nest. At the very beginning, we were convinced that we would buy a home in a new building. We have a fairly fast paced life and neither of us is a builder or a renovator. The most stressful thing was dealing with the bank and the builders, after that it was much easier. From the two of us I’m more romantic. Of course, I dreamed of my floor-to-ceiling curtains, vases and sofas, when there were only four empty walls and floor, but Sven happily brought us back to earth. Undoubtedly, the biggest cost and time-consuming undertaking in the apartment was the kitchen – we did not really want to move in without it. When the kitchen was in place, it went smoothly!

What was difficult with this kitchen and how did everything work out?

Choosing kitchen furniture was not very difficult in itself. We had a definite desire to bring homely warmth with wood. The new modern house and living in the city centre are nice, but in my soul I’m like a child of nature…
We also wanted shelves instead of top cabinets, because we are trying to live quite a bit minimalist lifestyle so that the cabinets are not full of nodes, but we only have the things that we really need.
However, we kept in mind some of the trends that we have seen on social media and in interior design magazines. For example, we chose a sink with a bottom installation, which is currently fashionable and stainless-steel sink that harmonizes with the massive cabinets and drawer handles.

The faucet, the hob integrated in the worktop stone and the Bosch hood have solid black finish, we don’t have an oven – didn’t feel the need for it. Microwave we hid in the closet and chose a smaller dishwasher. In the previous apartment there was a large dishwasher and it took a long time to get it full. With the smaller model one does not need to collect dishes, if something is inside, it’ll will be up and running immediately! Electricity and water are also needed moderately and if there are fewer containers, there is no dispute over who should empty the machine. We are very proud of the ventilation hood, it is so beautiful and solid, but also powerful and relatively quiet.

At this point, our budget was already running out and the work surface was planned to be laminate.
When Sven’s parents heard about it, they said they would order us a countertop as a gift – well, of course it suited us! They had their own countertop ordered from Granitop and that’s how we came to this quartz stone.

How did the worktop selecting go?

Although we received it as a gift, we didn’t want to overpay. Since we have an L-shaped corner kitchen, I immediately imagined that a stone surface would cost a fortune. Moreover because we wanted a countertop without joints, made from one piece.
Fortunately, Granitop has a calculator on its website where you can calculate the price of a stone worktop. And I was surprised at what went through my head when I considered the laminate – quartz stone was not so expensive!
Our choice was the marble-like Noble Carrara. White can be frightening at first, but quartz stone is very durable and easy to clean, so we took it!
Since the countertop still came in two pieces, we were initially worried that the joint would stand out, and maybe one giant plate should have been made anyway. The funny thing is that the connection or the so-called joint is not visible at all! When I loaded the first pictures on Instagram, I was asked several times how much did it cost to be done in one piece… Well, look at the photos yourself, doesn’t stick out, does it? Everything is very beautiful and even!

Of course, it was also awesome that we got the countertop faster than we thought. The furniture was already inside and we thought we would have to wait for a several weeks before we could move in. But we got a call from Granitop the very next day after the calculator query and the measurement team came in the next day! The deadline was 2 weeks, but in fact everything was already completed and in place in 8 days. Maybe we were just lucky and the factory had a calmer period, but we are very happy anyway. Compared to the general construction mess, the worktop ordering was an impressive and pleasant change, very fast and fair guys!

Look at the stone used in the youths’ kitchen, a similar black faucet and a stainless steel sink and try the price calculator to see how much will your dream kitchen cost!

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