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What colour worktop should you choose?

What colour worktop should you choose?

Tips for deciding for the prefect worktops

There are plenty of different stone materials and sometimes deciding is easier if you don’t focus on the type of material as the first thing. The best way to start is to think over what colour do you like and which patterns would you prefer as a worktop.

Noble Carrara engineered stone
  • Light and white materials with pattern

Classical white marble and engineered stones that imitate natural patterns are a sure and timeless choice. It really blends in to a traditional kitchen, one with natural wooden cabinet fronts but it also works incredibly nice together with a modern design. Subtle floating patterns in the material don’t make the interior too sterile or dull. Light materials are good for harmony as well – the surface of the worktops won’t be too dominating. Light colours give you a certain clean and clear feeling and make the room feel more spacious and luxurious.

Some of our most popular choices are:
Bianco Carrara C marble
Noble Areti Bianco engineered stone
Noble Olympos Mist engineered stone

Crystal Absolute White composite stone kitchen
  • Pure white or light uniform materials

A stone with a fine grain or a single-colour engineered stone can also be a good alternative if the main goal is to have an easy-to-use worktop – it’s easy to clean engineered stone surfaces and with small grain all the spots and drops are not so easily noticed. Homogenous pattern hides the connecting joins well and the more unconspicuous look gives the designer the freedom to experiment with other colourful elements, such as the cabinet fronts or electrical appliances. Very light materials work well in a very modern kitchen – they create a harmony with white furniture, window frames or lights. Light background gives endless possibilities to try other colourful elements, dishes, for example.

Some of our most popular very light materials are:
Brilliant White engineered stone
Crystal Diamond engineered stone
Crystal Absolute White engineered stone

Jura Grey limestone
  • Limestones and materials with lively patterns

Some of the granites, limestones and marbles available have a very distinguishable pattern. They are often preferred as worktops in kitchens otherwise very uniform as they need a calm background to stand out as a design feature.

Our customers prefer:
Viscount White granite
Jura Grey limestone

Emerad Pearl granite

Dark materials as worktops are always very elegant and classically attractive. They are also a very practical choice as they are very resistant and therefore perfect for a kitchen. For those who think simply black could be too dull and overwhelming can think of dark marble with white veins as an alternative. In any case one shouldn’t worry about dark worktop being too morbid – it makes a perfect combo with white furniture. If you decide to choose something dark with a bit more life in it (veins or speckles) you can rest assured that it looks different in every light thus presenting a new worktop in the morning and in the evening.

Classic dark stones are:
Black Galaxy Star granite
Emerald Pearl granite
Black Pearl granite
Nero Assoluto granite
Nero Marquina black marble
Steel Grey granite

Noble Concrete Grey engineered stone worktop
  • Light grey and beige materials

Shades of grey and beige are very neutral colours that really don’t shout out and are very suitable for people who are looking for harmony in warm colours. They go well with stainless steel and aluminium and many other colours without drawing too much attention to themselves. Concrete grey is one of the most popular colour varieties nowadays – very calm but not too dark.

Popular greys include:
Blue Pearl granite
Noble Concrete Grey engineered stone
Taurus engineered stone
Harmonia Dolomites engineered stone

Verde Guatemala green marble kitchen
  • Colourful and exotic worktops

Sometimes a worktop isn’t merely a surface to cook on. It may very well be a central design element in a kitchen that is meant to catch the eye. If classical white marble or black granite just won’t do there are other alternatives such as green marble or granite, exclusive quartzites etc. Engineered stones include a variety of catchy colours (orange, green, bright red) that cannot be found in the nature. Whatever you like!

Some outstanding designer materials are:
Verde Guatemala marble
Verde Savana granite
Starlight Ruby engineered stone

This is just a small introduction to the world of stone. Many of them are available in our stock but on order it’s possible to get virtually anything. If you wish to have a quotation or learn more about different materials, just fill in our price calculator or send us an e-mail and we will be happy to answer all your questions!

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