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Black marble – a luxurious pearl in a cosy home

Black marble – a luxurious pearl in a cosy home

The simplest way to create a cosy and stylish home is to use natural materials in the interior design. Marble is a metamorphic rock that is durable and provides your residence with unique and practical added value. It can be used to make kitchen worktops as well as bookshelves, windowsills, and tiles laid in front of a fireplace or stove.

And if marble has already captured your attention, then why not choose black marble? Even though black marble as a kitchen worktop requires a bit more care than some other materials, the eye-catching result is definitely worth the effort.

If you are looking to be especially carefree, you could combine a durable quartz worktop with a marble background on the wall. When it comes to types of black marble, we recommend Grigio Carnico, with its striking pattern, or Nero Tropez, with its eye-catching white veins. By combining materials of different colours, you can create a modern and unique home.

Nero Marquina
Nero Tropez

Marble can be used to make anything!

Black marble can be used to create a worktop for a kitchen island, and you can be sure that it will be the first thing to capture everyone’s attention. It is also a practical surface, well-suited for visually separating your kitchen from your dining room or living room. The marble can also be used to make a massive coffee table, which serves as a true gem when it comes to decorating your living room.

Why not use stone materials with dark tones as windowsills, shelves or stair treads? Granitop knows how to manufacture a rich variety of details from marble, and the only limit when it comes to using stone to furnish your home is your imagination.

Grigio Carnico

How to care for marble?

When making the decision to select black marble, it should be kept in mind that even though marble has a high degree of heat resistance and is durable, it is also a more porous stone than granite or quartz. There are many people who enjoy the scratches and stains on their worktop, and we can’t argue with the fact that they do create a unique personality for each worktop. However, if you don’t share the same opinion, it is a reasonable policy to clean up anything that has spilled on the surface at the first available opportunity, since acidic liquids could leave lighter traces on the surface of the marble, which are easier to see in the case of black marble. If scratches and stains are a bit too scary, then we recommend a polished (matte) surface treatment, which is more forgiving. In the case of intensive use, you may also want to consider using a light marble, such as Bianco Carrara, granite or quartz for your worktops.

Bianco Carrara C

Periodic impregnation is required to keep the surface of the marble beautiful. During this treatment the surface of the marble is cared for in such a way that a dirt and water repelling layer forms on the surface of the stone. You can easily determine when you need a new protective layer by simply dripping water on your worktop. If the water remains on the surface of the stone in the shape of a drop, it is well protected. However, if the drop of water begins to spread out and soak into the marble, then the surface should be re-treated with the protective layer.

Alternatives to black marble

Dark quartz is always an available and stylish alternative. Our selection includes Brilliant Black, semi-matte Gobi Black, and Blanco Orion with a marble pattern. When ordering, we have a number of other different and beautiful materials available, such as Eternal Marquina, which combines the beauty of natural Nero Marquina and the practicality of engineering.

Eternal Marquina
Eternal Marquina

The advantage of quartz over marble is that there is no need for any special care, plus a wider selection of colours. A quartz worktop is highly durable, since it does not any absorb any stains or scratch easily. This material is especially well-suited for those people who would like a stone worktop that is as maintenance-free as possible, and do not care that much about the unique appearance of natural stone.

Check out our selection of quartz here.

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