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Interior designers recommend: 6 smart ways of using stone to decorate your home

Interior designers recommend: 6 smart ways of using stone to decorate your home

Interior designers are requested to use stone worktops mainly in the kitchen. However, many other clever ways exist that a home-owner may not initially think of – in this case, a designer can suggest ways to create a timeless interior design with stone.
Using stone as a common style choice in the home makes the dwelling a unified whole, and high-quality materials make the atmosphere luxurious.

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Any pieces of furniture can be covered with a stone slab

After an eye-catching stone worktop is installed in the kitchen, customers often tend to ask where else could stone be designated (according to interior designers). A very popular method is to use stone worktops in the bathroom (a very nice and practical choice).
But stone slabs also suit in other rooms. In fact, it is perfect for covering almost any pieces of furniture. For example, in the bedroom, stone worktops are suitable as cover plates for bedside tables or chests of drawers, giving the furniture a completely unique look. The living room can be decorated with a marble or granite TV stand, as well as a stone windowsill or flower pedestals.

Look for possibilities!
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Stone shelves decorate walls

Stone is a great material to use for shelves. It is a very functional choice and the surfaces are easy to maintain and clean.

But interior designers recommend not stacking too much stuff on open shelves. Some tasteful trinkets with significant family value or pictures of loved ones decorate a home and add personality.

Open shelves create a clean and minimalist overall look, while doored cupboards tend to only collect dust and unnecessary things we may not even use.

Accessories as an everyday luxury

Stone is a practical material, but also very decorative. Stone trays and figurines add an everyday elegance to the interior. Why not serve tea from a marble tray – the simple tea will become much more festive!
A tray of the same material as the worktop is a very practical solution for storing oil, soy sauce or everyday flavourings.

Floors like in the royal palace

The desire of using stone in a more prominent way often yields to stone floors that create a particularly royal look. In addition, stone floors are practical, easy to maintain and will last a lifetime.

A stone fireplace – the jewel of a home

Marble and granite fireplaces have been a popular choice since ancient times. Natural stone is heat-resistant and thus, very safe for a fireplace. While soot stains on a fireplace are inevitable, cleaning smooth stone is easy, so the fireplace always looks brand new.

Bring some stone outside as well

The use of stone does not have to be limited only to interior design. Stone worktops can also be used outdoors, to connect the interior and exterior spaces. For example, granite-covered garden tables withstand variable weather for many years, providing lovely views when flickering in the sun.

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Classics never go out of style

As far as colour is concerned, the selection for stone is endless. One of the boldest and most stylish is the marble Verde Guatemala with a green background and black pattern. But why not choose between snow-white marble, black granite or an interesting wavy natural stone pattern?

However, interior designers emphasize that since stone is a durable material that is not changed very often, the overall look and colours should be well thought out and carefully chosen. Later, accents can be added with wall paint and fabrics and the interior design thus changed or completed.

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