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Luxurious sustainability

Luxurious sustainability

Nowadays, shops are full of furniture, but the selection in furniture stores tends to be quite uniform and not very personal. In addition, sustainability and recycling are key words when decorating your home today. However, this certainly does not mean having to make concessions in quality and luxury. You can create a unique and eye-catching piece of furniture yourself and, most importantly, the artist’s memories and soul – something that you will never find in a shop production – will remain in that work of art.

The project starts with planning

First of all, it is worth thinking about which piece of furniture will be restored and what the final result might look like. It is not worth it to immediately throw away old furniture; perhaps it can be given a new life. Or maybe breathe life into an object with sentimental value, for example, something from the time of your grandparents. However, for those who do not have access to pieces, it is worth searching through social media furniture sales groups, fairs or antique shops, where you can often find very special things that can become real eye-catchers with little effort.

We have already talked a lot about how to give a new look to kitchen furniture by replacing the stone surface, but every other piece of furniture can also be renewed in the same way.

Noble Carrara

By designing your own furniture, you reduce your carbon footprint and create unique furniture

Wood furniture is the easiest to renovate – wood is a very rewarding and easy to restore material. All you need to do is repair the scratches and notches using wood putty, a little bit of sanding, replace the parts that need to be replaced, and apply a coat of fresh paint to the framework. By covering the cabinet or table with a stone worktop, it is certain that the result will be unique and beautiful! A metal table frame may need a little more work, but if the old paint and rust have been removed with a wire brush and sandpaper, a very beautiful garden table can be obtained from the painted base and a new stone slab!

Nero Assoluto

A proper work surface makes a piece of furniture durable

The drawers, sides and edges of furniture are subjected to much less of a beating than work surfaces. So it is that the other parts of a chest of drawers or a cabinet remain undamaged, but the top layer is worn or stained. If it needs to be replaced anyway, why not install a stone slab that is more durable than wood or laminate. Durability and moisture resistance are especially important when it comes to kitchen or bathroom furniture, where you should choose a working surface that will not be damaged during use.

For stone worktops, there is no need to worry that damage will be caused by moisture, high temperatures, accidentally dropped glass or natural wear and tear. In the same way, stone worktops can be placed on any piece of furniture, the only limit is your imagination – bedside tables, chest of drawers, TV and coffee tables, flower shelves, etc. Stone worktops can be cut to any size and especially to meet your needs. By contacting Granitop’s specialists, you can be sure that your vision of a beautifully designed object will become a reality!

Grigio Aveiro

A single continuous line throughout the interior

When renovating furniture yourself and using surfaces comprised of the same material in all rooms, it also helps if you create a unified design language in your home, a line that crosses rooms and binds all of your home decor into a single whole.

For example, one of the most popular stones – Italian white marble Bianco Carrara C – fits perfectly in any room. The use of marble in the home brings luxury and elegance to the rooms and has a restrained effect, both on bedside tables in the bedroom and as a kitchen worktop. Not to mention the bathroom, where white marble is especially well-suited, bringing a familiar glow from antiquity to the washroom.

Bianco Carrara C

Natural stone furniture is unique

By using natural stone, you can be sure that each piece of furniture will be completely unique and no one will have another one like it. It is almost as if the patterns created in the earth’s crust are printed in natural stone, which serve to emphasise the exceptional nature and good taste of an inventive home decorator. Just as every home is different, the colour of each stone, the lines designed by nature, and the pattern, are all unique.

Terrazzo Calacatta

Nero Tropez

However, if you want to get a work surface with a specific pattern, it is possible to use artificial stone, which mimics natural stone. The relatively affordable price also speaks in favour of artificial stone, while it is also possible to choose an artificial stone with a very natural look.

By designing the furniture yourself and decorating it with stone, you can be sure that your home decor is like a unique piece created by a high-end fashion designer. Filling a home with handmade and narrative conveying furniture cannot be compared to the mass produced output from a furniture factory that can be bought in a store.

Jura Grey

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