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A home away from home

A home away from home

Indoor activities were given preference during the long corona winter, and many people decided to tackle home renovation projects, to make their home cosier and look more like them, and make getting through the day more enjoyable. Even now – when we are resting in the countryside, at our summerhouse or travelling by sailboat to discover the sea – we don’t have to leave behind the comforts of home during summer; instead, it is worth creating an environment that is just as good in our summer home.

Forest cabins and natural stone are meant for each other

When building or decorating a summer home in the middle of nature, the only real choice is to use natural materials. Why not use granite worktops to make high-quality wooden furniture expressive. Formed millions of years ago, granite is, after all, the most durable natural stone, and brings ample luxury to a forest cabin or a beach house.

Granite is easy to clean and highly resistant to wear, so you don’t have to worry about excessive maintenance when resting. Granite also withstands high and low temperatures quite well. This means that you can take the roast from the grill or smoke oven and place the platter directly on the worktop and start eating – granite is not afraid of heat! If the cottage is not heated and remains empty over the winter, or you use granite in your outdoor kitchen or barbecue corner, you can be certain that the cold temperatures will not have caused much in the way of harm to the granite and that it will remain looking like new for a long time.

For example, the glossy black polished Nero Assoluto, Galaxy Star and Star Gate granite, which offer both a traditional and modern feel next to wooden furniture, create an interesting contrast with the simple furnishings of a log house, farm or hunting lodge.

For example, the green granite Verde Savana or the yellow-brown Giallo Veneziano, the intense ochre and beige background of which is marked by dark grey spots, are suitable for lovers of natural tones. Warm beige tones create a feeling of warmth, even if there is no fire burning in the fireplace and there is no need to light one in the heat of summer.

Also promoting fusion with nature is Viscount White – a granite with a characteristic high-wave and rapid-flowing pattern from far away India – which complements stainless steel kitchen appliances particularly well.

Over the years, grey tones have been popular, which is a good choice for a practical thinker. The mottled surface of Steel Grey or the bluish-grey pattern of Blue Pearl from Norway is not as sensitive to fingerprints and water stains as black stones. Nero Africa (a.k.a. Impala Black) is also classified as a black granite, but in reality the colour varies from dark grey to brownish black. For those who are looking for lighter tones, but still want to see the speckled-grain pattern of granite on the worktop, Bohus Grey, Grigio Aveiro, as well as Colonial White and Bianco Sardo, may be suitable.

When planning a summer home you don’t have to limit yourself to the interior, as granite is also well-suited for the yard – for example, the worktop in an outdoor kitchen, for decorating a grill or smoke oven, as a garden table, etc. In summer, it feels good to prepare meals in the open air, without making concessions at the expense of comfort and beauty!

Beautiful natural stone makes a sail boat luxurious

Natural stone can also be made good use of in sailboats and launches. Relaxing at sea is a luxurious experience in its own right – also think about the impression marble surfaces will have, for example, in the cabin.

In the case of stone worktops, there is no need to worry that objects having spilled in a rolling vessel could damage the worktops. Water and moisture don’t cause much harm to the stone; rather, stone has always been compatible with the topic of the sea.
Although the seawater in the Nordic countries is not light blue and transparent like tropical waters, colours can be added to the interior of a sailboat or launch with, for example, Verde Guatemala marble, which is reminiscent of the dark green-blue sea.

Verde Guatemala

In contrast to the interior design of mostly light-coloured and wooden cabins, characteristic granites such as Emerald Pearl or Blue In The Night can also create a very interesting impression.

White Bianco Carrara marble, however, brings the Mediterranean to mind, where foaming blue waves strike white stone houses. The white pearly background of marble and the gently flowing grey veins are a combination that will not leave anyone cold on a sailing trip or at sea!

Even when summering, you don’t have to give up the luxuries of home

Therefore you can enjoy the luxury of home away from home, in a country house, in a summer cottage or even at sea. Stone worktops are durable and easy to maintain, so you don’t have to spend too much time worrying or cleaning while on holiday.

Look at the stone materials, calculate the price of the stone details and ask for an offer!

Starlight White
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