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Steel Grey

Steel Grey is a medium-shade (neither too light nor too dark) Indian granite that is an excellent choice if you are looking to set off cabinet doors in light or cream shades or light wood, but don’t like the idea of a completely black stone.

The alternating size of crystals and mica in Steel Grey makes this granite look truly vivid and three-dimensional. The various neutral shades of grey is a great complement to almost any other colour combination, allowing you to easily update your kitchen by changing only a few colourful details.

Steel Grey worktops are practical in that they do not show fingerprints and stains as easily as a black granite would. The seams between stone details also look less prominent than in the case of striped granites.

Available in standard selection from our warehouse:
Polished-P, Honed-H; 20 mm and 30mm.
Brushed-B -30mm.
Other finishes and thicknesses available to order.

  • Country of origin: India
  • Water absorption: <0,22%
  • Weight: ca 80,5 kg/m² (30mm)
  • Material: Granite worktops
  • Color: Dark-colored, Variegated
  • Thickness: 30 mm, 20 mm
  • Price: 192£/m2