Why Granitop?

We believe that our work speaks for itself; you can see some of our completed projects below. We also encourage you to read the reviews of our satisfied customers. This should be enough to convince you that Granitop is an excellent choice!

Granite, marble or composite stone worktop?

One of the biggest advantages of granite worktops is certainly their natural and unique beauty. No kitchen ever looks exactly the same, as each surface has a different pattern. Additionally, granite also features higher wear resistance than e.g. wooden or laminate surfaces.

Marble has been a highly valued material in interior design starting from antiquity, and even today marble worktops create an undeniable aura of luxury without the risk of looking old-fashioned. Marble is simply timeless!

Composite stone worktops are available in a broad selection of colours; they are even more wear resistant than granite surfaces and allow for extraordinary design solutions. The colour of your worktop might range from snow white to bright green.

Do you also service private persons?

Yes, sales to private persons are our main focus. Since every middleman always takes a fee, we can offer you an excellent price because there are no go-betweens.

How can I get a price offer for my kitchen?

You can use our price calculator to calculate the total price of your worktops together with fitting. Once you have selected a stone you like and entered correct measurements, you can also submit your order via the calculation system. You can also send us a plan of you kitchen that includes all measurements and we can make you a price offer based on that.

Is the price calculated by the price calculator final?

Once the measurements are checked, the same calculator will be used to determine the final price. This price will be final and there will be no additional fees.

How and when should I pay?

30% of the total amount is paid before we begin work on your order and the remaining sum you’re your worktops have been fitted.

What is your service area and order completion time?

You can view our service area under the price calculator. Normally, measuring takes place within a week from when we receive your order and worktops are fitted within two weeks of taking the measurements.

Where can I see some actual stone samples?

Our measuring technicians have samples of all the stones in our product range. You can make a preliminary choice using the photos in our blogpost galleries and price calculator sections of our web page.

What kind of preparations should I make before the measurer arrives?

Kitchen cabinets must be fixed in their final position and they must be level. If you are not found a suitable sink from our range, you should already have purchased it elsewhere by the time our technician arrives. This also goes for the mixer tap, cooktop and any other appliances that might require an opening in the worktop.

Do you also install sinks and cooktops?

We will fit the sinks and cooktops into the worktops, but we do not do plumbing or electrical work.

Is marble a good choice for a kitchen worktop?

We do offer marble worktops upon request, but do not recommend it for this use due to its susceptibility to mechanical damage and staining by substances often found in a kitchen (e.g. coffee, tea, oil, acidic fruits, red wine etc.). Marble is a better choice for bathrooms and window sills. This stone needs regular treatment with a special sealant.