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To freshen up your kitchen is to invest in your own happiness!

To freshen up your kitchen is to invest in your own happiness!

These days designer kitchens mean good quality materials, they’re created bearing in mind the space in which they have to function and always keeping in mind the needs of the family using it. Choosing the ideal combination of door handles, drawer slides, front panels etc can take hours and thousands of pounds but after a few years it may seem that everything isn’t as perfect as it felt in the beginning or it’s simply time for a little upgrade. It’s not necessary to take on a full-scale renovation project or start searching for new kitchen furniture – often it’s enough to change the worktop for a new and unique feel!

Total makeover – Viscount White granite

Each worktop material has its pros and cons and sometimes you might not realize them before actually using the kitchen. So it might turn out that the worktop of stainless steel, laminate or wood that seemed to be a good option in the beginning has lost its initial glow and look. It doesn’t always mean that now it’s time for a pricy kitchen renovation….

Maybe you weren’t presented with all the options when making the initial choices, perhaps you have discovered that liquids spilled on the worktop have damaged the wooden or laminate surface, or the modern look of stainless steel has dullen due to all of the microscratches on the surface. But if the cabinets and kitchen appliances are still in perfect condition it might just be reasonable to think of getting a new worktop!

Garden BBQ – Steel Grey granite

A little paint on the walls and a new worktop can completely change the look of your kitchen. Check out these photos to see how a stone worktop has worked miracles and the kitchen is again a beloved gathering place for family and friends.

Look for possibilities!

The best option to freshen up your kitchen is of course a worktop made of stone. You won’t need to worry about liquids swelling up the joins as might happen with laminate worktop and there’s no such wear and tear as you can expect from a wooden alternative. In addition, there’s so many options among different stone materials so that everyone finds something to their liking – be it granite, marble, engineered stone or limestone.

Noble Olympos Mist kitchen before and after

The most hygienic worktop is quartz

A clean home is easy!

Caring for stone surfaces

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