Granite, marble or composite stone worktops

We have extensive experience in manufacturing stone worktops. Our primary goal is your happiness – therefore we will not offer you the most expensive solution, but find the one that suits best your needs. Our specialists are best in the field, with their knowledge and precise work you get your dream kitchen, result that is impressive, if not stunning. We also offer a broad selection of Blanco kitchen sinks and -taps, making it especially easy and convenient to order a worktop from us – it’s a one stop shop!

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Here is pictures from our kitchen.
We are very happy about. And it is a good work. Well done, Granitop!

Lis & Asger 13.05.2020

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While people love to make changes to living spaces, and frequently update wall colours, wallpaper and other interior design elements and furniture, the bathroom is a room that no one looks forward to renovating. The reason for this is simple – a bathroom renovation tends to be expensive, cumbersome and very dusty work, which disrupts the lives of residents. Therefore, it is important to renovate the bathroom using high quality materials that do not need to be replaced once the renovation is completed. Keeping up with rapidly changing trends is not suitable for the bathroom – one should instead choose timeless classics that will retain their value and not bore you….

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It is often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Those who have a fireplace in their home would beg to differ – the true heart of the home is the fireplace. There is nothing better than gathering around a fireplace with your family during a cold winter or even a dim summer evening, to enjoy its warmth and the crackling fire. Since the beginning of time it has been fire around which loved ones gathered in the evenings to warm themselves and tell stories….

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