Granite, marble or composite stone worktops

We have extensive experience in manufacturing stone worktops. Our primary goal is your happiness – therefore we will not offer you the most expensive solution, but find the one that suits best your needs. Our specialists are best in the field, with their knowledge and precise work you get your dream kitchen, result that is impressive, if not stunning. We also offer a broad selection of Blanco kitchen sinks and -taps, making it especially easy and convenient to order a worktop from us – it’s a one stop shop!

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Janno, we wanted to thank you and your mechanics for doing a great job with our kitchen countertop. It’s perfect and we made a right choice choosing your company for this project. We are very pleased with the result!

Kethlin & Peter

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The traces of the creation of the Earth on Your kitchen worktop

In the beginning there was a vast void. There was Cold at one end and Hot at the other. There even was an eternal emptiness between them, called Ginnungagap. Cosmos. Indefinite and infinite empty space.

In this way, even quite acceptably to nowadays science, a thousand years ago the Viking book “Prose Edda” describes the birth of the world. The Fire and Ice met, came together and the world was born from this collision. The two opposites met, and it was perhaps the same Big Bang theory which is taught in the schools.

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Planning a Household Space

Like kitchens and bathrooms, household rooms are one of the most important spaces in every home, with keywords such as comfort, space, practicality and cleanliness. Although the auxiliary room is hidden from the eyes of the guests, the place can also be beautiful and tidy, so that the residents could enjoy spending time there….

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