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Granite, marble or composite stone worktops

We have extensive experience in manufacturing stone worktops. Our primary goal is your happiness – therefore we will not offer you the most expensive solution, but find the one that suits best your needs. Our specialists are best in the field, with their knowledge and precise work you get your dream kitchen, result that is impressive, if not stunning.
2 weeks from measurements to installation!

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Janno, we wanted to thank you and your mechanics for doing a great job with our kitchen countertop. It’s perfect and we made a right choice choosing your company for this project. We are very pleased with the result!

Kethlin & Peter

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Virginia Black – granite from America with an interesting pattern

On a beautiful sunny spring day, we went to Lars’ office in the city centre to discuss the stone countertop and renovation and to take photos of granite, which is not often ordered. Virginia Black, also known as Jet Mist and Virginia Mist, is a dark grey, almost black granite with lighter speckling and veining. One can admire endlessly the wavy pattern, which exudes the wildness of nature and the ancient strength of granite, yet somehow this material is not as popular and widespread as, for example, Viscount White or Verde Savana……

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The selection of quartz stones has been expanded!

2024. Granitop’s quartz stones selection was expanded at the beginning of the year and, in addition to Technistone, Silestone, Quartzforms and other quartz countertops, our basic selection now includes Caesarstone materials.

Like Silestone, Technistone, Quartzforms and many others, Caesarstone uses the so-called Breton technology, patented in the 70s by Marcello Toncelli, to produce quartz stones. Using vibro-compression vacuum technology, natural aggregates (quartz/sand) are mixed with a polymer mixture (which is usually polyester resin), air is removed by creating a vacuum, the moulded product is vibrated, pressed and heated until a non-porous and durable slab with stable properties is produced.

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