Granite, marble or composite stone worktops

We have extensive experience in manufacturing stone worktops. Our primary goal is your happiness – therefore we will not offer you the most expensive solution, but find the one that suits best your needs. Our specialists are best in the field, with their knowledge and precise work you get your dream kitchen, result that is impressive, if not stunning. We also offer a broad selection of Blanco kitchen sinks and -taps, making it especially easy and convenient to order a worktop from us – it’s a one stop shop! If you order before December 14th 2020, we will deliver Your new countertop by Christmas!

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Janno, we wanted to thank you and your mechanics for doing a great job with our kitchen countertop. It’s perfect and we made a right choice choosing your company for this project. We are very pleased with the result!

Kethlin & Peter 23.09.2020

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What colour kitchen to choose?

The process of designing a home is primarily based on the beauty and colour preferences of the people living there, although there are certainly universal solutions and principles that are worth considering when making repairs. Home furnishers with a more traditional sense of taste know that combinations of classic colours – such as white, black and grey – go well with stainless steel kitchen appliances and glossy black stoves and ovens.

Bright surfaces give the impression of a larger room; however, at the same time it must be remembered that a bright white kitchen places higher demands on maintaining cleanliness. Whether the furniture and the kitchen level are matte or shiny, modernly minimalist or romantic, traces of use are easier to see with a white surface, and therefore a person with a more practical mind-set may not prefer such a choice.

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How to Choose Kitchen Worktops

What material is right for you?

The choice of kitchen worktops is overwhelming. The most common materials used are cosy solid wood, affordable high-pressure laminate, strong engineered stone (quartz-stone or terrazzo) and natural stone, such as marble, granite and limestone. But which one to choose? It is worth thinking about what kind of cook you are and how durable you need a worktop….

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If you order before December 14th 2020, we will deliver Your new countertop by Christmas!

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