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Limestone worktops – dinosaurs in your living room

Limestone worktops – dinosaurs in your living room

Limestone has been used as a construction material since the time of the Egyptian pyramids and continues to be used in modern architecture. This rock is characterised by strength, resistance to external influences and a unique structure formed from fossils.

Limestone is a sedimentary rock, formed over a period of millions of years in oceans, rivers and lakes as a result of the accumulation of floral and faunal debris. Therefore, the characteristic patterns of animals and plant fossils can be found in limestone slabs, which give each stone a unique appearance. Limestone has been used since ancient times in the construction of buildings and fortresses, and has also been used to make beautiful sculptures.

Jura Grey

Today, limestone is used in both the interior and exterior finishing of buildings, combining it with, for example, wood materials, or creating harmonious classical colour solutions within a residence.

For decades, limestone has been a popular material for floor tiles, in the construction of stairs, and as window sills. Today, increasing attention is being paid to the use of limestone as a worktop material in kitchens and for flat surfaces in bathrooms. Our selection includes, for example, Jura Grey, which is full of life from the Jurassic period. This limestone, with its sinuous and dappled pattern, originates from the Bavarian region of Germany, where one can see the contours of animals and historic plants from the age of dinosaurs. The material has a calm pattern, one that enlivens the stone, with light greys and beige tones combining trendiness and natural warmth. Jura Grey limestone worktops go together well with furniture that has very light beige and white tones.

Dietfurt Grey (Photos: Satu Palander)

If you would rather use calmer and darker colour tones, then Azul Valverde, from Portugal, is right for you. Since the material is dark, then it acts as an eye-catching element in light tone interior design. Azul Valverde is suitable for use in classical as well as modern kitchens, being especially well suited for industrial style interior design.

A limestone worktop requires a bit more attention than, for example, a granite worktop. If you are looking for a maintenance free surface – one that is just as stylish as limestone – then Granitop’s selection includes quartz, which is reminiscent of limestone.


Jura Grey is a limestone with a light beige background and pattern.

Dietfurt Grey limestone originates from the mountains of Bavaria, from the same region in Germany where another popular limestone, Jura Grey, is mined. In comparison with Jura Grey, Dietfurt Grey is not quite as beige, but rather a more uniform grey, with a slightly bluish tinge. Available with honed – H finishing.

kalksten Thala Grey

Thala Grey is a grey limestone from Tunisia.

Azul Valverde is a grey limestone from Portugal with a dark-grey pattern.

Crema Perla is a creamy beige limestone from Spain. Its discreet charm and comparatively uniform look have made it into a very popular choice of stone for indoors and outdoors both. Crema Perla is available in a variety of finishes and this limestone can often be found in public spaces used in walls and floors, kitchen worktops, spas and private bathrooms, gardens and stairs.

Grigio St Moritz is a concrete grey French limestone. This stone with its unpretentious look is a very universal option that will fit almost any style of interior harmoniously. Grey limestone with a rather uniform pattern is a safe choice when it comes to maintenance and much more forgiving about any signs of lived life than most of the flashier stones.

Our TOP-10 stones

Jura Grey
Bianco Carrara C
Mystery White
Noble Ivory White
Noble Concrete Grey
Nero Assoluto
Noble Carrara
Noble Supreme White
Steel Grey
Viscount White

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Noble Concrete Grey

Quartz is the crowning achievement of engineering, being a strong and practically non-porous material, which makes it resistant to scratches and stains. Our selection of products includes, for example, Noble Concrete Grey, which merges the stylish hardness of concrete and the pattern of limestone. In addition, we offer Noble Troya quartz in brownish-beige tones, the tonality of which is warmer and goes together particularly well with furniture in the same tones. If you would like to live a life that is as worry free as possible, choose quartz as the material for your countertop.

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