Limestone worktops – dinosaurs in your living room

    Limestone has been used as a construction material since the time of the Egyptian pyramids and continues to be used in modern architecture. This rock is characterised by strength, resistance to external influences and a unique structure formed from fossils.

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    Black marble – a luxurious pearl in a cosy home

    The simplest way to create a cosy and stylish home is to use natural materials in the interior design. Marble is a metamorphic rock that is durable and provides your residence with unique and practical added value. It can be used to make kitchen worktops as well as bookshelves, windowsills, and tiles laid in front of a fireplace or stove.

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    Tips to keep your worktop clean and beautiful

    The stone work surfaces are both beautiful and durable and they do not require much care. However, if you want to be sure that the polished and reflective or silky smooth worktop remains good-looking for decades some general rules should be kept in mind….

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    Crystal Calacatta Quartz

    New materials were recently introduced to the market (in spring 2018) and they were well received  by customers and interior designers! Today the joy of these new products has already arrived to the kitchens and bathrooms of many customers!

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    How to choose a kitchen sink?

    When choosing a kitchen worktop pay attention to the sink!

    Natural stone (marble, granite) or quartz stone worktop is an investment for which you will get a beautiful kitchen for decades. Of course this is a decision that can not be made in a rush as following every seasonal trend can become a very costly hobby. What should be kept in mind – no matter how beautiful is the outcome it also takes time to keep it clean. So it’s very important to choose the right worktop material that matches your lifestyle and habits.

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    Modern bathroom – comfy and trendy

    Bathroom renovation is a great challenge for every homeowner. Without the knowhow it might be complicated to achieve an excellent result. To make it easier start with some research and make an action plan, budget and schedule. It’s useful to know some basic rules, also the right materials and reliable contractors must be used….

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    Inspiration for a smaller kitchen

    Every home doesn’t have a large kitchen that extends into a living or dining room. In some apartments, often in older houses in the heart of the city, the space to cook is quite limited.

    Luckily, nowadays there are lots of solutions that our ancestors couldn’t even dream of. Therefore we got many more choices and inventions available to make our life and cooking easier. If you like to have order and coziness in your kitchen regardless of it´s size and if you want to keep it nice and user-friendly it’s useful to keep in mind some rules of thumb.

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    Helpful tips to plan a kitchen island – how to double your worktop surface!

    When renovating consider a kitchen island!

    Every person who loves cooking knows how important is an organized kitchen and how easy and even enjoyable it can be preparing a gourmet dinner when using the right tools. High quality raw material is of course fundamental for delicious meals but almost as important is the method of preparation and used equipment. Unfortunately, all kinds of dishes and appliances have to be packed somewhere. A good way to get extra draw-cabinets and bigger worktop area is a carefully planned kitchen island.

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    We got a whole new website!

    Technology is evolving rapidly nowadays and along with that the expectations of internet users. Of course, Granitop’s customers would like our site to be as beautiful and easy to handle as granite, marble and quartz worktops, window sills, fireplaces and so on….

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