Selected materials -50%
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    Privacy Policy

    Granitop is committed to Your privacy and to complying with all applicable laws and regulations regarding any personal data we may collect about You when You visit our website at By using our website, You agree that we will collect and use Your information in accordance with this Privacy Policy….

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    Virginia Black – granite from America with an interesting pattern

    On a beautiful sunny spring day, we went to Lars’ office in the city centre to discuss the stone countertop and renovation and to take photos of granite, which is not often ordered. Virginia Black, also known as Jet Mist and Virginia Mist, is a dark grey, almost black granite with lighter speckling and veining. One can admire endlessly the wavy pattern, which exudes the wildness of nature and the ancient strength of granite, yet somehow this material is not as popular and widespread as, for example, Viscount White or Verde Savana……

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    The selection of quartz stones has been expanded!

    2024. Granitop’s quartz stones selection was expanded at the beginning of the year and, in addition to Technistone, Silestone, Quartzforms and other quartz countertops, our basic selection now includes Caesarstone materials.

    Like Silestone, Technistone, Quartzforms and many others, Caesarstone uses the so-called Breton technology, patented in the 70s by Marcello Toncelli, to produce quartz stones. Using vibro-compression vacuum technology, natural aggregates (quartz/sand) are mixed with a polymer mixture (which is usually polyester resin), air is removed by creating a vacuum, the moulded product is vibrated, pressed and heated until a non-porous and durable slab with stable properties is produced.

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    Trend forecasts for 2024

    The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), one of the world’s leading organisations representing professionals in the kitchen and bathroom furniture industry, organised a roundtable in early 2024 to discuss the visions of the top professionals in the industry for the year ahead. In an in-depth report by the Association, which has a 60-year history, hundreds and thousands of furniture manufacturers, designers and retailers found that it is increasingly difficult every year to generalise or predict clear design trends. The main demand from home designers is said to be an individualistic approach. They are looking for the comforts of an epicurean lifestyle and recreational spaces that help them enjoy life to the fullest. They want personalised solutions, not cookie-cutter mass production. Instead of specific styles, materials and colours, emphasis seems to be on world views and sometimes even contradictory keywords. Uniqueness is valued and spaces are increasingly reflecting the face of the homeowner.

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    All granite worktops now -10%

    Granitop offers 10% off all granite worktops until the end of March! As the discount applies to the entire order, you will also get a discount on all our services and additional products such as mixers, sinks and soap pumps that you order from Granitop with your new granite worktop. Have a look at our wide range of products today and find the worktop of your dreams!

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    Diorite Verde – magnificient emerald green granite adorns IKEA kitchen furniture

    We started 2024th with a visit to Liza and Liam, to see how their spacious and modern U-shaped kitchen was completed. Purchased by young couple from IKEA, the kitchen furniture with integrated appliances is covered with Diorite Verde, an moss-green granite with flowing golden-brown veins, which changes color depending on the viewing angle. Indeed, it is in the bright light that the character of the stone is fully revealed, as well as the diorite crystals and the lighter spots resembling quartzite are better seen against a dark and velvety background….

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    Noble Concrete Grey – the legendary grey quartz-stone

    Soon it’ll be ten years since the first prototype for the Noble–series rolled out from the factory line. From the moment it was released this product series became the favourite of home decorators, and these quartz stones that draw their inspiration from natural stone are still breaking sales records.

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    Special holiday offer: -10% off your entire order and free measuring!

    The end of the year is a wonderful time to get our homes ready for the festive season and prepare for the beautiful moments among our friends and family. Give your home an extra sparkle this year, and order a new and durable stone worktop from Granitop!

    For the upcoming end of the year, we’ve come up with a great special offer that applies to all materials in Granitop’s wide range of products.

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    Blanco sinks campaign

    Blanco sinks 30% off when you order a new worktop from us!

    Order a worktop from Granitop for at least £1500 and get a high quality Blanco sink for 30% off. The offer is valid from 01/08/2023 to 30/09/2023. The discount applies to all Blanco sinks in Granitop’s main range.

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    Special Offer for Ceramic Worktops

    Now is the best time to upgrade your kitchen, as all ceramic worktops are discounted by 30% at Granitop until the end of July. Take a look at our wide selection and choose your favorite!

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    Ceramic worktops – beautiful, trendy and extremely durable

    Stone is one of the best examples of timeless durability and the material against which the strength of all other materials is measured, for a good reason. Modern technologies make it possible to cut and work this strong material in all sorts of ways and so it doesn’t come as a surprise that in more and more homes stone is the overarching constant and the eye catcher of the interior design solutions.

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    Top Kitchen Trends for 2023

    How are beautiful kitchens of great quality built?

    We asked from the Granitop sales director Silver Suurkütt what will the year 2023 bring, what’s in fashion and where does one even start when facing an empty room about to be made into a kitchen.

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    Golden sparkles on black background – Galaxy Star granite in an open kitchen

    We decided to pay a visit to Miriam and Harry to find out how their worktop in black Galaxy Star granite has held up. Due to the little sparkling specks of gold on a polished black background this beautiful granite resembles a sky full of stars. In the young couple’s kitchen it shines on worktops and the massive kitchen island. Together with trendy cabinetry in dark gray and black appliances this stones makes for a solid and beautiful final look. But how about the practicality?

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    The professional is convinced of the advantages of a stone worktop

    Today we’re having a chat with Jenny who has ordered six stone worktops from Granitop. Jenny and her profession have sparked interest and not for nothing. She is an entrepreneur and a real estate flipper, whose excitement about her work can be heard in interviews and seen in the end results of her projects….

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    Granitop´s Special Offer for selected stones – 20%!

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    Bianco Sardo granite – even a family home can be very stylish

    Today we are visiting Linnea at her lovely home. Linnea and her family have been living in this modern house on top of a hill for almost half a year now. The heart of the home is the sleek and harmonious kitchen that combines trendy grey cabinets, a large island, a touch of warm wood, classic design lamps and the beautiful Bianco Sardo granite.

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    Spring campaign!

    The sun shines brighter every day and summer is not far away! Warm weather lures us outdoors and inspires us to plan a fresher look for our outdoor kitchens and grill corners of garden houses.
    While for most of the year the most popular finishes for stone worktops are definitely polished (P) and honed (H) the springtime brings a renewed interest in different finishes. Outdoor kitchen season raises the popularity of granite, and finishes such as flamed and brushed (so called “leathery” finish) get the attention they deserve again.

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    Kitchen trends to look out for in 2022

    Just like in previous years we have again asked architects and interior designers about their predictions for the biggest interior design trends in 2022.

    Covid-19 has changed the world, and this year too the biggest influence doesn’t come from big international exhibitions, but instead from recommendations from friends and family, social media inspiration and focus on practicality. We have also witnessed the power of Instagram and Pinterest here at Granitop, where the biggest and most effective advertisement has been the weekly stream of shared pictures from our happy clients. This has raised the beautifully patterned limestone Jura Grey as our best-selling stone worktop material of the year 2021.

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    Marble – a royal material

    Beautiful marble is a timeless and versatile material. Over time, marble has been used to create a wide variety of products – from gorgeous marble fountains, sculptures, terrace ornaments to park benches, stairs, pavements and memorabilia. Not to mention all the uses as a interior element, it can be used to make kitchen worktops, windowsills, to cover fireplaces or in the design of a luxurious bathroom.

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    Luxurious sustainability

    Nowadays, shops are full of furniture, but the selection in furniture stores tends to be quite uniform and not very personal. In addition, sustainability and recycling are key words when decorating your home today. However, this certainly does not mean having to make concessions in quality and luxury. You can create a unique and eye-catching piece of furniture yourself and, most importantly, the artist’s memories and soul – something that you will never find in a shop production – will remain in that work of art.

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    Blue Pearl, Emerald Pearl and Labrador Antique – three famous varieties of granite from Norway

    While southern European countries, such as Italy, Turkey and Greece, are particularly renowned for their marble production, the Nordic countries – in particular Norway – should be mentioned when talking about granite.

    In terms of exports of granite, basalt and sandstone, Norway ranked third after India and Brazil in 2015 – surpassing both China and South Africa – and rising to second place among granite exporters in 2019, with a market share of approx. 10% (India 44%).

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    A home away from home

    Indoor activities were given preference during the long corona winter, and many people decided to tackle home renovation projects, to make their home cosier and look more like them, and make getting through the day more enjoyable. Even now – when we are resting in the countryside, at our summerhouse or travelling by sailboat to discover the sea – we don’t have to leave behind the comforts of home during summer; instead, it is worth creating an environment that is just as good in our summer home.

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    Interior designers recommend: 6 smart ways of using stone to decorate your home

    Interior designers are requested to use stone worktops mainly in the kitchen. However, many other clever ways exist that a home-owner may not initially think of – in this case, a designer can suggest ways to create a timeless interior design with stone.
    Using stone as a common style choice in the home makes the dwelling a unified whole, and high-quality materials make the atmosphere luxurious….

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    Stone worktops lasting for decades

    Stone is one of the oldest materials used by man. By sharpening the first tools out of stone as well as using stone as a base material, it has become ingrained in our consciousness as both durable and long-lasting.

    Silver Suurkütt, Sales Manager at Granitop, a provider of stone worktops, explains why you should choose a durable and timeless stone worktop for your home’s kitchen or bathroom.

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    A clean home is easy!

    Hygiene and cleanliness are important in every home. We all wish that if unexpected guests came for coffee, the kitchen would be in top condition and there would be no reason for worries or embarrassment. At the same time, every man and woman want cleaning to take as little effort and time as possible….

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    Outdoor kitchen: the pearl of the garden, where you can enjoy summer days

    When there is spring outside and you are tired of eating festive meals, the thoughts of garden owners move to a warmer season and barbecue, you can almost imagine it..

    If over the years the living room has quietly expanded to the terrace or garden and more time is spent outdoors, then outdoor kitchens are gaining popularity. The outdoor kitchen or barbecue area is a nice place to enjoy nature without having to run between the house and the garden – everything you need for cooking is available on the site, that’s comfort.

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    Granitop worktops – 10 years!

    In 2021, Granitop will have it´s 10th anniversary. For 10 years we have been involved in many exciting projects, thousands of homes and business premises are decorated with worktops, window sills, coffee tables, shelves, stairs, fireplaces, etc. made by our stone masters….

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    Keywords for kitchen trends of 2021 are minimalism, functionality and family-friendly planning!

    Lets start from the beginning…
    In the old days, the kitchen was the heart of the home, right? Food was prepared for the whole family and everyone enjoyed it together behind a large table. However, due to the fast pace of life, the kitchens rather developed into room where something was grabbed after work, like a driveby and thats sad. Ofcourse we have to mention the year of 2020 what brought many changes. Corona isolation inevitably forced many of us to stay more at home and inspired us to think about the functionality of the kitchen. It could be said that a radical change in the way of life led back to the roots, in some way, to the time when the kitchen was the center of gathering. This can be seen from the kitchen trends of the beginning of the year, too.

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    The traces of the creation of the Earth on Your kitchen worktop

    In the beginning there was a vast void. There was Cold at one end and Hot at the other. There even was an eternal emptiness between them, called Ginnungagap. Cosmos. Indefinite and infinite empty space.

    In this way, even quite acceptably to nowadays science, a thousand years ago the Viking book “Prose Edda” describes the birth of the world. The Fire and Ice met, came together and the world was born from this collision. The two opposites met, and it was perhaps the same Big Bang theory which is taught in the schools.

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    Planning a Household Space

    Like kitchens and bathrooms, household rooms are one of the most important spaces in every home, with keywords such as comfort, space, practicality and cleanliness. Although the auxiliary room is hidden from the eyes of the guests, the place can also be beautiful and tidy, so that the residents could enjoy spending time there….

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    Christmas Offer – 40%

    Granitop Christmas Offer for selected stones – Verde Savana, Viscount White, Colonial Ivory and Honey Galaxy (20/30mm, polished) -40%….

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    What colour kitchen to choose?

    The process of designing a home is primarily based on the beauty and colour preferences of the people living there, although there are certainly universal solutions and principles that are worth considering when making repairs. Home furnishers with a more traditional sense of taste know that combinations of classic colours – such as white, black and grey – go well with stainless steel kitchen appliances and glossy black stoves and ovens.

    Bright surfaces give the impression of a larger room; however, at the same time it must be remembered that a bright white kitchen places higher demands on maintaining cleanliness. Whether the furniture and the kitchen level are matte or shiny, modernly minimalist or romantic, traces of use are easier to see with a white surface, and therefore a person with a more practical mind-set may not prefer such a choice.

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    How to Choose Kitchen Worktops

    What material is right for you?

    The choice of kitchen worktops is overwhelming. The most common materials used are cosy solid wood, affordable high-pressure laminate, strong engineered stone (quartz-stone or terrazzo) and natural stone, such as marble, granite and limestone. But which one to choose? It is worth thinking about what kind of cook you are and how durable you need a worktop….

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    Tips on how to affordably repair your kitchen

    When it comes to renovation, the kitchen is inevitably one of the most expensive rooms in the home, and the prices of new kitchen furniture can reach into the realm of tens of thousands. But this does not mean that the kitchen should be neglected in the case of a small budget – repairs can also be done smartly and affordably….

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    Every countertop made of natural stones is unique!

    Bianco Carrara C white marble comes from Carrara, Italy, which is one of the oldest consistently developed industrial regions in the world. Marble has been quarried there for over 2000 years, and the popularity of the unique stone material doesn’t seem to be waning anywhere. Instead, demand is growing at an ever accelerating pace….

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    Artificial stone as a worktop material

    Stone is known and loved as a worktop material. However, granite and marble, which have been used for centuries, have some specific properties that make these types of stone unsuitable for every purpose. So it is that the needs of homeowners, architects and interior designers have contributed to the adoption of different artificial stone production technologies. The process of natural stone formation is complex and uncontrollable, the material is not always flawless and may contain micro-cracks, non-fossilized sediments or air bubbles. However, in the case of man-made artificial stones, the aim is to keep production as uniform as possible; therefore, quartz stone and Terrazzo stone (also known as composite stone, artificial marble, cement marble and Terrazzo marble) are more uniform in terms of their quality….

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    Planning a child-friendly kitchen

    The kitchen is where the family reunites after a long day. As a space, the kitchen has always occupied a place of prominence; even during ancient times, people gathered around the fireplace to prepare food, enjoy the company of others, and talk. Therefore, when renovating and planning a kitchen, it is important to make sure that the most important space in the home meets the needs of all of the inhabitants, including the children….

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    Tips on how to create a custom kitchen that will serve you for many years to come

    Kitchen renovations tend to be undertaken rather infrequently and the kitchen is chosen for many years. Therefore, it is important to carefully consider and plan out which solutions will also be important and convenient for your family after a period of several years. It is also worth choosing high-quality and long-lasting solutions that don’t immediately begin to show signs of wear….

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    The kitchen island – the centre of a modern kitchen

    There was a time when the kitchen was considered to be more of an auxiliary room, where only one person could fit in between the furniture, usually a paid kitchen assistant or the woman of the house. In fact, there was not even enough room for her in the kitchen, let alone a dining table around which the whole family could eat at once. Small spaces such as these can often be found in houses built a century or more ago, mainly in the City Centre and the Old Town….

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    The most hygienic worktop is quartz

    Sinks are usually brimming with bacteria, and some studies have even shown that the sink is one of the dirtiest places in the kitchen. We don’t have to look very far for the reason – in the sink we prepare food, wash and clean meat, fish and vegetables. This tends to result in the accumulation of dirt around the drain hole and in the waste water drain.
    The recent viral outbreak has made people think more about hygiene, and when it comes to the pursuit of cleanliness in the home it would definitely be worthwhile to start in the kitchen, where the food we eat is prepared. It would therefore make sense to make more hygienic choices and choose a kitchen worktop and sink that are easy to clean….

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    Summer SALE -30%

    Quartzforms quartzstones  Lavic Navajo, Absolute Deep Black & Honey Galaxy (30mm, polished) -30%.

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    Silgranit sinks: striking harmony with your countertop stone

    When it comes to planning your kitchen, you shouldn’t overlook the sink. What should a good sink be like? It should be pleasing to the eye, easy to maintain and clean, and keep its new appearance for many years to come. Made of granite, Silgranit’s sinks meet all of these conditions.

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    Blanco sinks and mixer taps – perfection is revealed in the details

    Water occupies a position of importance for every living organism, with nearly two-thirds of the human body being comprised of water. Water also plays an important role in the kitchen, used not only in foods and drinks, but also in food preparation, the cleaning of salads, fruit and vegetables, dishwashing, etc….

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    Black Galaxy Star, Star Gate and Nero Assoluto

    Three of the brightest examples of deep black granite

    There are many different kinds of dark, black, black-brown and black-grey types of granite, although the best known and most popular of these are Black Galaxy Star, Star Gate and Nero Assoluto. Perhaps they shouldn’t be compared to one another and, of course, every opinion and comparison is highly subjective, but let’s look at what is similar and different in these stones….

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    A quality bathroom for many years

    While people love to make changes to living spaces, and frequently update wall colours, wallpaper and other interior design elements and furniture, the bathroom is a room that no one looks forward to renovating. The reason for this is simple – a bathroom renovation tends to be expensive, cumbersome and very dusty work, which disrupts the lives of residents. Therefore, it is important to renovate the bathroom using high quality materials that do not need to be replaced once the renovation is completed. Keeping up with rapidly changing trends is not suitable for the bathroom – one should instead choose timeless classics that will retain their value and not bore you….

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    A beautiful marble fireplace is the heart of your home

    It is often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Those who have a fireplace in their home would beg to differ – the true heart of the home is the fireplace. There is nothing better than gathering around a fireplace with your family during a cold winter or even a dim summer evening, to enjoy its warmth and the crackling fire. Since the beginning of time it has been fire around which loved ones gathered in the evenings to warm themselves and tell stories….

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    Marble windowsills – eye-catchers in your home

    Many people view marble as a material that belongs in historic mansions, villas and luxurious five star hotels. They are home to marble floors, wide stairs and massive windowsills. In the home environment we instead see ordinary laminate and wood as the typical window sill material, which gets the job done, but certainly fails to catch the eye. But why not bring marble, that grand and beautiful material, into your own home?…

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    Special offer!


    Honed limestone Azul Bateige (20/30 mm) and polished quartz Harmonia Dolomites (30 mm) at half the price!…

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    New products!

    Your kitchen or living room has long been missing an important and colourful interior design element! Granitop has taken a step forward and introduced not only worktops, but also cutting boards in two different sizes, serving trays, snack trays, and tea and coffee cup saucers, to its product assortment….

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    Ordering from Granitop – fast and easy!

    One of the advantages of ordering a worktop from Granitop is the ability to calculate the cost of materials and installation on our homepage. The price calculator helps the kitchen renovator during the planning process, allowing them to select the preferred worktop material, its colour and thickness, enter measurements, and determine how much the worktop will cost, all within a few minutes.

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    The best kitchens are created in cooperation with the customer

    After the biggest construction fair in the Nordic Countries, the Granitop team is full of new life and enthusiasm. Participating in trade fairs is useful for a number of different reasons, and is a win-win for both parties – the party who orders the worktop as well as the manufacturer….

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    Carrara marble kitchen worktops

    No other stone is known as widely and loved as much as white Carrara marble. Throughout millennias Bianco Carrara has been a timeless and unique symbol of luxury. Besides the glorious past of this legendary stone it is remarkable how it has been able to withstand all the changes in fashion trends and styles over the course of time. Durability of Bianco Carrara and it’s mesmerizing pearl-like glow will last forever….

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    Stone worktop – more solutions than you think!

    Granite, marble and quartz worktops have a beautiful appearance, they are easy to care for, and stone surfaces are suitable for use in modern designer kitchens as well as classical interiors. Being familiar with all of the possibilities offered by these unique materials is helpful when it comes to achieving the best result….

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    Limestone worktops – dinosaurs in your living room

    Limestone has been used as a construction material since the time of the Egyptian pyramids and continues to be used in modern architecture. This rock is characterised by strength, resistance to external influences and a unique structure formed from fossils.

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    Black marble – a luxurious pearl in a cosy home

    The simplest way to create a cosy and stylish home is to use natural materials in the interior design. Marble is a metamorphic rock that is durable and provides your residence with unique and practical added value. It can be used to make kitchen worktops as well as bookshelves, windowsills, and tiles laid in front of a fireplace or stove.

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    Tips to keep your worktop clean and beautiful

    The stone work surfaces are both beautiful and durable and they do not require much care. However, if you want to be sure that the polished and reflective or silky smooth worktop remains good-looking for decades some general rules should be kept in mind….

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    Crystal Calacatta Quartz

    New materials were recently introduced to the market (in spring 2018) and they were well received  by customers and interior designers! Today the joy of these new products has already arrived to the kitchens and bathrooms of many customers!

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    How to choose a kitchen sink?

    When choosing a kitchen worktop pay attention to the sink!

    Natural stone (marble, granite) or quartz stone worktop is an investment for which you will get a beautiful kitchen for decades. Of course this is a decision that can not be made in a rush as following every seasonal trend can become a very costly hobby. What should be kept in mind – no matter how beautiful is the outcome it also takes time to keep it clean. So it’s very important to choose the right worktop material that matches your lifestyle and habits.

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    Modern bathroom – comfy and trendy

    Bathroom renovation is a great challenge for every homeowner. Without the knowhow it might be complicated to achieve an excellent result. To make it easier start with some research and make an action plan, budget and schedule. It’s useful to know some basic rules, also the right materials and reliable contractors must be used….

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    Inspiration for a smaller kitchen

    Every home doesn’t have a large kitchen that extends into a living or dining room. In some apartments, often in older houses in the heart of the city, the space to cook is quite limited.

    Luckily, nowadays there are lots of solutions that our ancestors couldn’t even dream of. Therefore we got many more choices and inventions available to make our life and cooking easier. If you like to have order and coziness in your kitchen regardless of it´s size and if you want to keep it nice and user-friendly it’s useful to keep in mind some rules of thumb.

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    Helpful tips to plan a kitchen island – how to double your worktop surface!

    When renovating consider a kitchen island!

    Every person who loves cooking knows how important is an organized kitchen and how easy and even enjoyable it can be preparing a gourmet dinner when using the right tools. High quality raw material is of course fundamental for delicious meals but almost as important is the method of preparation and used equipment. Unfortunately, all kinds of dishes and appliances have to be packed somewhere. A good way to get extra draw-cabinets and bigger worktop area is a carefully planned kitchen island.

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    We got a whole new website!

    Technology is evolving rapidly nowadays and along with that the expectations of internet users. Of course, Granitop’s customers would like our site to be as beautiful and easy to handle as granite, marble and quartz worktops, window sills, fireplaces and so on….

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    What colour worktop should you choose?

    Tips for deciding for the prefect worktops

    There are plenty of different stone materials and sometimes deciding is easier if you don’t focus on the type of material as the first thing. The best way to start is to think over what colour do you like and which patterns would you prefer as a worktop….

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    Jura Grey limestone continues to be trendy!

    Limestone, alike to other natural materials such as granite and marble has formed millions of years ago by a long geological process. Nature has really taken its time to design the pattern of limestone and you can often clearly see the remnants of life and sediments of the sea of the Jurassic era in these stones today.

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    To freshen up your kitchen is to invest in your own happiness!

    These days designer kitchens mean good quality materials, they’re created bearing in mind the space in which they have to function and always keeping in mind the needs of the family using it. Choosing the ideal combination of door handles, drawer slides, front panels etc can take hours and thousands of pounds but after a few years it may seem that everything isn’t as perfect as it felt in the beginning or it’s simply time for a little upgrade. It’s not necessary to take on a full-scale renovation project or start searching for new kitchen furniture – often it’s enough to change the worktop for a new and unique feel!

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    Everyone are delighted by a beautiful home!

    Home renovation can be a time-consuming process and stone worktops are among the latest elements of home decoration. Despite this, one can not always see this brilliant end result, which we are working on with our customers – there are still details missing, places in need of paint or ceramic tile, silicone or something else entirely. Even if the countertop, backsplash, sink and mixer are in place, the picture is not complete.

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    How is the price for a worktop determined?

    It only takes a few minutes to calculate the price of a worktop!

    Each stone worktop is tailor-made, completed while an eye is kept on your needs and preferences. When selecting a suitable stone surface it pays to keep in mind the interior design of your kitchen, your lifestyle and habits, your family members (especially the smallest members), the size of the kitchen, etc.
    All of these choices also affect the price of the worktop – every little thing is important, and it is always reasonable to carefully weigh what is necessary and in what form.

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    Marble worktops are still fashionable!

    Marble is considered to be well known and the most beautiful material in all of the worktop stones. Unfortunately, marble is accompanied by sensitivity to external influences and damages. Thus, we have to always emphasize the choices by pointing out the practical aspects of planning a kitchen. Also the fact that we have a stronger and more durable materials than marble to use as a kitchen worktop.

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    Faucets and soap dispensers

    Kitchen faucets

    We offer a wide range of high-quality taps by Blanco to suit every taste – from traditional kitchen faucets to eye-catching design solutions. Most Blanco taps are designed with a series of Blanco kitchen sinks in mind, making them a perfect match for each other.

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    Kitchen sinks

    Granitop offers a wide range of high-quality kitchen sinks by Blanco

    Our selection of inset and undermount sinks offers something for everyone, and besides our favourable prices it is also convenient to purchase a sink from us – it’s a one stop shop!…

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    Caring for stone surfaces

    How to preserve the beautiful exterior of your granite, marble or quartz worktop

    Taking into consideration their appearance and ease of use, granite and quartz worktops are the best choice; however, to ensure worry-free everyday use and the long-term preservation of their beautiful appearance, it is useful to know a bit about the characteristics of these materials and some maintenance tips. Maintaining the perfect condition of the worktop requires no more than 30 minutes each year.

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    Composite stone worktops

    Composite stone worktops offer the best set of physical properties. They are tough and resistant to scratching, but we still recommend using a cutting board in order to protect your knives. These worktops practically lack absorbency, which eliminates the possibility of staining and makes the worktops both low-maintenance and highly hygienic.

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    Granite worktops are physically tough, resistant to heat and have a low absorbency. It is difficult to scratch granite, however we still recommend that you always use cutting boards and table mats with your worktops – it is your knives that could easily become dull. Although granite is not a porous material, it may still absorb a certain amount of liquids. This is why we recommend that you wipe off any spilled liquids immediately in order to avoid dried stains that can be difficult or even impossible to remove from the worktop.

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    Marble worktops

    Marble is a natural stone that has formed from limestone under countless years of heat and pressure. As a construction material, marble has always been a symbol of luxury. Even today, marble worktops lend an air of elegance and refined taste to your home. Marble comes in a wide range of colours, but not all types are suitable for worktops, which is why you should always carefully consider which kind of marble to use. We will gladly offer our help with that!

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    7 suggestions for choosing a worktop

    Suppose You made plans for Your kitchen or maybe You got already suitable furniture, so You might want to get worktops placed or replace the old one. There are several materials to use as worktop material, one of them is durable, time-proof and beautiful stone. As follows, we recommend how to choose stone worktop perfect for You.

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    Marble worktops – timeless elegance!

    Marble is a natural stone, made from limestone that has been exposed to pressure and heat for countless years. When it comes to making kitchen worktops, world famous Carrara marble have been the most popular material in recent years.

    Classic white marble from Italy has symbolised luxury since the time of the Roman Empire and is now available to everyone. Marble surfaces are always unique and no marble worktop kitchen is the same as another.

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    Granite, marble or quartz?

    When selecting a stone worktop for your kitchen or bathroom it pays to keep in mind practical considerations regarding the physical properties of the material, including resistance to scratches, heat, soiling and wear.

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    Black or white marble? Or how about green?

    Marble, with its beautiful patterns, has been a popular construction material for thousands of years. In particular, marble is of course associated with Southern Europe; although marble has also become one of the most preferred materials for worktops in Scandinavia.

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