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Keywords for kitchen trends of 2021 are minimalism, functionality and family-friendly planning!

Keywords for kitchen trends of 2021 are minimalism, functionality and family-friendly planning!

Lets start from the beginning…
In the old days, the kitchen was the heart of the home, right? Food was prepared for the whole family and everyone enjoyed it together behind a large table. However, due to the fast pace of life, the kitchens rather developed into room where something was grabbed after work, like a driveby and thats sad. Ofcourse we have to mention the year of 2020 what brought many changes. Corona isolation inevitably forced many of us to stay more at home and inspired us to think about the functionality of the kitchen. It could be said that a radical change in the way of life led back to the roots, in some way, to the time when the kitchen was the center of gathering. This can be seen from the kitchen trends of the beginning of the year, too.

Family and food, where?

If visits to cafes and restaurants are limited, it is good to gather with the family and friends in the kitchen, where you can prepare delicacies yourself. This has created the need for more spacious kitchens that can accommodate everyone.

A definite trend for 2021 is the kitchen island, which offers plenty of extra space as a practical work space, but also as a place for serving.

The case with kitchen islands are that the only limit is fantasy – it is possible to install stoves, sinks or turn an island into a modern bar counter.

Nero Marquina black marble

Integrated kitchen appliances

The years have paved the way for more and more kitchen appliances to be integrated. This gives a much cleaner and more minimalist impression of the interior, moreover, helps to save a lot of space. While the integrated dishwasher, oven and stove have been familiar to many kitchens for decades, integrated espresso machines or other small accessories are increasingly being used in the kitchen. So worktops are more empty and no redundant items can be found there. The exception is the two-door double wide refrigerator, which is not hidden behind the doors of kitchen furniture and which, due to its large capacity, has become a favorite of many.

Keyword is details

Cabinets, drawer knobs and handles have also made a turn towards minimalism and have become much more modest. In some cases, the openers at the edges of the furniture panels are completely lost and the cabinet doors with drawers open when pressed.

Excitement is brought to the kitchen, for example, play with sinks and faucets. Stainless steel has served us well and remains in place as a classic, but bronze and gold washbasins and faucets have become more and more popular, which catch attention in the kitchens as luxurious details. Silgranit sinks that harmonize with the stone of the worktop are still popular!

Look for sinks!

50 shades of grey or more…

If in previous years many white kitchens were ordered, now their popularity is starting to wane and people are looking more towards wood tones and colors inspired by nature.

This year, popular are still all shades of grey – especially stones resembling concrete and limestone, and same tone kitchen cabinets.

Rule no 1 – classics never go out of style

Rising trends include quality furnishing. Stone worktops that are easy to clean and look elegant stay firmly in the picture. Thus, white marble, granite, quartz or custom-made stone worktops are difficult to pass. You can bet that they will be fashionable and tasty in the years to come.

In addition to quartz and natural stones, it is also worth mentioning Terrazzo stones, which already crept into the kitchens in 2019 and are now continuing their victory-march.

Look for possibilities!
Bianco Carrara C marble

Sometimes the stone backsplash is the final touch towards masterpiece

More and more people are also looking at the background stone (backsplash), which together with the stone work surface creates a finished impression and brings out the beauty of the stone better.

However, when ordering a kitchen worktop, it is important to take account also the stone backsplash. Then it is certain that backsplash is the same batch and there can be no slight color differences. By adding a background stone to the finished kitchen, the pattern and color may no longer fit perfectly, and multiple installation fees will increase the price of the kitchen as a whole.

Noble Areti Bianco quartz

In the end it`s all about trends in 2021 and they will once again make the kitchen the heart of the home to spend time with family. The minimalist look and practical solutions are appreciated, thanks to which beeing in the kitchen becomes a pure delight.

Take a look at the stone materials and calculate the price of your dream kitchen countertop!

Terrazzo Perlato Royal

Verde Savana

Noble Concrete Grey

Noble Pietra Grey

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