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The best kitchens are created in cooperation with the customer

The best kitchens are created in cooperation with the customer

After the biggest construction fair in the Nordic Countries, the Granitop team is full of new life and enthusiasm. Participating in trade fairs is useful for a number of different reasons, and is a win-win for both parties – the party who orders the worktop as well as the manufacturer. Personal contact, communication and finding the right solution for the client makes the eyes of every stone master shine. There is nothing better than when a client is able to take a look at sample granite, marble or quartz worktops, find a suitable solution for their home during the consultation, and also praise the quality to their friends. This is better than any advertising article or blog post that has appeared on a someone´s webpage.


As elsewhere, changes are continuously taking place in the areas of worktops, interior design, stone processing and kitchen furniture. Favourite materials change, new and interesting stones are offered from quarries, additions are made to the offered selection of sinks and premixing taps. Since competition is intense, everyone is looking to offer the best and most beautiful selection possible, one that meets the tastes of even the most demanding client. Which is why we try to be present at fairs with our innovative products and to definitely demonstrate the skills for which the stone masters at Granitop are famous. One piece of product news for this year is Nivito’s selection of sinks and premixing taps, which offer a surprise in terms of the purity of their style and bold colour tones. Matte black with gold details, bronze or copper-coloured premixing taps are, without a doubt, a suitable eye catcher for every kitchen, while also providing a chic and luxurious accent to a stone worktop. Those who prefer a more reserved style may find their favourite from among our selection of stainless steel sinks and premixing taps, the simple metal and classical design of which will never disappoint.

Look for sinks!

Seeing is believing

Even though participating in fairs is our favourite way of communicating face to face with clients, showing interesting solutions and discussing products, not everyone has the time or desire to visit fairs. We definitely recommend that before ordering a product you visit Granitop’s studio, or one of our resellers, or the office of an interior architect, since a stone worktop will be adorning your kitchen or bathroom for many, many years, and its selection should not be left to chance. However, if you prefer to experiment in your own home with which stone harmonises the best with the rest of the room, you can also order convenient home delivery of stone samples and the entire family can decide together what the best choice is depending on your needs and aesthetic tastes.

Classic Calacatta (Photos: Trädesign i Tranås)

We make it easy to select and order!

On the Granitop homepage we have kept the product selection clean and simple – no unnecessary noise. Choose between granite, marble, limestone and quartz worktops, in natural tones, suitable for modern interiors as well as a farmhouse that is close to nature. Stones with a lighter surface will add cleanliness and spaciousness to your kitchen, a shiny polished black worktop will add elegance, and clients whose preference is for more unique tones will find something suitable from our selection of artificial stones, or…why not, for example, emerald green marble Verde Guatemala?

In addition, it is a good idea to go ahead and select a suitable sink while you are still making plans for a work surface. Whether this is a classical grey and metal, stainless steel or mixed granite covering of Silgranit material. By adding a premixing tap to the set, you are creating an entirely unique combination, one that makes the heart of your home – the kitchen – even better suited for your family.

Our moto – the customer is king

Once the right worktop material, stone colour and necessary accessories have been selected in cooperation with the customer, we will visit your home to quickly remeasure your kitchen worktop, which will allow us to modify and refine your order, if necessary. Often, the best ideas come from communicating with each other, since we have installed hundreds of worktops and know how to be supportive with worthwhile advice when it comes to figuring out what things work best with each other.

Look for possibilities!

Once everything has been agreed upon, measured, discussed, and the order submitted, your worktop will be installed within two weeks, at the latest, and ready to serve you for many years to come.

With a stone worktop you can be certain that the stylish classic will definitely never go out of style; however, if you are looking for an update, why not replace your premixing tap or sink with something bolder? Your kitchen will look new again! If you would like a better overview of how much your dream kitchen might cost, try our price calculator. Here, before submitting your order, is where you can quickly calculate which material best fits your budget.


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