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Stone worktops lasting for decades

Stone worktops lasting for decades

Stone is one of the oldest materials used by man. By sharpening the first tools out of stone as well as using stone as a base material, it has become ingrained in our consciousness as both durable and long-lasting.

Silver Suurkütt, Sales Manager at Granitop, a provider of stone worktops, explains why you should choose a durable and timeless stone worktop for your home’s kitchen or bathroom.

Silver, why should I choose a stone worktop?

A stone worktop is a good choice for anyone who values natural materials and a closeness to nature in their home. The practicality of the material as well as the beautiful appearance and unique patterns shaped by the forces of nature speak in favour of the stone. The pattern in artificial stones is man-made, but in this case, too, inspiration is mostly obtained from natural stones.


What are the advantages of such worktops over others?

The large selection of patterns and colours speaks in favour of stone, which leaves the interior designer with a fairly free hand. After all, stone fits everywhere – to put it simply, marble can be used in a palace and limestone or granite in a log house or a hunting cabin. Granite worktops are strong, scratch-resistant, and capable of withstanding high temperatures. Quartz stone is an extremely porous material with a liquid absorption coefficient of 0, which means that dirt does not penetrate the stone.

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What are the current trends regarding worktops – colours, materials, shapes?

Various natural and soft tones, ranging from white to grey and beige to brown, are currently popular. Beige-grey limestone Jura Grey is especially popular, but demand is also high for quartz reminiscent of stone and concrete. White Carrara marble remains in demand in Sweden-Norway, while light marble-patterned quartz is also in demand in Finland, and the popularity of limestone is growing in Denmark.

Learn more about the types, patterns and colours of stones in the longer article on the similarities and differences of artificial stones (quartz and Terrazzo)!


How long do the worktops offered by Granitop last?

Granitop offers a 5-year warranty on all of our worktops. Some artificial stones even have a factory warranty of 10 – 25 years, although their durability certainly depends on the material, usage habits and maintenance of the stone worktop surface. However, if cared for correctly and prudently, the stone worktop will last for decades.

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In what materials does Granitop offer worktops?

Granitop’s product range includes granite, marble, quartz stone, quartzite, ceramic,  limestone and terrazzo, which is an artificial stone something like quartz, but differs somewhat in terms of the method used in its production. While a mixture of natural materials is pressed into slabs under a pressure of about 100 tonnes during the production of quartz stone, terrazzo contains larger pieces of natural stone, which together with cement or a resin is allowed to mature in a square container, where natural processes are simulated.

Where are stone worktops chosen most often?

Most people still want stone worktops to cover kitchen furniture; however, a growing number of people also want to see stone in the bathroom, where it fits perfectly. Stone has also been used to make fireplace mantels, window sills and stairs for a long time, and gradually more and more people are discovering that the beautifully patterned material could also be ordered as a covering for a grilling area or garden table top, for example.

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Which colours and patterns are the most preferred?

The taste of a Nordic home decorator is usually quite practical and modest. Their selections are dominated by natural tones and a uniform pattern. For example, Swedes prefer natural and earthy tones, such as white marble, grey limestone. If the rest of the room’s design is fashionably simple and Scandinavian, the worktop may be more striking in its appearance.

How and with what can these worktops be maintained?

Liquids that have come into contact with the worktop should be dried immediately – this ensures that the surface of the stone will remain beautiful for a long time! Granitop also offers a selection of care products depending on the type of stone. A special stone care product could be applied to the surface of the worktop a couple of time each year.

What level of investment should be considered when ordering a stone worktop?

First of all, a stone worktop should be considered a good investment. The size of the investment depends a lot on the selected stone and the desired treatments, with the average price of a worktop falling in the range of 600£ to 4000£. Investing in a worktop is long-term in nature, as a stone worktop does not require replacement over time.

How long is the delivery time for these worktops?

Fast measurement of surfaces and production is one of our primary goals, and we usually move from order confirmation to installation within just two weeks. Special orders may take a little bit longer.

Does Granitop come and install these worktops itself?

Granitop offers full service in the production of stone worktops, this allows us to be certain that the work meets the needs of even the most demanding customers. Our recommendation is to order the measurement, transport and installation service from us, because then the worktop will fit perfectly.

Look at the stone materials, calculate the price of the stone details and ask for an offer!

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