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What colour kitchen to choose?

What colour kitchen to choose?

The process of designing a home is primarily based on the beauty and colour preferences of the people living there, although there are certainly universal solutions and principles that are worth considering when making repairs. Home furnishers with a more traditional sense of taste know that combinations of classic colours – such as white, black and grey – go well with stainless steel kitchen appliances and glossy black stoves and ovens.

Bright surfaces give the impression of a larger room; however, at the same time it must be remembered that a bright white kitchen places higher demands on maintaining cleanliness. Whether the furniture and the kitchen level are matte or shiny, modernly minimalist or romantic, traces of use are easier to see with a white surface, and therefore a person with a more practical mind-set may not prefer such a choice.

Which colours should be used in the kitchen and which should be avoided?

Grey, black and brown (especially with a natural wood pattern) kitchen furniture have been popular for decades. Cabinets in darker tones leave a solid impression and, in the case of an open kitchen, may be better matched with living room furniture. On the other hand, a dark furniture frame permits doors and panels of another colour to be combined, when necessary, which leaves the home designer with more freedom when it comes to choosing both the wall colour and the worktop.

Noble Concrete Grey (Pictures:

Even though white walls bring a lot of light into the room, whiter creams and tinted alternatives are a more rational choice in terms of ease of use. Using beige, purple-pink, cream-yellow, light grey or light blue instead of a snow-white wall colour can add a lot to the overall impression of the kitchen (or even the kitchen-living room), especially if there are other splashes of colour that invigorate the whole.

Look for possibilities!

If you are set on purchasing white kitchen furniture and appliances, such as a kitchen with stained white wooden doors with a Scandinavian-style frame, the walls of the room could be more distinctive in terms of colour, and it is also worth adding excitement with bold patterns and brighter textiles. Chair cushions, colourful dishes and flower pots, along with curtains and the selection of a more distinctive worktop, are suitable accents.

Blue Pearl

Colours and their combination

There are many companies that specialize in kitchen furniture, but there are more and more people who appreciate the joy of making their own and involve professionals only in the more difficult stages. The growing popularity of DIY (do it yourself) has also been facilitated by kitchen cabinet frames, drawer boxes and door panels offered by interior design department stores such as Ikea and Elgiganten, which make planning and self-construction easier and cheaper. Large furniture stores not only sell furniture and appliances, but also offer interior design ideas and inspiration to update your home design. One way to give your kitchen a new look or adapt it to your changing needs is to replace the door and drawer panels, paint the walls, and install a new worktop.

Noble Troya

Modern colour solutions

Black, white and grey are a timeless combination that suits both modern and classic design. If you choose simple and modest furniture, which is free of excessive decorations, you can be sure that it will not go out of fashion any time soon. It is also easy to refresh such a kitchen after a few years.

Norrvange Ivory

Grey is sometimes considered boring, but in reality, grey is one of the most flexible tones in its various shades. Neutral dark or light grey furniture can serve as a backdrop and balancer for other colours and materials, allowing different surfaces (such as wood floors and stone worktops) to shine! Simple and traditional furniture does not attract excessive attention, with the beauty of the stone standing out better next to it.

Norrvange Light Grey

Look for sinks!

 Colour schemes that are suitable for the kitchen

  • Light wood (especially oak) and a dark grey (anthracite or even black) frame with a beige-brown surface

Jura Grey
  • Light walls and a light wood veneer with a white frame and light surface

Crystal Nevada
  • A brighter wall colour may also be suitable if the furniture is a neutral colour

Noble Carrara
  • The majestic beauty of the green-grey granite Verde Savana is truly eye-catching alongside wood, and black kitchen appliances

Verde Savana
  • All stones – marble, granite, and quartz – go together with white furniture

Viscount White

Take a look at the selection of materials and calculate the price of the stone surface!

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