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Tips on how to create a custom kitchen that will serve you for many years to come

Tips on how to create a custom kitchen that will serve you for many years to come

Kitchen renovations tend to be undertaken rather infrequently and the kitchen is chosen for many years. Therefore, it is important to carefully consider and plan out which solutions will also be important and convenient for your family after a period of several years. It is also worth choosing high-quality and long-lasting solutions that don’t immediately begin to show signs of wear.

Think about your previous kitchen

When you begin the process of planning your kitchen renovation, it is worth taking a look at your old kitchen – which you can use as a model – and correcting the shortcomings that bothered you in your previous kitchen.
The easiest thing to do here is to make a classic list of pros and cons – what bothered you about the old kitchen, what could have been different, and what was so perfect that you don’t want to change it? Based on this list, you can create an initial drawing of what you would like to keep, move or omit, and what the new kitchen will look like.

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When planning the kitchen, you could think about the following questions:

  • Where do you prepare food? Does chopping and preparation work take place on a kitchen island or on a worktop? A wider area for chopping could definitely be located close to the stove, so that it would be convenient to cook food without having to drag it to the other side of the kitchen.
  • How much and what kind of storage space do you need? Do you prefer open shelves or deep drawers? Instead of a top row of cupboards, open shelves are often used to display your most beautiful dishes and kitchen utensils.
  • Do you also eat in the kitchen? If you prefer to eat around the table with your entire family, you should also leave room for a dining table.
  • Do you prefer to keep your kitchen appliances where they can be seen or retain a minimalist and clean line on worktops? If you want to keep things visible it is a good idea to choose a bigger worktop, so that whatever is kept there does not interfere with cooking.
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Prepare an initial drawing

Once your needs have been thought through, it will be time to sketch your new kitchen on paper. Depending on the room, for example, an L-shaped, U-shaped or single-walled (straight) kitchen can be installed.

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Perhaps your kitchen also has room for a comfortable and modern kitchen island, where it would be nice to host guests on bar stools while you prepare your own meals. In this case, you also need to think about the water pipes and electrical wiring that should be installed before the kitchen furniture arrives, if, for example, you are planning to install a sink or stove on the kitchen island.

Worktop like a cherry on top

Once the furniture has been chosen, it is also important to choose a worktop that ties all of the kitchen furniture together. When you begin the process of selecting a worktop and call a measurer to measure the worktop, the furniture should already be fixed in place. If the cabinets are not fixed in place, level or properly secured during measuring, the worktop may not fit in place to the nearest millimetre. Not to mention that if the cabinets are not level or fixed in place and, for example, the sink cabinet is tilted in the wrong direction, there may be a problem with sink drainage. In terms of material, selecting a surface made from granite, marble or quartz stone – which are all very durable and practical – is a good idea.

Look for possibilities!

In addition to the worktop, it is also possible to install a background stone of the same material, which complements the horizontal plane on the vertical wall and leaves a more integrated impression. The background stone protects the wall from splashing and is visually very attractive. However, when planning the background stone, the locations of the sockets must also be considered, so that there would be a sufficient number for all of the kitchen equipment being used on the worktop.

Proper lighting in the kitchen

Once the furniture and worktop material have been selected, it is also important to think about the lighting in the kitchen. As food preparation in the kitchen requires good lighting, the most important thing is the proper illumination of the worktop. If the light is shining from behind, you won’t be able to see properly when chopping, and using a knife may even be dangerous. Therefore, spotlights built into the upper cabinets are very popular, which serve to effectively illuminate the worktop.

More advanced lighting is appropriate for the table or kitchen island. An especially cosy feeling can be created by using a light dimmer, to help provide more romantic and cosy lighting at the dinner table, if necessary.

If you need help planning your kitchen, ask the specialists from Granitop for advice.

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