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Tips on how to affordably repair your kitchen

Tips on how to affordably repair your kitchen

When it comes to renovation, the kitchen is inevitably one of the most expensive rooms in the home, and the prices of new kitchen furniture can reach into the realm of tens of thousands. But this does not mean that the kitchen should be neglected in the case of a small budget – repairs can also be done smartly and affordably.

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Search the shops for bargains on kitchen furniture

The most expensive part of kitchen repairs is furniture, including kitchen cabinets, which usually consumes half of the repair budget. However, if you are lucky, you may find significantly discounted model furniture in showrooms, which is much easier on your wallet than full-price furniture.
Among the larger furniture department stores, it is worth visiting, for example, IKEA, where you can find kitchen furniture for every budget, and anyone interested in furnishings can assemble a kitchen that suits them from the selection of modules available.

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You don’t always have to buy new kitchen furniture

Sometimes the reason for making kitchen repairs is not worn and outdated furniture, but instead the desire for something new. If that is the case, then all you have to do is add new cabinet knobs, replace the faucet and sink, place some new flower pots or decorative items here and there, and voila, your kitchen has a fresh look! However, if you are more of a do-it-yourself type of individual, you can also pick up a paint roller and can of paint and apply a more suitable colour. Decorative stickers are also gaining popularity, which can give furniture a new and fresh look.

However, if the reason is that the kitchen furniture has simply outlived its usefulness, it is worth looking beyond the cabinets – namely, the frame can actually be completely strong and tidy, and all you may need is to simply order new cabinet doors to make the furniture look brand new and save a lot of money.

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Replace your worktop

One part that can inevitably be worn when it comes to kitchen furniture is the worktop. By replacing an old worktop with a new one, the entire kitchen is given a completely different look. Not all kitchen worktops are the same – for example, there is wood, laminate, quartz, granite or marble. Although the first two attract buyers with their much lower price, they also usually have a much shorter lifespan because they do not tolerate moisture or heat well. One of the most durable materials for kitchen worktops is granite, which will probably serve the user much longer than any kitchen cabinet.

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Upgrading kitchen appliances

When updating kitchen appliances, it is worth looking around to see if any of the old appliances are still usable. If, for example, the dishwasher needs to be replaced and the colour of the newly selected replacement doesn’t match the rest of the appliances, it is technically possible to paint the appliance or apply a decorative film. Very cool are, for example, refrigerators painted black using chalkboard-paint, where the younger members of the family can draw or write a list of things to bring home from the shop.

However, if you want to give your kitchen a more modern appearance, it would be a good idea to replace your old appliances with an integrated home appliance, which leaves a more complete, solid and expensive impression.

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Changing the lightning

Changing the lighting in the kitchen can also offer a major change. Many modern kitchens have accent lighting under the upper cabinets. These lighting fixtures or light strips can be purchased from construction stores and easily installed yourself.

You could also try combining zones with different light intensities in the kitchen. Many people enjoy a space where it is possible to cook in brighter light and dine in softer light.

Kitchen repairs do not necessarily have to be an expensive project, and the kitchen can also be renovated cheaply. To do so, look at what really needs to be replaced and think about perhaps refreshing already existing things, in order to give your kitchen a new lease on life. Try calculating the price of a worktop and also take a look at our selection of sinks and faucets!

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Planning a child-friendly kitchen

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