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A beautiful home in 2020 – harmony between modern technology and dignified history

A beautiful home in 2020 – harmony between modern technology and dignified history

The world around us is changing quickly, seasonal trends are shifting and new, modern solutions are constantly being added. Should one rush along with the flow of fashion or remain true to classical interior design? We asked interior architects about the prevailing trends in home design for 2020.

Perfect cleanliness or memories that are revealed by signs of use?

When decorating your home, the goal is to create an environment with a good microclimate, where you can spend time relaxing with your family and friends. It is no secret that the use of natural materials helps contribute to the creation of a fresh and cosy atmosphere, and that the use of flat stone surfaces is becoming increasingly common in kitchen and bathroom renovations. But what type of stone and finish should one choose; would it be better to use granite, marble or quartz? Should the worktop and kitchen island, windowsills and fireplace stones be polished or honed?
Marble, especially white marble, is one of the stones best known for its pattern, but people are often afraid that the hectic pace of life makes it difficult to keep the work surface beautiful and clean. But is this really the case?
In many countries, stone is not at all exclusively a worktop material, with stone slabs also being used to make stairs and floors, fireplaces, pools and outdoor kitchens. While stone is worn in public spaces by thousands and tens of thousands of steps, level surfaces suffer impacts and scratches from pans, while dough is rolled on stone slabs. Which means that the stone will never stay perfectly clean and stain-free, with some people in particular finding this type of material beautiful. Just as wrinkles develop on one’s face over the years, so can character and memories be captured in a stone surface. Signs of use, in which history can be seen.
It is up to you to decide whether this attitude is appropriate or if one should lean towards perfect and spotless purity.

Crystal Calacatta Silva

It is worth keeping in mind that there is no need to make compromises with either option. If the practical side proves to be more important than aging together with the stone, consideration could be given to an artificial stone with a marble pattern, a quartz worktop that combines both the beauty of marble and the high degree of stain resistance achieved with the help of advanced technology. Since quartz is man-made, its water absorption coefficient is close to zero, which makes it very easy to keep clean.

Look for possibilities!

An interior style that expresses the pace of life and attitudes of residents

Regardless of whether honed, brushed or polished stone, white, black or green marble, or granite or quartz is selected as the stone surface … When selecting the material, convenience, functionality and quality, as well as trendiness and beauty, are important. Living in a showroom may be just as tiring as living in the middle of ongoing renovations. In order to minimise stress from renovations, you should give careful consideration to everything, articulate your dreams and goals, and draw up a plan of action.

Sometimes major changes are unnecessary, with a well-thought-out update that takes into consideration the needs of residents being all that is needed. New and old can be combined in order to achieve a result that is a luxurious status symbol as well as practical in everyday life. The client’s open-minded thinking and creative approach leave the interior designer with freedom, which allows for a better result to be achieved. Even so, it would be smart to find answers to some questions as soon as possible.

* What is the budget for your home renovation? The Granitop price calculator is helpful when it comes to estimating the cost of stone worktops!

* Is a simple update sufficient, for example, the painting of walls and the upgrading of windowsills and worktops, or do furniture and appliances also require replacing?

* Who are the residents and what are their habits and needs?

* What specialists should be included in the process? Electrical and plumbing works must, of course, be performed by professionals; however, do you also require the services of an interior designer or even an architect?

* What is the timetable for renovations? At Granitop, we usually prepare and install stone worktops, steps or any other stone details within a few weeks; however, to ensure that accurate measurements are taken, the furniture should be pre-installed, attached to the wall and levelled. When making plans, it is reasonable to set aside extra time.

Nero Marquina marble

As it has been said, there are many different ideas when it comes to the ideal home, perfect kitchen and bathroom. We prepare all worktops as custom orders, creatively and tailored to the individual needs of each client. Only you can tell us exactly what those wishes are. Whether to choose a sink with a single bowl or one that has a double bowl, for example, depends on the habits of the residents and whether the kitchen is actively used for cooking or rather as a gathering place. What is certain is that every home deserves a long-lasting and beautiful stone worktop around which to gather with guests or family. It is worth investing in home renovation because choosing a stone worktop can be an investment that remains beautiful for decades or even a lifetime!

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