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Granite worktops are physically tough, resistant to heat and have a low absorbency. It is difficult to scratch granite, however we still recommend that you always use cutting boards and table mats with your worktops – it is your knives that could easily become dull. Although granite is not a porous material, it may still absorb a certain amount of liquids. This is why we recommend that you wipe off any spilled liquids immediately in order to avoid dried stains that can be difficult or even impossible to remove from the worktop.

Lighter shades of granite are usually more absorbent and more prone to staining, therefore needing more care. Depending on how much they are used, worktops should be treated with a special sealant once or twice per year. This reduces absorbencyand increases the longevity of your granite worktop. For everyday maintenance, a damp cloth can be used.

Nero Assoluto is an almost completely black granite from Zimbabwe. The timeless look of this stone is traditional and modern at the same time. This is a very dense and tough stone that is much less porous compared to many other granites.

Worktops made of Nero Assoluto are even-coloured and -patterned and work well with modern-day solutions that call for clean-cut lines and minimalism. Nero Assoluto is one of our most popular granites.

To set off the black colour, you can use cabinet doors in any colour you like – this works especially well with shades of white, red and cream. You can also counterbalance the black worktop with stainless steel appliances and utensils in order for a strikingly modern vibe. There’s no need to worry about matching the colours, since Nero Assoluto is a granite that goes with anything and everything.

The Norwegian Blue Pearl granite can be used to make truly beautiful worktops with a bluish grey overall impression accented with a black pattern. The density of dark patches can make the stone look either darker or lighter in shade.

Blue Pearl worktops contain large fingernail-sized spots in which all the other shades are reflected. The grey shades in Blue Pearl granite make this material an ideal match for stainless steel appliances, sinks and taps.

Nero Africa (also known as Impala Black) is a fine-grained granite from South Africa. The pattern is a close combination of white, grey and black. This is a good worktop option for people who would like to use a darker stone, but prefer something a little bit more vivid than a completely black stone. This granite is tough and not very porous and does not show seams or stains.

Galaxy Star is a popular premium granite with a deep black background dotted with copper and bronze coloured crystals. This luxuriously sparkly stone will bring the Milky Way to your home and looks especially impressive under spotlights when it is dark outside. This is a very durable and tough granite with a comparatively regular pattern and background distribution.

Galaxy star is mined around one village in the Andhra Pradesh state of India, where the resources are starting to run out. Although the quality of the stone is still high, the distribution of crystals is not completely regular anymore, which means that an even pattern cannot be guaranteed.

Polished surfaces combined with copper coloured flecks make worktops made of Galaxy Star granite an eye-catching delight that fits perfectly with modern silver and gold coloured appliances.

Steel Grey is a medium-shade (neither too light nor too dark) Indian granite that is an excellent choice if you are looking to set off cabinet doors in light or cream shades or light wood, but don’t like the idea of a completely black stone.

The alternating size of crystals and mica in Steel Grey makes this granite look truly vivid and three-dimensional. The various neutral shades of grey is a great complement to almost any other colour combination, allowing you to easily update your kitchen by changing only a few colourful details.

Steel Grey worktops are practical in that they do not show fingerprints and stains as easily as a black granite would. The seams between stone details also look less prominent than in the case of striped granites.

Emerald Pearl (also known as Labrador Scuro) is a Norwegian sparkly dark green granite that always reflects light differently, creating a display of colours that is something to behold. It is a beautiful dark green-black stone with fingernail-sized spots that range from golden green to peacock blue. Exotic opaline crystals perfectly complement rich and opulent interior design, which makes Emerald Pearl a great choice for kitchens, bathrooms as well as bedrooms. The spots are perfectly sized, helping to camouflage both fingerprints and other types of stains.

The vivacious Emerald Pearl adds sparkle to any room and makes even the dullest cabinet doors part of a striking ensemble.

Viscount White is grey Indian granite with wildly flowing lines and white, black and grey crystal pattern.

Star Gate is black granite with silver crystals from South-Africa.

Blue In The Night is dark, but not black granite from Africa. Beauty of this stone opens in blue shining crystals.

Verde Savana is green granite from Brazil.

Antique Brown is majestic dark brown (almost black) granite from Africa (Angola), which contains also a shining pattern.

Bohus Grey is grey granite from Sweden.

Bianco Sardo is Italian white granite with black and grey spots.

Giallo Veneziano is a medium-grained Brazilian granite in an intense shade of ochre and beige, enhanced by small dark grey to black flecks. This used to be the most popular yellow-tone granite until composite stone became available. Compared to the uniform patterns of composite stone surfaces, worktops in Giallo Veneziano create a much livelier and warmer atmosphere.

Labrador Antique is unique and highly valued granite from Norway.

Balmoral Red is granite from Finland.

Baltic Brown is a mesmerizing granite from Finland. It is a well known stone because its distinctive pattern.

Tan Brown is a popular dark brown granite with beige and black stains.

Verde Bahia (also known as Ubatuba) is beautiful green granite from Brazil.

Black Pearl is granite from India. The black background is enlivened by a silver glossy texture.

Colonial Ivory, which is a granite that is mined in India. With a slightly jagged pattern that is unique to the granite, while at the same time containing dark and light lines. Ideally suited for worktops in the kitchen and bathroom, as well as fireplace decoration and windowsills.

Colonial White is a granite that is mined in India. Perfect for worktops in the kitchen and bathroom, as well as fireplace decoration and windowsills.

Cambrian Black is dark granite from North America (Canada).

Grigio Aveiro granite

Grigio Aveiro is a grey, speckled granite from Portugal. The pattern is evenly grainy and typical for granite, which means any stains from heavy duty use won’t be immediately visible on the grey surface. However, when comparing to darker granites this stone won’t be as hard or resistant to staining.

Virginia Black is a granite with a dark background containing crystal particles. Lighter grains and darker spots make the solidly dark worktop interesting.

Cosmic Black is black Brazilian granite with black background, white lines and brownish red flecks and spots.

Black Forest (also known as Lava Vecchia and Silver Paradiso) is a black granite from Brazil, decorated with white and greyish lines and swirls. The glassy obsidian, pitch black surface of this stone is very durable and especially beautiful with a polished finish, but naturally it’s also available as leathery/brushed and matte/honed.

Jurassic Grey is Brazilian volcanic granite in dark grey. This stone features light, off-white veins on a darker, distinctly speckled background. The intense and strong character of this material reaches its full potential as larger surfaces, such as kitchen worktops, backsplashes and islands.

Marinace Black is a granite from Brazil containing black, white and gray stones, formed by the petrification of riverbeds.

Brown Silk is a quartzite with a layered structure reminiscent of wood graining. The effect is complemented by clump-like aggregates of minerals between the veinlets or so-called pockets.


Double Brown is an interesting beige-brown Brazilian quartzite, the flowy patterns of which slightly resemble marble. The crystalline structure of the stone however is more akin to granite, and the hardness of this stone on the Mohs scale is almost that of quartzes (7, compared to marble 2 – 3, granite 5 – 6).

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Three famous varieties of granite from Norway

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Bianco Sardo granite – even a family home can be very stylish

Consistently stylish look for kitchen with Blue Pearl granite

Viscount White granite in a traditionally stylish corner kitchen

Galaxy Star granite in an open kitchen

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What are the advantages of stone worktops over others?

The large selection of patterns and colours speaks in favour of stone, which leaves the interior designer with a fairly free hand. After all, stone fits everywhere – to put it simply, marble can be used in a palace and limestone or granite in a log house or a hunting cabin. Granite worktops are strong, scratch-resistant, and capable of withstanding high temperatures. Quartz stone is an extremely porous material with a liquid absorption coefficient of 0, which means that dirt does not penetrate the stone.

How long is the delivery time for worktops?

Fast measurement and smooth production of surfaces is one of our primary goals, and we usually move from order confirmation to installation within just two weeks. Special orders may take a little bit longer.

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