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Consistently stylish look for kitchen with Blue Pearl granite

Consistently stylish look for kitchen with Blue Pearl granite

Today we are visiting Daniel to ask him how his incredibly beautiful kitchen with Blue Pearl granite came to be.

Why did you choose stone as your kitchen worktop material and how did you end up shopping at Granitop?

I found the company through some friends – they recommended I get my stone kitchen worktops from Granitop. They had done exactly that earlier and were positively surprised to find that there still are companies that value customer satisfaction more than profits. That’s a rare thing, nowadays. We were very happy after our first contact with Granitop, with the way everyone dealt with us. We talked with the sales agent, looked at samples and did some homework too since we weren’t yet quite sure if we preferred granite or quartz for the worktops… Eventually we decided we wanted to go with natural stone after all. There is a huge selection of different granites. We chose Blue Pearl because of the pattern, there’s such… depth, and beautiful shades.

Blue Pearl

Which other stones did you consider?

Two other grey granites, namely Steel Grey and Viscount White. But Steel Grey felt maybe a little boring for us, and Viscount White on the completely other end a little too intense for what we were looking for. Of course, when I say this it’s all based just on our personal taste! The goal was worktops that are as durable as they are beautiful, and when it comes to that, Blue Pearl truly outshines other contenders.

Your kitchen is like straight out of an interior design magazine – everything here is on trend: Full height stone backsplash, black sink fixed to the underside of the worktop, black pull-out spray tap, cabinetry that reaches all the way up to the ceiling… How did you manage to combine all these trends in your kitchen so well?

We did do some research beforehand and that’s why we didn’t need to hire a designer or a stylist. My wife has a good eye when it comes to these things, so we took a look at what kind of things are people doing now and which solutions would suit our needs the best and then made our decisions. The vision was a kitchen that is as harmonious and streamlined as possible, making for a beautifully clean look. Fixing the sink to the underside of the worktop for a seamless finish is one more good reason to prefer stone worktops, you can’t do that with regular wooden materials. Integrating the stovetop so that it’s completely level with the worktop seemed like an interesting option to us and we decided to test it out and see how it looks and how we like it in the everyday since we’ve never had anything like that in our previous kitchens.
Currently we are very satisfied with how it all turned out. Blanco Fontas II mixer-tap and sink are Silgranit -finished and go together with the granite of the worktops just ideally. We also had all the power sockets integrated into the stone. That’s how we got what we wanted – that very clean and streamlined look.

Look for sinks!

You do have a lot of power sockets here, seven in total! Typically, people get two to three installed and later find out they’d need more than that…

We chose the actual power sockets very specifically to match with the design. There are never too many electrical outlets, and I’d rather have some extra than too few, anyways. Initially we were planning on at least five sockets, but it got increased all the way to seven.

The windowsill here with its gradual transition is also very interesting…

These windowsills are a little higher than the worktop and we didn’t think we could extend the stone up there too, at first. The professionals at Granitop offered this solution, which is actually pretty genius and looks so great here. I wouldn’t have thought of that myself! It really looks like everything is made from one continuous piece of stone, there’s no cracks or anything… It looks completely seamless, truly master class work!.

Did you run into any worries or problems during the building of your kitchen?

Everything went well, I was there to watch the installation of the worktops. It was exciting to see the guys carry the large L-shaped slab of granite in. The whole process went so smoothly. We didn’t even need to get any painting done afterwards since your guys didn’t make a single dent or scrape anywhere. Everyone was most definitely a real pro.

The backsplash in your kitchen sits in its own tight niche, with wall on one side, cabinets on the other, power sockets in the back wall that needed to fit exactly right. That big slab of granite for the backsplash really needs to be exactly the right size and shape, and installed just so, everything needs to be correct down to the millimetre for it to work, right?

Well, that’s something you need to ask your professionals at Granitop, I really don’t know how they made it all so perfect. But I’d say this kind of quality always comes down to two factors – skill and experience.

What would your recommendations be for our readers planning their new kitchens, how to reach similar results?

Designing your own home is no joke, one needs to approach it with passion. Strictly staring at the cost might not always be the best option and you should consider very early that better quality materials will cost more but they really are better. If you want a beautiful and cosy home, you’ll need to be committed and put your heart into it! That’s what we did. And when it comes to kitchen worktops, we can happily recommend Granitop!.

Look for possibilities!

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