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Silgranit sinks: striking harmony with your countertop stone

Silgranit sinks: striking harmony with your countertop stone

When it comes to planning your kitchen, you shouldn’t overlook the sink. What should a good sink be like? It should be pleasing to the eye, easy to maintain and clean, and keep its new appearance for many years to come. Made of granite, Silgranit’s sinks meet all of these conditions.

A wider range of available colours and a beautiful design

The sink in your kitchen can also be a real work of art. In this regard there is no equivalent to Silgranit’s sinks – they look great, remind one of stone with their appearance and, with their wider range of available colours, they give the dimension of a design element. While ordinary stainless steel sinks are, without a doubt, timeless, a granite pressed sink can bring excitement and colour to the kitchen – whether the selected sink is black anthracite, which is one of the most popular fashion colours, various shades of grey, white, warm beige or brown.

Combining the sink with other kitchen details results in a particularly striking effect – for example, fashionable black coloured objects fit together perfectly with elegant anthracite and bind the kitchen together as a whole. Blanco’s product selection also includes premixing taps and soap pumps that go well together with Silgranit sinks.

Noble Troya composite stone worktop & Blanco Subline 700U

Easy to clean and maintain

Silgranit sinks are smooth to the touch and very easy to clean because they are resistant to dirt. Most stains only require water and a cloth, while tougher and long-standing stains may also require a cleaning agent; however, compared to other sinks, cleaning is a piece of cake. There is also no reason to fear a bright white sink – it will retain its light tone for many years and will not stain, even if you pour coffee or red wine in it.
Cleaning a Silgranit sink does not require much in the way of effort or time, and they maintain a new appearance for a long time. All you have to do is lightly wipe the sink clean with a microfiber cloth every day and find a little time once a month to clean it more thoroughly. It’s that simple!

Durable material prevents dents and scratches from occurring

Sinks tend to see a lot of action. Pots and pans are thrown in, dishes or glasses may break when being washed. While stainless steel sinks often have scratches and dents from excessive washing, this is not a concern with Silgranit’s sinks – the patented material is so hard and strong that scratching or denting the sink is truly a challenge. On the other hand, this can also be considered one of the disadvantages of Silgranit – namely, striking a delicate glass against the sink too hard, for example, will probably cause it to break because the sink is rock hard.

Another advantage of the material is that high temperatures don’t have much of an impact, and it is with peace of mind that hot pots can be placed in the sink or it can be used to rest dishes straight from the oven.

Hygiene and dirt repellent material

A sink is generally not the most hygienic of places, since it comes into contact with a lot of food waste – milk is poured down the sink, meat or fish are cleaned, hands are washed, and much more. Silgranit is an antibacterial and dirt-repellent material, which makes it one of the most hygienic choices for your kitchen. The material is resistant to dirt and is easy to wash off with water or a cloth.
Silgranit is also not vulnerable to acidic foods, such as fruits, which tend to corrode and wear other materials.

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Blanco’s Silgranit sink models are a good choice if you want a sink that is suitable with stone or colourful kitchen appliances that will stand out in your kitchen. Silgranit sinks are extremely easy to clean and maintain, and the sink is resistant to wear, maintaining its beautiful appearance for a long time. See Blanco’s sinks and premixing taps here, and ask Granitop’s specialists for help, if necessary!

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