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Outdoor kitchen: the pearl of the garden, where you can enjoy summer days

Outdoor kitchen: the pearl of the garden, where you can enjoy summer days

When there is spring outside and you are tired of eating festive meals, the thoughts of garden owners move to a warmer season and barbecue, you can almost imagine it..

If over the years the living room has quietly expanded to the terrace or garden and more time is spent outdoors, then outdoor kitchens are gaining popularity. The outdoor kitchen or barbecue area is a nice place to enjoy nature without having to run between the house and the garden – everything you need for cooking is available on the site, that’s comfort.

How to plan your outdoor kitchen?

When planning an outdoor kitchen and barbecue area, it is worth first clarifying your needs and budget. It ‘s easy to use a grill and a smaller bar table to chop and store food, but why not build a kitchen with all the possibilities that ordinary kitchen contains.

First of all, it is worth thinking about how much space can be allocated for the grill-corner. Fortunately, it is generally easier to plan outdoor and it offers greater opportunities to involve a larger group to help you with cooking and later enjoy a meal together.

It is also important whether the outdoor kitchen is permanent or removable so it can be brought in under the shade when autumn arrives. If the kitchen does not have to be outside in the winter, it is not so demanding – it can be assembled from wood and oiled every season to withstand the weather.

However, a permanent outdoor kitchen or a stone barbecue corner should be made of durable material and will look like new every summer.

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Outdoor kitchen with all options included

Of course, it is also important to decide what the new outdoor kitchen should include so that it meets all the needs of the users for cooking outdoors.
The most important is the grill, for which you can choose between a gas and a charcoal grill. It´s safer to connect gas grill to a work surface, while a charcoal grill could be removable, so it can be moved away from flammable materials when needed. The easy and fast usability of the gas grill also speaks in favor of it, so why not make all the evening meals in the outdoor kitchen in the summer.

A decent outdoor kitchen does not need a refrigerator, but when using it keep in mind, the more sensitive electronic device must be protected from rain and moisture, which can harm kitchen appliances.

To keep all the necessary items outdoors, you need shelves-cabinets and a platform for the products and tools so that you don’t have to run back and forth.

The sink is definitely important, because when cooking, it is inevitable to wash your hands and dishes, so running water makes cooking much easier.

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Material is important

There are many materials that can be used outdoors, but the emphasis should be on durability, especially in Nordic climate, which can surprise with rains, summer heat and crisp cold in winter.

So here’s a simple rule – if you want your outdoor kitchen to delight you for decades, choose a solid material that will withstand everything.

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In the case of surfaces, natural stone and concrete, which are not afraid of heat or cold, are generally preferred. The best material for the worktop in the outdoor kitchen is undoubtedly granite, which is weatherproof and can withstand heat, cold and moisture without worries. Materials being outside can also be plagued by mold, which is not a concern with granite. Granite is also favored by its ease of cleaning, which is especially important in outdoor conditions.

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If the outdoor kitchen is exposed to sunlight and weather conditions, it is not advisable to use quartz in outdoor conditions, which tends to fade under the influence of direct sunlight.

If you are planning an outdoor kitchen or barbecue area, look at the stone materials and ask for advice from Granitop specialists if necessary!

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