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Marble worktops

Marble worktops

Marble is a natural stone that has formed from limestone under countless years of heat and pressure. As a construction material, marble has always been a symbol of luxury. Even today, marble worktops lend an air of elegance and refined taste to your home. Marble comes in a wide range of colours, but not all types are suitable for worktops, which is why you should always carefully consider which kind of marble to use. We will gladly offer our help with that!

Marble has been a highly valued material in interior starting from antiquity, and even today marble worktops create an undeniable aura of luxury without the risk of looking old-fashioned. Marble is simply timeless!

Marble worktops are also physically tough and resistant to heat, however depending on their type may be more susceptible to scratches and various kinds of stains. With marble, it is especially important to avoid staining it with acidic substances, as they may corrode the surface of the worktop to the point where it loses its shine.

Marble also needs regular maintenance with a special sealant in order to reduce its absorbency. When selecting marble, you should take care and keep your habits in mind, but if you keep a few simple rules in mind, marble worktops can also maintain their beautiful appearance for a very long time. For everyday maintenance, a damp cloth can be used.


Bianco Carrara is the most well-known marble in the world. This classic light Italian marble first became a symbol of luxury and elegance during the Antique period and is still as popular today. Light grey background is adorned by darker stripes, which are always different for each worktop.

Bianco Carrara marble is an equally good match for both light and dark cabinet doors. By choosing a worktop in Bianco Carrara, you are giving your kitchen or bathroom a truly timeless appearance – this stone will bring life and elegance to any room!

Similar to its country of origin known for its luscious greenery, Verde Guatemala marble is a wonderful bluish green shade that is covered in dark and sometimes even black patterns. This stone is at once reminiscent of a green rainforest and a deep turquoise sea. Verde Guatemala will adorn any room, however it is not recommended for kitchens where it is put to heavy use. This is a porous and scratch-prone marble that is more ornamental than practical.

Nero Marquina is an eye-catching Spanish marble with white lines on a black background. Nero Marquina works well with any other surface colours, offering a sophisticated and refined sense of vitality.

Nero Marquina marble is not recommended for kitchens, as it scratches easily and can easily lose its gloss with heavy use.

Grigio Carnico is dark grey marble from Italy.

Nero Tropez is a beautiful and solid, almost black, Turkish marble, the dark surface of which is decorated with light veins. Compared to another type of black marble, Nero Marquina, Nero Tropez is more uniform in quality, more grey is found in the background colour, and its veins are usually finer and more closely placed.

Blue Savoy is a gray marble from France.

Black & Gold is an intense black marble with wave-patterns mined in Pakistan. On a black background, golden-brown and white veins meander, giving the stone its unique appearance and character. It is a suitable material for kitchen and bathroom worktop, as well as for making window sills and covering the fireplace facade.

Breccia Sarda, also known as Daino Reale or Scorpion is a natural beige marble with unique veins. This elegant and refined rock is perfect for indoor design!

Calacatta Belgia is a white marble from Italy. Due to its characteristic, intensive veining it is best suited for use in big surfaces such as kitchen worktops, tabletops, flooring, bathroom walls or steps of stairs.

Fantastico Arni is a white marble with strong, wavy pattern that gets to shine the brighter the bigger the surface is. It is ideally suited for playing with different mirrored effects, creating so called “book matched” surfaces.

Macchia Vecchia is a marble with interesting wavy and patchy pattern with white, grey, brown, and beige veins decorating the grey to black background. The exact look of the stone will vary a lot between different batches and the material is best suited as a worktop next to more modestly stylized kitchen furniture and other surfaces painted or tiled in lighter colours.

Bardiglio marble comes from the same quarries in the Carrara region as the legendary white marble Bianco Carrara C. Bardiglio is a grey marble with both darker grey and nearly white veins and streams on a silvery stone, which makes for a relatively serene marble pattern. The four best known types of Bardiglio marble are Bardiglio Imperiale, Bardiglio Nuvolato, Bardiglio Fiorito and Bardiglio Cappella.

Mystery Grey is also a grey marble, this one with lighter spots and lines and dark grey speckles. The lively pattern rich in variations offers an endless amount of new details to find. On the other hand it hides any stains or dents from heavy duty use well from the unsuspecting eye.

Antartide is marble-like calcite from Brazil with pearly white background and a darker, vibrant wave pattern.


Jura Grey is a limestone with a light beige background and pattern.

Dietfurt Grey limestone originates from the mountains of Bavaria, from the same region in Germany where another popular limestone, Jura Grey, is mined. In comparison with Jura Grey, Dietfurt Grey is not quite as beige, but rather a more uniform grey, with a slightly bluish tinge. Available with honed – H finishing.

kalksten Thala Grey

Thala Grey is a grey limestone from Tunisia.

Azul Valverde is a grey limestone from Portugal with a dark-grey pattern.

Crema Perla is a creamy beige limestone from Spain. Its discreet charm and comparatively uniform look have made it into a very popular choice of stone for indoors and outdoors both. Crema Perla is available in a variety of finishes and this limestone can often be found in public spaces used in walls and floors, kitchen worktops, spas and private bathrooms, gardens and stairs.

Grigio St Moritz is a concrete grey French limestone. This stone with its unpretentious look is a very universal option that will fit almost any style of interior harmoniously. Grey limestone with a rather uniform pattern is a safe choice when it comes to maintenance and much more forgiving about any signs of lived life than most of the flashier stones.


Terrazzo Carrara 0-25 cement

Terrazzo Carrara 0/25 is a composite stone with pieces of white marble (Bianco Carrara C) in size 0 – 25mm.

Terrazzo GV 0-25 cement

Terrazzo GV 0/25 is a composite stone, also known as terrazzo, with pieces of natural stone in size 0 – 25mm.

Terrazzo Perlato Royal

Terrazzo Perlato Royal is a beige-toned terrazzo with lighter speckles, containing pieces of natural stones, colourings, and binding agents (resin).

Fior Di Pesco terrazzo-marble

Terrazzo Fior Di Pesco is a grey composite stone, a terrazzo made with natural stone pieces bound with a resin.

Calacatta terrazzo-marble

Terrazzo Calacatta is a composite stone that contains shards and pieces of white Calacatta marble. The pieces of marble are bigger and some of them glassier when compared to the other terrazzo (Terrazzo Carrara 0/25). Thanks to this play of light this terrazzo is especially popular among interior designers and home improvers.

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