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A beautiful marble fireplace is the heart of your home

A beautiful marble fireplace is the heart of your home

It is often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Those who have a fireplace in their home would beg to differ – the true heart of the home is the fireplace. There is nothing better than gathering around a fireplace with your family during a cold winter or even a dim summer evening, to enjoy its warmth and the crackling fire. Since the beginning of time it has been fire around which loved ones gathered in the evenings to warm themselves and tell stories.

A durable marble fireplace will last for several generations

In our climate, the fireplace plays a very important role in the home. Life wouldn’t be very enjoyable in a damp and cold room. The selection of fireplaces is wide and exciting – new solutions are coming to market all the time, but the fireplace is something that always remains. Even if more efficient heating solutions are created, they can’t compare to the warmth and cosiness of a fireplace, which is often missed at home.

Looking back at history, there was a particular preference during the Victorian era for marble or granite fireplaces, which were built to last for many generations, served as the focal point of homes, and brought warmth and beauty. Marble remains a highly valued material today, both for its durability and classical appearance. If you would like a fireplace that will decorate your home for the rest of your life, and that can be passed on to your children, marble is the right choice.

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Grigio Carnico marble

Easy to care for, safe to use

One of the reasons to choose marble as the material for your fireplace is the heat resistance of natural stone, while polished marble and granite are also easy to maintain. Fireplace users are familiar with the annoying stains that leave permanent marks on the fireplace over time. Polished stone (granite and marble) do not stain easily and are easy to clean with a moist cloth. Another practical feature that makes granite and marble an excellent material in the construction of fireplace facades is that the strong rock is completely fireproof. Extremely safe to use around the fireplace in your home!

Star Gate granite
Viscount White granite

Classics never go out of style

They say that fashions come and go, but the classic solutions always remain. This is also true for stone fireplaces. Granite and marble are the ‘little black dress’ of fireplaces, which never go out of style. The materials have proven themselves over time, and the popularity of stone is not diminishing but growing. A wide range of colours gives you the opportunity to design unique and exciting solutions that never get boring.

Emerald Pearl granite

A suitable selection for every home

By selecting a marble or granite fireplace, you get a unique design element in your home that no one else has. The unique patterns found in marble or granite set no limits on your fantasy. Elegant dark granite or black marble fit perfectly into modern interiors, giving the room a dignified air. If you are looking for something exciting, why not surround the firebox with Viscount White greyish-black granite tiles, for example? Or choose a bright white Carrara or Calacatta marble fireplace as the heart of your home? Bolder home decorators will find a unique solution for their home among the variety of natural patterns – whether their preference is for shining black, white, ivory, a tone that is slightly more beige, or the boldly green Verde Savana and Verde Guatemala, which are particularly regal when used in a fireplace.

Nero Assoluto granite

At Granitop you can order a unique fireplace façade that will decorate your home and add value to your property. A marble, granite or quartz covered fireplace is a true design element, which warms family members and visitors and caresses the eye. On our homepage you will find many exciting patterns and tones among our selection of materials – here you will find a suitable stone for someone who values the classic style and someone who is looking for a more unique solution. Contact Granitop’s specialists to take a look at all of the available options and submit your order!

Jura Grey
Noble Pietra Grey quartz
Viscount White granite
Grigio Carnico

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Jura Grey
Bianco Carrara C
Mystery White
Noble Ivory White
Noble Concrete Grey
Nero Assoluto
Noble Carrara
Noble Supreme White
Steel Grey
Viscount White

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