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Marble worktops – timeless elegance!

Marble worktops – timeless elegance!

Marble is a natural stone, made from limestone that has been exposed to pressure and heat for countless years. When it comes to making kitchen worktops, world famous Carrara marble have been the most popular material in recent years.

Classic white marble from Italy has symbolised luxury since the time of the Roman Empire and is now available to everyone. Marble surfaces are always unique and no marble worktop kitchen is the same as another.

A little bit more Bianco Carrara, the favourite marble of every home designer. „Carrara“ is a region in Italy, in which marble is quarried from the mountains. The marble blocks are then sorted based on their appearance and quality, and are then cut into slabs. We inspect the marble slabs in person, in order to ensure the best quality. Today, marble is very popular around the world and demand frequently exceeds supply, which is why the worktop manufacturer must personally make sure that they receive the best Carrara marble. The most common quality class in the case of Carrara marble is Bianco Carrara C/D, however, in the interests of offering only the premium product, our selection includes the highest quality class of marble (known as Carrara C or Carrara C Extra).

As a material, marble is a bit softer and more susceptible to stains than granite – the other traditional kitchen worktop material – although simple regular maintenance also ensures the beautiful appearance of marble worktops for many years. In the case of marble surfaces it is important to regularly impregnate the worktops, something that we naturally take care of this the first time in our factory, prior to the worktops being shipped. Ask for more information on how you can check on the current state of your worktop!

Marble worktops – how to choose?

Marble worktops can also be selected based on different finishes – a polished or honed surface. A polished surface is shiny like a mirror, while a honed surface is stylishly matte. Honed marble tiles are currently the most popular, since, in addition to appearance, they also offer a small practical advantage – acidic substances may easily create dull spots on a shiny surface, which are not noticed on a matte surface.

If you prefer practicality, but would also like to enjoy the beauty of marble, you can also select a marble-esque artificial stone or a white artificial stone worktop and a marble background plate instead. When it comes to emphasising a marble worktop, once could consider, for example, the installation of a sink made from black composite material in the worktop – you can be confident that the contrast will enrich your kitchen! There are many selections!

The solution you come up with is maybe not so important. You can be absolutely certain that a marble worktop ordered from Granitop will make your home particularly beautiful, and you can feel pride about that for many years together with every cup of morning coffee you enjoy!

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Marble – a royal material

Every countertop made of natural stones is unique!