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Every countertop made of natural stones is unique!

Every countertop made of natural stones is unique!

Bianco Carrara C white marble comes from Carrara, Italy, which is one of the oldest consistently developed industrial regions in the world. Marble has been quarried there for over 2000 years, and the popularity of the unique stone material doesn’t seem to be waning anywhere. Instead, demand is growing at an ever accelerating pace.

At Granitop, we strive to make sure that each of our clients receives the royal treatment. We have our own cooperation partners at quarries, who ensure the quality of the material and make sure that Granitop always has enough of this magnificent stone, with its glorious history, on hand. The process of selecting and sorting marble beings at the quarry, and is backed by centuries of experience passed from father to son. Traditions and expertise help local specialists to determine the variety or grade of the marble, but even the best marble connoisseurs are unable, in any way, to influence the thickness and direction of the colour of the stone or the thickness and direction of the swirling-flowing lines on a greyish white background. It is nature that must be thanked for the unique patterns found in the marble.

Granitop’s master masons use all of their skills to ensure that the appearance of the marble worktop is flawless and that the details match perfectly. When preparing larger kitchens and making sure the worktop is flush with the background stone, we try to use the same or subsequent slabs. By doing so, the pattern is more similar and transitions and joints don’t stick out. Even so, we are unable to change the pattern. Granitop does not paint over stone slabs or draw additional veins. Tastes differ, as does each kitchen that is made of marble. Some customers prefer marble with a denser pattern, others prefer a darker stone, complaining that the background is too white…

If you want to be absolutely sure about what the end result will be, it may be better to use an artificial stone. Quartz lines are an imitation of natural stone, although the pattern is a human creation, meaning that it remains practically unchanged during production.

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We always have a supply of white marble on hand in our warehouse and, whenever possible, we take into account any special requests, even if our own master masons have an opinion that differs from that of the customer on how to cut and match a worktop. However, when following a client’s directions, the cost of stone may be higher than usual, and an order placed by a more exclusive or demanding client may be more expensive than what was offered in the initial price estimate.

White marble as a kitchen countertop is a great way to make your home and decor luxurious. If you complement your marble kitchen with other eye-catching details, any homeowner can find a result to their own liking. Which is why Granitop also offers high-quality kitchen sinks with stone surfaces, as well as a variety of exciting mixer and soap pump designs, in addition to the possibility to order worktops.

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An important aspect of interior design is that the room we are in is comfortable, enjoyable and safe. The lighter the colour of the worktop stone, the more spacious the room appears. The cleaner and more beautiful the kitchen – the heart of the home – the greater the emotional warmth that can be felt in that room.

Examples of white marble Bianco Carrara C stone slabs:
slabs can vary in color from white to gray, the width of the lines (veins) and the pattern are never exactly the same!

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Marble – a royal material

Marble worktops are still fashionable!