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Marble – a royal material

Marble – a royal material

Beautiful marble is a timeless and versatile material. Over time, marble has been used to create a wide variety of products – from gorgeous marble fountains, sculptures, terrace ornaments to park benches, stairs, pavements and memorabilia. Not to mention all the uses as a interior element, it can be used to make kitchen worktops, windowsills, to cover fireplaces or in the design of a luxurious bathroom.

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In Italy, the homeland of marble, it is noticeable that the stone is used boldly in more than just in kitchens and bathrooms. In Carrara, for example, the facades of many houses are covered with marble, and the doors and windows of the houses are surrounded by marble frames. White marble is used to make park benches and garbage can covers, marble slabs are used to lay roads, marble also covers the garden and gate posts of luxury villas. Often it is not just the lobby walls of buildings that are covered with marble, but the entrances to the lifts and some of the furniture is also made of polished or honed marble.

Of course, there are a lot of marble statues in Italy. Marble sculptures are one of the oldest works of art that have survived to this day. The marble statues shine and glow beautifully, despite thousands of years of dignified history. A marvelous marble goddess or antique athlete looks fresh even without any special care, maintaining this beautiful appearance does not require large additional investments in the form of time or money. A marble sculpture created in ancient era can still be as beautiful today as a freshly made bust of a celebrity or head of state.

Marble heaters liven up the interior

Marble fireplaces are perfect both for garden barbecue house as well as creating a cozy atmosphere in the living room of a luxurious villa. The different colors and pattern options of marble allow you to create a complete and harmonic combination with each wall and floor color, the result will enchant both guests and younger members of the family.
A marble fireplace may not be a classic, modern bio-fireplaces (that do not need a chimney or wood) are gaining in popularity. In autumn and winter evenings, a fire can be lit in the fireplace with bioethanol using a remote control, which offers pleasure to the eye, but also pleasantly warms up every member of the family. Since bio fireplaces do not soot or smoke, such a modern living fire is also perfect for more sensitive materials such as white marble, which is not as dirt-resistant as green and black marble is.

Marble terraces, stone furniture and garden paths

Italian garden design has been known and loved in continental Europe for centuries, in a sense it is the example of landscape architecture and garden design for all over the world. The marble terraces surrounding the Italian palaces and villas are durable and beautiful. There is something fairy-tale like in the marble-tiled terraces and balconies, which is also imitated in other countries when planning the gardens of castles and private houses. Many people know that investing in marble pays off if you want to create a long-lasting, easy-care and dignified garden or outdoor terrace.

Marble benches and outdoor furniture have also been designed to last centuries. Marble furniture is also ideal for difficult weather conditions, such as humid and cool weather alternating with sunshine, snowfall and heavy rain, which makes marble benches a particularly sensible investment in both gardens and larger parks. Marble lasts beautifully over time!

Marble pavements are extremely popular in southern palaces and the surrounding gardens. Marble has been used as a paving material for several thousand years, and these marble roads last to this day. The beautiful marble floor decorates equally well both the magnificent temple and the terrace of the private house. Why not create lounge around your home pool from marble or lay a tasteful mosaic of small pieces of marble in the sauna lobby?

Marble water features – fountain or pool

Marble fountains can be found in both China and Central Europe. Marble fountains decorate the urban space or the lawns and gardens of the magnificent mansions from the Middle East to the New World. Magnificent old-fashioned fountains and swimming pools often have fine carvings and bas-reliefs, but modern marble water features do not need such a magnificent decorations. The marble pattern, texture and shape of the fountain or garden pool are very nice, even without excessive decorations, and modern stone-cutting technology allows you to create a durable and beautiful design element for everyone’s home garden.

Classic Italian Renaissance, Japanese or Scandinavian style

However, the use of stone in interiors, kitchens, lobbies or laundries is not just a Southern European topic. The stone, also royal white marble, also goes well with the simpler and more practical Scandinavian and Japanese styles. Against the background of a more organized, harmonious and less furniture-containing interior design, the pure beauty of natural materials stands out more easily. One of the world’s most famous and beloved stones, which has inspired so many famous artists – marble – certainly deserves it. After all, marble has exactly as many uses as a building material as there are shades and patterns in this timeless and still popular stone.

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Marble windowsills – eye-catchers in your home

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Marble worktops

Marble worktops – timeless elegance!

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