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Marble windowsills – eye-catchers in your home

Marble windowsills – eye-catchers in your home

Many people view marble as a material that belongs in historic mansions, villas and luxurious five star hotels. They are home to marble floors, wide stairs and massive windowsills. In the home environment we instead see ordinary laminate and wood as the typical window sill material, which gets the job done, but certainly fails to catch the eye. But why not bring marble, that grand and beautiful material, into your own home?

Details count

As the first rays of spring sunlight begin peeking in through the curtains, our gaze increasingly turns to the window. The best view from a window is a beautiful and well-maintained garden, and nature that is slowly awakening from its winter slumber. At the same time, one should not forget clean and brightly shining windows and window sills, which are a natural part of the home, but which often end up being an overlooked interior design detail.

Beauty can be brought to windowsills with a vase full of spring flowers or pussy willow catkins, although one should not forget the windowsill itself, which could be an interesting design element instead of a simple white tile.

Marble windowsills – a practical and luxurious selection

Marble windowsills have a luxurious appearance and offer eye-catching beauty, but there are also more practical reasons why you should prefer marble as a windowsill material. Owners of wood and laminate windowsills know that windowsills wear out and require replacement in order to maintain a fresh appearance. Laminate expands when exposed to moisture and the main layer comes loose at the edges… Wood, even if properly impregnated or varnished, is much more fragile than stone and changes and decays over time. Stone, including polished marble, although also an organic material, is known for its durability – it is not damaged by water seeping from the bottom of a flower pot, or bleached by sunlight. There is nothing more beautiful than marble glittering in the rays of the spring sun, the pattern of which one cannot help but marvel at.

Bring colour into Your life!

Another reason that marble is particularly well-suited for making windowsills is marble’s exciting colour selection. A pure-white Bianco Carrara marble windowsill can be an eye-catcher and fill a room with grandeur. Those who prefer lighter tones should look at Antartide, with its vibrant line pattern, and yellowish Breccia Sardat (Scorpion), the beauty of which is truly a shame to hide with curtains.
Black marble Nero Marquina and dark grey Grigio Carnico convey a boldly modern effect as windowsills, with the result being quite elegant. In the same way that dark green Verde Guatemala marble never goes unnoticed – its bold dark green tone has a vivid and refreshing effect, reminding one of the lush green vegetation of summer.

Marble is a material that is worthy of praise, being both practical and beautiful, helping to bring personality into your home with its unique patterns.

Look for possibilities!

When selecting a marble worktop, your choice is somewhat limited by the intensity of use. In the case of materials that can withstand everyday food preparation it is important that the surface is resistant to stains and scratching. By choosing marble windowsills, an interior decorator is not forced to set such limits on their fantasies. Windowsills generally don’t see much action, and marble and limestone tiles that require more gentle treatment when used as worktops are also suitable, being free to provide residents with joy and beauty under a window.

An affordable way to bring everyday luxury into Your home

Marble has served as a symbol of luxury and prosperity throughout history, having always been used as a building material in castles and temples. If it is not possible to cover all of the floors and walls with this material, why not bring it into your home in the form of smaller details? Marble windowsills, marble tables or, for example, serving platters or cheese boards, allow regular people to bring a piece of the glitter and grandeur of the palace into their own home – elegance at a relatively affordable price!

If you planning on using marble windowsills, flower shelves or smaller stone details in your home, use our price calculator, which will help you select the material, its tone and thickness, and will show you how much the desired order will cost.

Carrara marble kitchen worktops

Marble – a royal material

Marble worktops are still fashionable!

Marble worktops – timeless elegance!