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Marble worktops are still fashionable!

Marble worktops are still fashionable!

Marble is considered to be well known and the most beautiful material in all of the worktop stones. Unfortunately, marble is accompanied by sensitivity to external influences and damages. Thus, we have to always emphasize the choices by pointing out the practical aspects of planning a kitchen. Also the fact that we have a stronger and more durable materials than marble to use as a kitchen worktop.

Usually, the ease of use is one of the main arguments behind the look and feel of the material, and in the kitchens with higher demands the stronger surface of quartz or granite is chosen.

At the same time, it can not be forgotten that granite, marble and other natural stones have been treated in Europe and have been used in construction for many years, centuries in fact. So it can be said that the ability to keep clean and beautiful even captivate marble is innate to Europeans. If you handle your worktop with caution and always carefully wipe off the liquids, marble can be a jewel of every interior and suitable even for professional kitchen or restaurant.

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Nero Marquina black marble

The water absorption coefficient for marble is ten times bigger than for granite or quartz, but splashes and spots may not be so visible on the honed marble, but then again – who leaves the slice of the lemon in worktop for several hours or a day! If the work surface is cleaned immediately after cooking, the marble will stay beautiful for a long time!

Bianco Carrara C

For centuries, marble has been a worthy material for the emperors and kings, whose designs are dazzling and elegant. Just like granite is a weather resistant and durable choice for outdoor kitchens, the marble is suitable for palaces and old-town restaurants. Does the marble table have a choice of seafood, delicatessen or snack, freshly baked pastries and hot coffee or something even more delicious, perhaps does not matter at all. Because sometimes it is a more important community, a good taste, an experience that is provided by the surroundings and the beauty of everyday life – all that marble symbolizes so well.

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