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Emerald Pearl

Emerald Pearl, also known as Labrador Scuro, is a Norwegian sparkly dark green granite that always reflects light differently, creating a display of colours that is something to behold. It is a beautiful dark green-black stone with fingernail-sized spots that range from golden green to peacock blue. Exotic opaline crystals perfectly complement rich and opulent interior design, which makes Emerald Pearl a great choice for kitchens, bathrooms as well as bedrooms. The spots are perfectly sized, helping to camouflage both fingerprints and other types of stains.

The vivacious Emerald Pearl adds sparkle to any room and makes even the dullest cabinet doors part of a striking ensemble.

Available in standard selection from our warehouse:
Polished-P; 20 mm and 30mm.
Other finishes and thicknesses available to order.

  • Country of origin: Norway
  • Water absorption: <0,45%
  • Weight: ca 82 kg/m² (30mm)
  • Material: Granite worktops
  • Color: Dark-colored, Variegated
  • Thickness: 30 mm, 20 mm
  • Price: 310£/m2