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Faucets and soap dispensers

Faucets and soap dispensers

Kitchen faucets

We offer a wide range of high-quality taps by Blanco to suit every taste – from traditional kitchen faucets to eye-catching design solutions. Most Blanco taps are designed with a series of Blanco kitchen sinks in mind, making them a perfect match for each other.

Available are spray rinse taps (marked with S in the product name),

taps that can be lowered into the worktop and installed in front of a window (F)

and taps with a shut-off valve for connecting the dishwasher (A).

For an even more elegant result, we recommend that you also use integrated soap dispensers, that can be used to comfortably use either liquid soap or washing-up liquid.

Blanco Torre, Blanco Claron 500 U, Bianco Carrara C

Soap dispensers

An integrated soap dispenser is an excellent replacement for cumbersome and unseemly bottles of liquid soap or washing-up liquid that don’t seem to fit anywhere on your worktop. Soap dispensers are very easy to fill – just lift the pump and refill the container hidden underneath the worktop. Blanco soap dispensers are elegant and high quality and they are also designed to match various sink and tap ranges.

Blanco Livia S faucet and Blanco Livia soap dispenser
Blanco Livia, Black Galaxy Star
Blanco Torre, Blanco Andano 340/180 U, Jura Grey
Blanco Piona, Blanco Claron 700 IF, Noble Carrara

In addition to the Blanco faucets, we also offer Crolla kitchen taps at the request of our customers.

Crolla Rom segisti
Crolla Rom Antracite

Check the selection of kitchen taps and soap dispensers!