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7 suggestions for choosing a worktop

7 suggestions for choosing a worktop

Suppose You made plans for Your kitchen or maybe You got already suitable furniture, so You might want to get worktops placed or replace the old one. There are several materials to use as worktop material, one of them is durable, time-proof and beautiful stone. As follows, we recommend how to choose stone worktop perfect for You.

Which stone to prefer?

Different stone materials have distinct features. For an example, granite is found in a lot of different colors and patterns. Although granite is known as resistant and beautiful material, it is necessary to remember that light-colored granite stones have usually higher water absorption and are slightly more fragile, meaning they are more vulnerable to stains and mechanical damages. Most types of marble aren’t suitable for kitchen surfaces but are good-looking in bathrooms and as fireplace decorations. Make sure that the type of marble you like, is suitable for using it at the place you desire. Quartz is strong and non-porous material that is practical and doesn’t need much caretaking in general. The choice of color is wide, many offered colors cannot be found in nature.

Look for possibilities!

Looks of the worktop

It is important to find a stone that matches with everything else in the room. You have to think about the color of the kitchen cabinets, it’s important to consider what kind of kitchen equipment and accessories to choose from. It is possible to order the same stone for a backsplash or ceramic wall tiles designed similar to the worktop. Do you want to see contrast or harmony? How good is the light in the room – both daylight and lamps? According to that, You can choose between light and dark stones. Stones with one color tend to show out more stains than patterned stones. Do you prefer glossily polished or honed stone surface? Make sure to check out stone samples in person because everything isn’t as it looks like on computer screens.


Surface cut as one piece, cannot be longer than 3 meters. Kitchen with a shape of L is generally made from 2 separate pieces, while U-shaped kitchen is made from 3 separate pieces. Which way should the cut lines be directed? All stone worktops should have support under it, especially under the edges of the worktop. Consult our experts for different solutions. Which handles do the cabinets have – should the stone go over them on the edges or not? Usually, worktops with handles, have 1-2 cm of overhang. What should be the thickness of the worktop? Most common thickness is 30mm, but 40mm and even 20mm thick stones are also used.

Sink and stove

Which type of sink to choose? Sinks can be installed in several different ways – inset, flush-mounted and under-mounted. You can check out all about different sink installation ways on our website. The same selection goes about hob installation – You can choose either inset or flush-mounted cooktop. Which type should be the front edge? We offer a different type of worktop edge designs, which you can check out from here:


pencil round

half bullnose

full bullnose

Worktop sketch

For now, you have chosen most of the details. Make Yourself a simplified sketch with approximate worktop measurements and technical details (sinks and stove installation, polished front edges and their type, different holes for taps and power connections. With that information, it is easy to ask price for Your kitchen.

Make a list of works that need to be done

– Before ordering worktop, all of the cabinets have to be in place. Make sure that all of the cabinets are on the same height and be certain that cabinets which are placed on the wall, standing straightly. Please don’t install any ceramic wall tiles before the installation of the worktop.
– Ask for price offer to get an approximate price of Your kitchen.

Price calculator

– Decide, which sink and tap You want. If You choose to not buy a faucet and sink from us, then You should have those by the time we take measures, so we could also see and measure both.
– If cabinets are placed, or You know when they will be placed, then make an appointment for exact measuring.
– Discuss all of the details with our technicians, starting from the desired stone and ending with the payment terms.
– If You are replacing old worktop, then make sure to remove it before we come to install a new one. Also, it is important to turn off the water supplies.
– After You get the appointment time for installation, make sure to contact plumber and electrician, who will connect the water system and hob. Although it is necessary to wait at least one day before finishing rest of the work after worktop installation. Same goes for tiling wall behind the worktop.

Ask advice from experts

If You still doubt in something or want further information, then ask from our experts. We handle worktops daily basis and during years we have acquired plenty of experience and clever tricks with what we can help You get closer to Your goal – dream home.

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