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Crystal Calacatta Quartz

Crystal Calacatta Quartz

New materials were recently introduced to the market (in spring 2018) and they were well received  by customers and interior designers! Today the joy of these new products has already arrived to the kitchens and bathrooms of many customers!

Crystal Calacatta Silva quartz

Famous and beloved – the magnificent beauty of Calacatta marble

The eye-catching and characteristic pattern of the famous Calacatta marble has attracted admiration for more than two millennia. The more distinctive and prominent the stone pattern, the more difficult it is to fit the lines together at the joins, especially in the corners. In places where the work surface continues vertically, either as a backsplash or, for example, on the side of the kitchen island.

Thanks to the modern machines, the stone can be cut to an accuracy of 1/10 millimeters, and several computer programs help to see the picture of the ready-made object from all sides even before the first cut. However, all this has little benefit if the pattern of the two sequential stone plates is different because of the will of the nature.

Crystal Calacatta Silva

Mirror-effect, butterfly wings and bookmatch

In the case of natural stones, each slab or stoneboard cut from a stone block has a slightly different pattern. Within a few centimeters, the lines vary – it means that perfect mirror effect is difficult to achieve in a marble or granite kitchen or bathroom. It is difficult to fit natural stone slabs as butterfly wings with repetitive patterns, and the loss of material can be much higher than usual, which also affects the cost.

Crystal Calacatta Silva bookmatch
Crystal Calacatta Amnis bookmatch

Manufacturers of engineered stone have come up with a good solution. They have designed quartz slabs according to a principle of matching pattern. So Crystal Calacatta Silva and Crystal Calacatta Amnis are available with mirror-effect, there is the left and right pattern slabs. Identical and reflecting – the result that combines the technical properties of composite stone with the beauty of a natural stone.

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Crystal Calacatta Amnis quartzstone

Quartz-stone’s physical properties and durability plus the elegance of the famous Calacatta marble

Marble is one of the most delicate stone materials. Essentially quartz is made of natural ingredients, but strong, durable and non-porous making composite worktops nearly maintenance-free. The durability, comfort and unchanging pattern are the reasons of the growing popularity of quartz stone. Made up from more than 90% of natural quartz, the rest are adhesives, coloring pigments and additives that improve technical properties.

Crystal Calacatta Silva

If this kind of durability, strength and stain resistance is complemented by the beauty of natural stone, what else is the possibly to wish for!?

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