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Tailor-made exclusive stone surfaces

Tailor-made exclusive stone surfaces

Popular and timeless materials such as white Italian marble Bianco Carrara C, granites Viscount White and Nero Assoluto, also many durable quartz stones are always appreciated by everyone. However, a new trend can be noticed and interest in ordering exclusive stone materials is growing in the ascending line.

Individuality and uniqueness are the trends of today. A stylish home decoration is not only for a few celebrities or VIPs. Now almost everyone can become a star on the internet or home-improvement magazine and be admired for a beautiful house or apartment, custom-made marble kitchen or a special bathroom. Thanks to social media it’s possible to share photos of your comfortable home and fantastic design ideas with a lot of people and it inspires to create more and more new and innovative solutions. At the same time creativity and originality may not mean at all extravagance, an outstanding result can be achieved by anyone who has a good taste.

Starlight White quartz

The choice of the furniture, wall paint, lighting project and flooring are undoubtedly all equally important. But attention must also be paid to worktop surfaces – the choice of the stone often plays a key role in the integrity of the whole design. Along with floor coverings the countertops, kitchen islands and window sills are special eye-catchers. These are not insignificant things but rather an opportunity to balance the overall impression or vice versa – to emphasize and complement it. If the kitchen is spacious and partly continues in the open living or dining room the stone pattern fitting with other elements is crucial in the whole design concept.

Noble Areti Bianco quartz

The selection of stones is very wide and you can choose from a huge range of different colors and patterns. If the most common materials are not suitable for you, you can always find something exciting in the assortment of our on-demand stones. Color choice and interesting patterns allow you to create truly unique designs in your kitchen or bathroom which can not be repeated by anyone else in the world.

Look for possibilities!
J´Adore quartzite

When nothing but only the best is good enough you can order the material you like directly from the quarry, a stone block with a pattern that is even special for stone masons. True, the rare designs of granite and marble slabs are more difficult to match. Often they have limited availability which requires a quick response.

Fortunately, Granitop’s specialists have direct contacts with all the well-known quarries and the best-known stone producers. We constantly visit exhibitions to keep abreast with the new trends. We can say that if necessary we will definitely find your desired stone, even from under the ground!

Bianco Carrara C marble

Previously, the stone processing involved a lot of handicraft and it made marble kitchens or, for example, granite pools very expensive for everyone except the super-rich. Now the development of technology has made the various stone materials available to everyone. Both beautiful and durable marble, granite and quartz stone worktops find more and more use. The stone surface is no longer an unavailable luxury item – it’s a sure choice that will ensure worry-free life for decades! On the other hand – the unique beauty, magic, and power of all natural stones which can never be replaced with laminate or stainless steel, are still present.

Black Galaxy Star granite

Pick up a material and calculate a price for worktop of Your dream!

Bianco Carrara C marble

New stones – our selection of worktop materials has grown!

New products!

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Get free windowsills when you order a new kitchen worktop!

Why is there a price for some products, but not for others? What is a special order?

The product range on the website includes materials that are currently popular and the properties of which meet Granitop’s quality requirements. Of course, the stones are also divided by type (granite, marble, limestone, quartzite, Terrazzo, quartz stone – use the filter!), but generally, for every material, there is either a price per square meter or a note “On-demand”. We have a stock of the stones with prices in our factory warehouse and for these, the promise “2 weeks from measurements to installation” applies. The “On-demand” material is also available, but its price and delivery time vary. Also, a higher advance payment requirement (as a rule, 100%) applies for special order stones.

If I have a special request, can you also order a stone that is not listed on the website?

If you dream of very exclusive or interestingly patterned stone worktops, please consider that the process takes more time and do consult with our specialists. Materials that have once been sold, but are no longer manufactured, may have an alternative with a similar design / pattern.

Bardiglio Nuvolato

Choosing materials is not easy and it requires specialists.
Not all stone materials are famous or available worldwide. Traditions, taste and aesthetics vary between different regions.
Although many stone materials have been known and popular for many centuries, the choices of customers and interior designers are also influenced by modern trends. All this must be taken into account already when ordering materials.

Sensa Taj Mahal
Belvedere granite

Blue Roma

Jasper Shellflint

Agate Opal
Amethyst Lux Dark Design
Tiger Eye Gold
Agate White Crystal Gold