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Noble Concrete Grey – the legendary grey quartz-stone

Noble Concrete Grey – the legendary grey quartz-stone

Soon it’ll be ten years since the first prototype for the Noble–series rolled out from the factory line. From the moment it was released this product series became the favourite of home decorators, and these quartz stones that draw their inspiration from natural stone are still breaking sales records.

Ten years is a long time in the fast changing world of interior design trends. Regardless of that, one stone from the Noble–collection has stayed on trend and continuously held its place at the top of the best-seller lists even in the last few years. This special quartz has drawn inspiration from both expressive concrete and limestone, and it is, of course, the Noble Concrete Grey. We gathered together homeowners and interior design lovers to discuss, what might lie behind this great popularity.

Grey is such a common colour, why do people like Noble Concrete Grey so much?

Ursula (interior designer): “Every project is different and special, but generally it can be said, that grey is a neutral colour, that doesn’t draw too much attention. Grey worktops go with everything while leaving room for imaginative choices. In interior design we consider grey an urban and stylish colour that’s been trendy for years. And by the way, grey tones don’t dominate only in the world of interior design. There’s some data from the car manufacturing industries, that almost 80% of cars produced are grayscale – grey/silver, white and black.”

Sara (interior design blogger): “That’s right. Grey, black and white are timeless and always current. When choosing more modest kitchen furniture or worktops there’s less danger of messing up with interior design choices or when giving the space a refresh.

I think we should also bring up the variations of shade when talking about Noble Concrete Grey. When looking at the worktop and the kitchen island it’s clear how in the light of the sun they’re light in colour, while the bits that stay in the shadow are dark grey. Also the reflection of light coloured walls makes the polished worktop surface appear light grey, while warm toned lamplight even brings out slight beige tones.”

Karine (home decorator): “Exactly – minimalist and slightly industrial look is always in! People often remember how grey goes well with stainless steel and aluminum but really it goes with almost anything. Choice of colour, placement of furniture and kitchen appliences as well as lighting plan form the base, but the atmosphere of the space and the personality of the inhabitants is showcased in the details. Maybe a backdrop in safe grey tones is a practical choice in a way. It also makes it easier to update the kitchen to go with the trends of the time, encourages to experiment with decorations and accessories, curtains and furniture fabrics, colours, materials and textures etc.”

What should one keep in mind when ordering a kitchen and choosing the worktops?

Gregor (contractor): “Larger basic appliances, such as the stove, fridge and ventilation hood, don’t usually cause trouble to anyone. Often it’s not even possible to argue about them much, because the placement plans for kitchen furniture and appliances are made keeping the architectural features of the space in mind – how big the room is, location of doors and windows etc.
If there’s a surplus of great ideas in the beginning, it might often be useful to take a time-out. This is to avoid going overboard with accessories, pictures and such. Clean and empty worktops and walls are also very beautiful.”

Sara: “All the most used features, for example stovetop and coffee maker, should be placed logically and at hand. Functionality should never be forgotten!”

Ursula: “Colours are easy to deal with, because all pastel tones go well together. Pastels are like paler and more matte versions of our main colours, that will make a well lit room appear larger and more elegant. Appliances are more tricky. Let’s take the laundry machine as an example. Does it fit in the kicthen or not?”

Karine: “If the homeowner wishes to have all housekeeping functions placed in the kitchen, or the bathroom is too small to well fit the laundry machine, there’s really not much else that can be done…”

Gregor: “When talking about appliances and plans I’d like to specifically point out the right order of decision making. In a nutshell you should already know what kind of sink or stove or dishwasher will go where before deciding on the measurements and placements of the cabinetry. And maybe the package-deal approach isn’t so important in the kitchen, but in the bathroom things can get complicated, because the measurements some bathroom ceramics manufacturers give might vary considerably. Due to the technological features of making sinks, the cutting of the hole for a sink that’ll be installed under the worktop should always be done using an exact template.”

We’ve veered very far from our main topic for the day, which was to talk about one specific stone, Noble Concrete Grey… Do you have any comments about this kitchen here?

Ursula: “This is a very beautiful kitchen. Everything is balanced and unified nicely. This low and wide window was probably one influencing feature for the design ideas used. Beige-brown wall colour in cappucino tone together with wooden plank flooring and these golden light fixtures give the room warmth.”

Gregor: “My favourite is the stovetop with the massive hood that is a little hidden behind the fridge. You enter through the door, at a first glance you almost don’t notice it and then, “Bang!”

A total attention grabber. Lofra and Smeg are the most well known companies making these kind of appliances with a retro feel. Together with wooden floor, black switches and power sockets and chairs it’s like real cherry on the top. Another factor adding to the nostalgic look is the edge profile of the Noble Concrete Grey quartz worktops – the antique profile.”

Karine: “These little higher chairs resembling bar stools are very effective – they’ve also been an interior design trend for a few years now. Sadly some people are letting them go, because regular height chairs do tend to be more comfortable.
Consulting specialists is a very important step when planning and designing a kitchen, and it’s definitely worth it to browse magazines and social media to see what others have done…”

Sara: “When following Scandinavian and modern minimalist styles it’s important to keep harmony in mind. If choosing grey worktops or simpler furniture it’s important to not to let brutal concrete or large metallic surfaces (for example two-door stainless steel fridge) dominate. Colours and materials are the best way to balance things out, while keeping in mind the emotions different materials evoke. It’s well known that wood and textile symbolize warmth and coziness, stone and glass surfaces cleanliness.
And naturally one shouldn’t fall for the other extreme when adding colours to grey interiors – too much colour can make the room restless and fussy.”

What advice do you have for those who’ve decided to get grey kitchen furniture or worktops?


  • Combine the simple grey with other colours such as black, white, beige and greige/grey-beige.
  • Play with materials and textures such as stainless steel, aluminum, chrome, light or dark wood.
  • Remember patterns – a good pattern with personality will liven up grey surfaces.


  • The fact that the safe grey is one of your main colours doesn’t mean you should stay cautious with the rest of the interior. Don’t be afraid to experiment!
  • To avoid industrial, cold atmosphere, remember that grey requires something by its side to lift the spirit up and function as a balancing accent.

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