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Ceramic worktops – beautiful, trendy and extremely durable

Ceramic worktops – beautiful, trendy and extremely durable

Stone is one of the best examples of timeless durability and the material against which the strength of all other materials is measured, for a good reason. Modern technologies make it possible to cut and work this strong material in all sorts of ways and so it doesn’t come as a surprise that in more and more homes stone is the overarching constant and the eye catcher of the interior design solutions.

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Using different stone materials in construction and interior design has been widespread for hundreds of years, but in the past several years we’ve been seeing the rise of different artificial stones and we’re not expecting this trend to slow down in the near future. Trend conscious homeowners might choose stone to draw attention and as the main design element in their kitchen and bathroom or pick stone for its simplicity and practicality. Fact stands that stone won’t go unnoticed for sure. The durability of stone is common knowledge and thanks to the current technological solutions designers won’t have to limit their fantasy much at all.

Aside from natural stones (granite, marble, limestone) and well established artificial stones (quartz, terrazzo) more and more people are now choosing ceramic worktops for their homes.

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What are the reasons for the popularity of stone and ceramics, specifically?

Many homeowners have been surprised by the wide selection of shades and patterns that artificial stone worktops offer. Stone surfaces aren’t prone to getting scratches but the main advantage of ceramics is their longevity and resistance to staining. Porcelain has low porosity and won’t get stained or smudged by acidic foods and it isn’t afraid of big temperature differences either.

Because of its heat proof nature, natural granite has for long been one of the safest choices for for example building and decorating fireplaces. In the kitchen waterproof quartz has several times the lifespan of a laminate worktop and makes solutions for installing sinks and appliances possible, that would get very impractical with wood or other more porous materials. Marble, composite marble (terrazzo) and limestone are very beautiful to look at but do require a little more care when it comes to keeping them clean. Ceramics however combine all these different advantages, while also being lighter and thinner.

Norrvange Beige Matt

What are the pros and cons of ceramics?

As porcelain and ceramics are made from sand, minerals and clay by compressing them under extremely high pressure, they are considered natural materials. The final texture of ceramics is achieved through burning the material in very high temperatures (almost 1450 degrees), which makes the different components melt together, giving the final “stone” product its strength and glassy appearance.


  • Heatproof – compared to the other composite stones, quartz and terrazzo, ceramics are much more heat proof and the material tolerates as high temperatures as granite.
  • Very strong material – according to some specialists, ceramics are up to a third stronger than the strongest granites are.
  • Like another artificial stone, quartz, ceramic worktops are extremely hygienic and low in porosity. This makes it one of the most stain-resistant materials and easy to maintain.
  • UV-protection – while quartz may dim or change shade under UV light as time passes, ceramics are completely UV-proof and ideally suited for windowsills.
  • Design – porcelain is made of natural materials and the patterns are inspired by natural stones. For example the design of Norrvange product series has been inspired by the limestone from Gotland.
  • Lightweight and elegant – the thickness of the material is only 12mm which makes it feel more modern and airy. This also means the worktop won’t need as sturdy cabinetry or other carcass for support as heavier and thicker stones do.
  • Eco-friendly – the main components of porcelain are 100% natural.


  • Very strong but not completely indestructible – dropping a heavy object or hits from pots and pans might crack the material.
  • Limited options for finishing the edges – while stone worktops typically offer many options for edge finishes (chamfered, rounded, half rounded, shark nose, antique etc) ceramics is available with only one type of edge (the “straight” T-profile).
  • Somewhat higher price – compared to for example the more affordable limestones and quartzes ceramic worktop might come with a little higher price.

Stone can be used everywhere – from tiny bedside tables to floors, window sills and walls

Everyone has probably seen and touched stone and ceramic worktops in kitchens and bathrooms, but nowadays we see stone used increasingly as surfaces for smaller furniture, on walls, floors and even as trays on flower tables and under spice mills and jars in the kitchen. Stone is also a common design element used to connect the interior with the exterior, as it’s suitable for use in outdoor kitchens and gardens. As a decorative material stone has traditionally been used in villas and mansions for a grand effect but any home can get a dose of added elegance with stone kitchenware, planters, vases and any and all other accessories. A work night dinner will be made considerably more festive when the food and drinks are served on stone trays.

There are countless shades and patterns of stones with countless solutions to use and as ceramic as a material is thinner and lighter than other stone materials it should be an option considered for every home!

Kitchen and bathroom both can be considered the heart of the home and one doesn’t need to be an architect or a professional interior designer to decide to invest in their appearance and functionality, as we all want beautiful homes. If you’ve given your kitchen or bathroom a fresh new look, why couldn’t you use stone also for the windowsills, for example?
Spring 2023 is a great time to pay attention to window sills specifically, as until the end of March clients buying a worktop from Granitop can get up to four window sills as a gift from us.

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Stone, and ceramics especially, are truly easy and convenient to maintain!

Beauty and durability are the main reasons for choosing stone but the ease of maintaining these surfaces is definitely also important. Even minimal daily cleaning with water and a microfiber cloth will keep the stone looking beautiful and even years later like brand new.

High quality and shine for your home too!

Stone worktops made by Granitop can already be found decorating many homes. Stone is a good fit for those not looking to compromise, those who know that superior functionality and aesthetics always go hand in hand. Our wide selection offers the perfect solution completely matching the wishes and requirements of everyone interested, as all our beautiful products are made uniquely to order.

With more than ten years in business we’ve participated in many exciting projects, and the creativity and craftsmanship of our stone professionals has helped decorate thousands of homes and public spaces. It has given us invaluable new experiences and opportunities to open new factories, invest in modern equipment and update and widen our selection. Larger and more varied stocks of materials makes it possible for us to work even more effectively and fill orders even faster.

If you wish to find out how much would a worktop perfectly fitted for Your kitchen cost, try out our price calculator with which You’ll get an estimate on the costs of product and installation both. If You have any questions, contact our professionals who are happy to help You!

Norrvange Grey Matt

Norrvange Grey Matt is a ceramic worktop with a matt surface and rich variety with fossil-like details.

Norrvange Ivory Matt

Norrvange Ivory Matt is a ceramic worktop in a warm, earthy colour with a matt surface, rich in various fossil-like and natural details.

Norrvange Light Grey Matt

Norrvange Light Grey Matt is a ceramic worktop with a matt surface and rich variety with fossil-like details.

Azul Olive Matt

Series Azul Olive is a porcelain stoneware inspired by the popular Portuguese limestone Azul Valverde. The grey-brown matte background has a rich selection of fossil-like details.

Glanshammar Silk

Glanshammar Silk is a large-format porcelain stoneware with a silky smooth surface. Inspired by the iconic Swedish Ekeberg marble, which is mined in Glanshammar outside Örebro. Ekeberg marble is an elegant, classic and exclusive stone that has been called the Swedish Carrara marble.

Jura Select Ivory

Jura Select Ivory Matt is a light beige porcelain stoneware tile inspired by the classic Jura limestone.