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Modern bathroom – comfy and trendy

Modern bathroom – comfy and trendy

Bathroom renovation is a great challenge for every homeowner. Without the knowhow it might be complicated to achieve an excellent result. To make it easier start with some research and make an action plan, budget and schedule. It’s useful to know some basic rules, also the right materials and reliable contractors must be used.

Select the most durable and moisture-resistant materials!

Just like the kitchen has higher requirements for the quality of the materials used, it is also important to keep in mind that bathroom surfaces must be water-repellent and easy to clean. The floor and walls covered with ceramic tiles have been in fashion for decades. This solution is combined now with natural marble, granite or quartz panels and work surfaces.

Regardless of the ventilation and heating solutions the bathroom is the most humid place in a home. If you are looking for a result that lasts, avoid using veneer-surfaces and wooden furniture!

Crystal Polar White badrum
Crystal Polar White quartz

The bathroom grows and becomes more luxurious

Instead of bright and white shades that have long been in fashion in bathrooms interior designers are advising to experiment with contrasting colours and even dark hues. However, when combining colours and materials, it’s worth remembering that water splashes do not appear as clear on matte and light surfaces as on the polished and dark material.

Silestone Bianco River badrum
Bianco River quartz

Traditional rectangular and square floor or wall tiles may be replaced by diamond-shaped and polygonal plates. It is also safe to balance large stone surfaces with a mosaic plate, a terrazzo mixture and painted walls. What could be more luxurious than a bathtub resembling a small pool with marble edges? But if there is less space the best stone materials can be beautifully decorated, for example, around the sink. It doesn’t take much money to make a small bathroom really stand out!

Noble Supreme White kvartsinen kylpyhuone
Noble Supreme White quartz
Breeze Ashen Light quartz

Is minimalism the way to go?

In a bathroom with a tiled wall dirt and water usually accumulate in the joints. In addition to beauty the ease of use is also important. So sometimes entire wash corner (bath or shower area) is made as a single large stone wallboard. Considering such a promising solution it’s worth thinking about the water absorption coefficient of different materials. Quartz stones are the most moisture-proof, followed by different granite and marble types.

Look for possibilities!
Noble Cloudy Onyx baderom
Noble Cloudy Onyx quartz

The bathroom is definitely not a storage room and in a trendy home the general rule is – the less furniture the better. On the other hand, when planning a stone surface for a bathroom you should not only think about the surroundings of the bath and the sink. Stone can also be use to make shelves and, for example, a soap dish. Maybe even as an additional surface placed onto a washing machine or a dryer (if they are front-loading) or elsewhere.

Crystal Anthracyte badrum
Crystal Anthracite quartz

Separate wet and dry areas in your bathroom!

Because people’s lifestyles have sped up the shower trays and cabins have been favoured for a long time already. Nowadays a rain shower has come in place of them instead. Also, bathtubs are popular again!

In larger bathrooms a marble or a quartz plate can be used to separate the dry and wet area. This wall can be smoothly connected to the surface surrounding the bath or sink. In case the bathroom is quite small the separating wall can be made of hardened glass. Transparent wall adds space!

If you’re planning more extensive repairs another interesting possibility is making a larger rain-shower room with a channel next to or under the wall. This solution – the water being drained off by the wall drainage system instead of a trap located in the middle of the room – looks very clean and sophiscated!

Noble Ivory White badrum
Noble Ivory White quartz

The place for relaxation and pleasure

Many of the designers have the opinion that the bathroom should create a feeling of a stay in a spa or a peaceful visit to an ancient Roman bath-house, thermae. Bathroom is not only functional but rather a great place to relax. In this case, the washing machine and the dryer will also be removed – to the household room or to the kitchen!

Noble Supreme White kompositt baderom
Noble Supreme White quartz

Modern technological solutions and innovation

As technology evolves more and more innovative solutions find their way into the bathroom, too. Mirrors with built-in LED lights and touch panels for choosing music, temperature or lighting, warm-up toilet seats, faucets with movement detectors, and the likes. Convenience and luxury often lie in small details. If technology offers it all why not use these solutions?

Silestone Lyra badrum
Lyra quartz

Ask from the specialists at Granitop for advice when renovating the bathroom and find inspiration from our photo galleries. Choose your favorite stone and calculate the cost of the marble, granite or quartz bathroom!

Planning a Household Space

A quality bathroom for many years

Ordering from Granitop – fast and easy!

How thick are your stones?

The most common thickness for stone slabs is 20 mm or 30 mm. These are priced differently and both options are also available in the price calculator. Some materials enable manufacturing slabs with a thickness of 12, 40 or 50 mm, but the price and availability are to be specified in detail.

What level of investment should be considered when ordering a stone worktop?

First of all, a stone worktop should be considered a good investment. The size of the investment depends a lot on the selected stone and the desired treatments, with the average price of a worktop falling in the range of 600£ to 4000£. Investing in a worktop is long-term in nature, as a stone worktop does not require replacement over time.

Nero Marquina svart marmor badrum

Bricmate Glanshammar Silk