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A quality bathroom for many years

A quality bathroom for many years

While people love to make changes to living spaces, and frequently update wall colours, wallpaper and other interior design elements and furniture, the bathroom is a room that no one looks forward to renovating. The reason for this is simple – a bathroom renovation tends to be expensive, cumbersome and very dusty work, which disrupts the lives of residents. Therefore, it is important to renovate the bathroom using high quality materials that do not need to be replaced once the renovation is completed. Keeping up with rapidly changing trends is not suitable for the bathroom – one should instead choose timeless classics that will retain their value and not bore you.

Prefer durable materials in the bathroom

The bathroom is the most humid room in the house, where different requirements exist for furniture and floors-walls than in other rooms. While veneer or wooden cabinets will last for decades in the living room, in the humidity of the bathroom the useful life of wood or laminate furniture is much shorter. While ceramic tiles are most often selected for the walls and floors of the washroom, marble, granite or quartz – which are known as moisture-proof materials – are a good choice for worktops. Stone surfaces are extremely easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that the bathroom always appears fresh and beautiful.

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Noble Carrara quartz

Classical solutions with slight twist

Because the bathroom is not a room we would like to refresh and repair too often, mostly light and white tones are used within, which is a safe choice for the bathroom. Even so, many home designers tend to want something special and more unique. Interior designers recommend that they bring in contrast with an exciting tone or tiles in a non-standard design.
Growing in popularity are rhombic and polygonal tiles, which offer variety when placed next to regular rectangular tiles. Mosaic tiles have not been forgotten, which can be balanced with large natural stone surfaces. Worktops and the area around taps and the bathtub are one opportunity to bring colours and patterns into the bathroom. Both granite, marble and quartz stone offer a wide range of tones and patterns that perfectly complement the classic light washroom walls and dark floors.

Look for possibilities!
Absolute White quartz
Noble Olympos Mist quartz

A bathroom should be bare and minimalistic

Although many necessary things tend to accumulate in the bathroom, interior designers recommended that a minimalist line be kept. This means that one massive cabinet, in which all necessary things should fit, is suitable for the bathroom. Of course, there may be sufficient shelves placed under the sink or on the wall to help keep the beautiful stone worktop from overflowing with bottles, jars and other items.
An excellent choice for the bathroom is to place woven baskets on a shelf, in which the essentials can be sorted so that they can be quickly found, and detergents on the work surface don’t grate on the eye.

Bathroom renovations are not undertaken too often, so you should choose materials that are as durable and timeless as possible to keep the room appearing fresh and new for a long time.  When investing in a home remodelling project, you want to make sure that you not only enjoy the results, but that they also add value to your home and save you money. Ideal materials for this are marble, granite and quartz, which have a lifetime spanning decades and are easy to maintain. Explore your options and calculate the price of the desired stone tile!

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