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Planning a Household Space

Planning a Household Space

Like kitchens and bathrooms, household rooms are one of the most important spaces in every home, with keywords such as comfort, space, practicality and cleanliness. Although the auxiliary room is hidden from the eyes of the guests, the place can also be beautiful and tidy, so that the residents could enjoy spending time there.
In smaller flats, the washing machine usually has a place in the bathroom or kitchen, cleaning products may be found in some counters, while laundry box, ironing board or clothes rack may be stored in the wardrobe or a storage space. However, it is expedient for dwellers or if one is living in a large flat, especially for families with children and pets, to design a separate room – a household room – already in the initial phase of repair or planning.

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It is better to do one’s housework in a more ample space!

If the washing machine, washing basket and sometimes the tumble dryer are all squeezed in the bathroom, the small space may become cramped. And when you have a pile of clothes waiting to be ironed in front of your eyes, it is difficult or even impossible to enjoy the pleasures of taking a shower or a bath. Therefore, there are more and more people who design a universal household room for living and adapt it to their specific needs.
But what could be taken into account when building and furnishing a household space?

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Integration of Design and Practicality

Upon designing of a room, the general appearance of the home should be kept in mind. One material may fit into a dignified Old Town apartment, while something else may be suitable for a farm house in the outskirts of the city. When choosing a worktop, it could be taken into account that natural stones such as marble, granite and limestone can withstand higher temperatures, whereas the surface of an artificial stone – quartz – is more sensitive to heat. If you want to use the worktop as an ironing board, you should definitely opt for a heat-resistant stone surface!
Like kitchens and bathrooms, the household space has its own characteristics, and in addition to the design, the ergonomics and practicality of the solutions should be taken into consideration when furnishing such technical space.

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Location In a House or Flat

An ideal household room is located near a kitchen or a garage. It is good if there is a door that opens directly to the yard – this makes it easier to dry the laundry in the yard without passing through other rooms. If there is a pet in the family or the hobby of the residents is, for example, fishing or hiking, it is also convenient if the muddy shoes and dog’s paws can be washed immediately after entering. A hand shower and a sink are essential for such a quick wash!

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Household Space as an Auxiliary Room and Storage Space

There are never too many cupboards and storage rooms in the kitchen and laundry room. It can always be argued whether a dryer is needed in addition to the washing machine and whether a better ironing result can be obtained by steaming in the steam cupboard or by using simply an iron. There are certainly pros and cons in different views, but no one doubts that the household room is an ideal place to store things.

The hobbies and habits of the residents determine the interior design of the household space. The more racks, cabinets and shelves, the better the ability to store things you don’t need on a daily basis, be it Christmas decorations or roller skates, a battery screwdriver and spare light bulbs, or a drum brought from an exotic trip to India or Africa.


Good Ventilation

The household room probably finds the most use as a place for washing and drying laundry. Whether a dryer or a drying rack is used for drying, a damp room definitely needs good ventilation, so it would not be worth saving on ventilation.

Low-Maintenance Walls and Floor

Although the household room has a water supply and the air is damper than the average compared to a normal room, the surfaces usually do not need to be completely covered with ceramic tiles. Often only the floor, the area around the washing machine and the sink corner are tiled, and elsewhere on the walls, washable wall paint, a stone worktop and an additional background stone may be used. If the shelves made of the same stone as the worktop are attached to the walls of the household room, the result is especially elegant!

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Adequate Lighting and Electrical Contacts

It is better to do one’s chores in a well-lit room, and the convenient location of the sockets also makes work easier. If possible, in addition to the ceiling luminaire, it is worth using flexible wall lamps, spot luminaires or tweezer lights attached to a table or a shelf.

If you are interested in an appropriate stone worktop for a household room or you want to order a marble slab under the sink etc., see our product range and calculate the price of a stone worktop!

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