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The selection of quartz stones has been expanded!

The selection of quartz stones has been expanded!

2024. Granitop’s quartz stones selection was expanded at the beginning of the year and, in addition to Technistone, Silestone, Quartzforms and other quartz countertops, our basic selection now includes Caesarstone materials.

Like Silestone, Technistone, Quartzforms and many others, Caesarstone uses the so-called Breton technology, patented in the 70s by Marcello Toncelli, to produce quartz stones. Using vibro-compression vacuum technology, natural aggregates (quartz/sand) are mixed with a polymer mixture (which is usually polyester resin), air is removed by creating a vacuum, the moulded product is vibrated, pressed and heated until a non-porous and durable slab with stable properties is produced.


Introductory prices for Caesarstone! Enjoy 20% off on all Caesarstone quartz worktops until the end of August. Offer applies to the entire order.

Founded in 1987, Caesarstone is one of the world’s largest and oldest producers of artificial stone. The Caesarstone range is divided into collections:

  • Supernatural Designs is inspired by nature and combines the patterns and colours of the world’s most beautiful natural stones.
  • The quartz stones of the Metropolitan Collection are designed to capture the harshly simple nature of industrial design, celebrating the rebirth of the concrete hall’s modern interior and even seemingly robust industrial architecture.
  • The Classico range includes a selection of quartz stones for those who appreciate a calmer and more even pattern, classic colours and traditional style.

Moorland Fog is a stone from the Supernatural collection, with a dense pattern of dark brown and grey marble-like veins weaving on a creamy light background.

Bianco Drift is a stone from the Supernatural collection inspired by marble, with a light grey background decorated with dark and light grey, as well as beige and white patches and grooves.

Clamshell (P/H – available in both polished and honed finishes) is a quartz stone from the Classico range, with a light grey and discreet limestone-like background enriched with a pattern of light and dark patches.

Alpine Mist is a quartz stone from the Supernatural collection, with a cool misty grey background complemented by a pattern of crisp and delicate lighter lines and slightly darker beige small patches.

London Grey is a light quartz from the Supernatural-series the pattern of which resembles marble.

Piatra Grey is a quartz stone from the Supernatural collection, inspired by the dark grey rock surface of the Piatra mountain range, complemented by fine lighter lines interwoven into a marble-like pattern.

Frosty Carrina is a light quartz, also part of the Supernatural range, with an ivory background accentuated by a pattern similar to marble veins.

Pure White is a stone from the Classico collection, the lightest material in the Caesarstone range. The use of pure white stone does not draw too much attention to the countertop, giving a fresh impression and opens up the space.

Black (Burnt Cordite) is a dark and sound quartz stone with a fine-grained structure. If you’re looking for a simple yet luxurious black surface, this is the material for you!

Organic White is a white quartz stone from the Classico collection that looks just a little darker and grainier than Pure White. Subtly blended layers of colour and undertones give the stone a chic and silky appearance.

Nougat is a light quartz that only appears white when viewed from a distance. This stone from the Classico collection has a canvas-like appearance thanks to neutrally coloured mineral chips and fine grain structure.

Snow is a quartz stone from the Classico collection that is as white as freshly fallen snow. Thanks to its unpretentious appearance, it’s suitable for kitchen countertops and, for example, for use in public spaces.

Oyster is a light grey, ash-coloured quartz stone from the Classico collection, characterised by slightly darker quartz chips.

Raven is a smoky grey quartz stone from the Classico series, with a slightly spotted surface that gives the material a somewhat dramatic effect when exposed to light.

Shitake is a beige-grey limestone-like patterned quartz stone. Inspired by the rainy weather and nature, the material helps to create a balanced and calm atmosphere, bringing home warmth and cosiness to any room.

Vanilla Noir is a dark marble-like quartz from the Supernatural collection, with a pattern of vanilla-coloured creamy marble veins passing through a luxurious ebony-coloured background, giving the material a bold and personal look.

Symphony Grey is Supernatural quartz, with diagonal silver stripes alternating with darker waves and patches on a textured background reminiscent of grey and natural stone.

Inspired by natural marble, White Attica is an artificial stone from the Supernatural series, a combination of subtle dark and light grey veins winding on a flawless pearl white background.

Turbine Grey is a quartz stone in the design of which grey stone vortexes alternate with light and dark veins and patches. The material of the Supernatural collection mimics the movement and structure of rock masses typical to natural granite.

Woodlands is a quartz from the Supernatural series that resembles dark marble, with light, fine veins dancing on a chocolate background.

Dreamy Carrara (H-honed) is a quartz stone with polished surface from the Supernatural collection inspired by the famous Carrara marble. The subtle blues and light greys, swirling with varying intensity on a silky white background, symbolise movement and feel like a moment captured in a pattern.

Statuario Nuvo is also a quartz that resembles white marble, with a creamy light background complemented by the dark grey and soft brown veins of classic marble. Compared to other marble-patterned quartz in the Supernatural collection, the pattern is larger.

Cloudburst Concrete (Rough) is a light grey, almost white quartz stone from the Metropolitan collection. The textured Rough finish resembles brushed (B-brushed) stone with a rough texture, or a plastered wall for example.

Rugged Concrete (Rough) is a dark grey quartz stone resembling wet plaster, complemented by lighter patches. The industrial look of the artificial stones in the Metropolitan collection, suitable for industrial interiors, is complemented by the distinctive Rough finish, which resembles brushed stone due to its rough surface.

Airy Concrete (Rough) is a light grey, dry cement-coloured Metropolitan series quartz that from the distance resembles a robustly smoothed concrete surface. The effect is complemented by the Rough finish, which is rough and grainy, like a brushed (B-brushed) stone.

Excava (Rough) is a beige-grey quartz with an intense pattern from the Metropolitan collection. The copper, rusty brownish-red and oxidised lines alternating with light patches and spots give the stone an eye-catching and striking appearance. The rugged yet modern overall look is complemented by the Rough finish.

Oxidian (Rough) is a brown-grey quartz from the Metropolitan collection featuring industrial design, with a dramatic rust-like effect over an inky background.

Adamina (Rough) is a quartz from the Supernaturals collection with a simple finish, resembling a golden yellow dune or a wind-swept sandstone.

Black Tempal (Rough) is a quartz stone with a dark grey background, characterised by light calcareous stripes flowing over the charred surface, like layers of minerals fossilised into the rock. The play of colours of the Metropolitan series quartz combines the night sky and rolling water.

Empira White is another quartz stone inspired by natural stone, with a design influenced by the interpretation of the famous white marble, its pearly white background and distinctive vein pattern.

Empira Black is a quartz stone evoking dark marble that adds a luxurious touch to any room, from the home kitchen or bathroom, to the lobbies and banquet halls in modern hotels and offices.


The design of Calacatta Nuvo quartz stone hides the exquisite beauty of classic Calacatta marble. Wide and elegant grey waves on a pure white background draw attention and give the interior a uniquely beautiful look.

Taj Royale is a quartz with a delicate beige hue reminding limestone. Against a background of milky coffee shades, warm and natural tones meet – brown waves and lines and light beige and white dots and small patches.

Riverlet is a quartz stone from the Classico collection, the delicate fine-grained amber dots of which make the white softer and warmer, giving it a golden whitish-beige hue.

Wyndigo is a light greyish beige (greige) quartz stone from the Classico collection that imitates the colours of nature. The pattern of this material is very fine-grained and fragile, like a sea foam that meets beach pebbles polished by wind and sand.

Darcrest is the quartz stone from the Supernatural collection – a mysteriously enchanting dark background is enriched by tiny patches and sediments that, together with the organic ochre brown and earthy green veil, look like erosion on a rocky hillside.


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Introductory prices for Caesarstone!

Enjoy 20% off on all Caesarstone quartz worktops until the end of August. Offer applies to the entire order.

  • Offer (-20% off the entire order) is valid for only Caesarstone quartz worktops, that are ordered during 1.04.2024 – 31.08.2024 and paid for by the due date as stated in the order.
  • The offer is only valid for orders for worktops that include measuring and installation service.
  • The offer cannot be exchanged for cash or any other discount.
  • The offer is valid for both private and legal persons.
  • Granitop reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions and to suspend or amend the promotion, to the extent permitted by law, by informing customers by means of the relevant information published on the website.


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