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A clean home is easy!

A clean home is easy!

Hygiene and cleanliness are important in every home. We all wish that if unexpected guests came for coffee, the kitchen would be in top condition and there would be no reason for worries or embarrassment. At the same time, every man and woman want cleaning to take as little effort and time as possible.

Quartz stone is a material that makes cleaning the kitchen especially easy

The less tedious the responsibilities, the more there is quality time with family and friends. How to find a happy medium between the home being clean and having time to rest? It is very simple – already during interior design planning, you have to choose the right materials that do not stain easily and are easy to maintain.

Noble Supreme White quartz

Quartz stone: an easy-to-clean worktop that does not stain

Wiping the kitchen worktop with a cloth is what most people do most in a day regarding cleaning. Therefore, it is very important to choose a worktop material that is as dirt-resistant and easy to wipe as possible.

A wooden worktop needs to be oiled or waxed often and a wet mug or pan placed on it, even for a moment, can leave an ugly circular mark, but the heating system or the humidity released during cooking will not affect/dry a stone slab. And if, for example, a stainless steel surface is usually sensitive to water stains (chlorine and minerals), then stone is a safer choice there as well. Quartz or composite stone is a scratch-resistant and antibacterial material with a liquid absorption coefficient of zero. This means that even if dirt is not wiped off immediately, there is almost no chance the stain will remain and you will have to work hard later.

Terrazzo stones made of crushed natural stone and a binder element (cement or resin) also have a fairly good dirt-resistance. When choosing Terrazzo worktop slabs, we recommend consulting our specialists, because the properties of mosaic-stone cement concrete depend a lot on the properties of the raw material – with a “softer” natural stone content, the surface absorption coefficient may be higher than for artificial stones.

However, if you want to have a natural stone worktop, the rule of thumb is that the smoother and denser the stone, the more resistant it is to dirt. Thus, granite is a very good choice, because it is one of the strongest natural stones. However, it would need to be maintained regularly so that the protective layer would not be removed and stains would not penetrate the stone.

Blue Pearl granite

When ordering a marble worktop, keep in mind that the material needs more work than on average and may not be suitable for families with small children. Granitop selects materials carefully and all stones (including Bianco Carrara C) undergo our demanding quality control that ensures delivering the best available material. Still, if red wine or coffee gets on the worktop, and there is not a cleanliness-loving pedant around, who could immediately remove the stains, then white marble is not the best choice. There is no need to fear that the spilled liquid will be instantly absorbed into the stone, but stains and spills on the marble worktop need faster interventions than, for example, in case of granite or quartz stone. Take a look at our own test lab test!

When choosing a sink, quality is essential to keep in mind!

One place, where dirt and bacteria accumulate at home, is the sink where we wash vegetables, pour hot water when cooking pasta as well as other liquid food residues. A classic stainless steel sink is not a bad choice at all, and in case of well-known manufacturers, it is also easy to clean. In most cases, a branded product has a better finish, it is manufactured with patented technology and it is properly packaged.

Granitop recommends Blanco sinks with no problems in delivery and quality. Blanco Silgranit is also one of the most hygienic options because the material is antibacterial.

Kitchen cleaning tips:

Use a damp cloth for the daily maintenance of a quartz stone worktop

Rub larger stains with a wet sponge

For natural stone worktops, use water and baking soda, a dish-washing gel with neutral pH or special cleaning agents

Avoid acidic agents – this way, you can keep the worktop beautiful for longer

Clean the sink daily with a microfiber cloth and more thoroughly once a month

A few times a year, a special cleaning powder may be used to clean the sink


Take a look at the stone materials and calculate the price of your dream kitchen countertop!

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Tips to keep your worktop clean and beautiful

To freshen up your kitchen is to invest in your own happiness!

The most hygienic worktop is quartz