How to choose a kitchen sink?

How to choose a kitchen sink?

When choosing a kitchen worktop pay attention to the sink!

Natural stone (marble, granite) or quartz stone worktop is an investment for which you will get a beautiful kitchen for decades. Of course this is a decision that can not be made in a rush as following every seasonal trend can become a very costly hobby. What should be kept in mind – no matter how beautiful is the outcome it also takes time to keep it clean. So it’s very important to choose the right worktop material that matches your lifestyle and habits.

The stone work surfaces and a stainless steel sink is a solid, practical and classic combination. However, how is the harmony between different materials and should the sink be on top or below the stone surface? Is it better to mount sink to a worktop keeping evenly smooth surface or is it wiser to avoid this solution? Is it good to choose the sink as similar as possible to the worktop material or as a contrasting color?

Starlight Ruby quartz

There may be a lot of questions and opportunities that arise. Perhaps it turns out there is something new coming up soon that is so modern that it has not yet reached even to interior news magazines?

Every material, sink and tap solution has its advantages and disadvantages. In the case of quartz stone possibilities are almost endless. As a great news there is now 10 different colors in Blanco Silgranit sink collection, which means you can find a sink matching almost every stone surface. By listening your wishes we will definitely reach the result you are looking for!

We are not interior designers, our expertise is in the field of stone worktop industry. But a rich experience allows our team to assist you in making practical decisions. We have seen and made thousands of different types of kitchens and stone worktop-sink combinations. In our picture gallery there is also all kind of samples – ask if you need inspiration or an advice!

Noble Desiree Grey quartz

Just like the choice of stone worktop material depends largely on the customer’s habits and needs the user experience is also significant for the sink solutions.

The main advantage of an inset (top-mounted) sinks is their quick and easy installation and a more affordable price. As the edge of the sink covers the work surface, you don´t have to worry that the stone edge will be damaged by hitting it by accident with heavier pan or cooking pot.

Steel Grey granite

Flush-mounted sinks are mounted into the work surface. In so called flush-fit installation method the width of the sink edge is carved in to the stone and so the sink remains at the same level with the work surface.

Unfortunately this solution assumes a very good sink which in general is more expensive. Best kitchen sink manufactures keep sink measurements and the quality always the same. They are not trying to reduce costs on the expense of the thickness of the material or product packaging. In low-price segment, however, sometimes factories try to bend the standards and installation may show some imperfections and this makes it more difficult to fit a cheap sink into the stone perfectly.

Emerald Pearl granite

Under-mounted kitchen sink is the most popular solution today – especially in the case of a stone worktop. The hole in the sink is cut into a stone tile its edges are polished and the sink is attached under the worktop. The result is nice and practical. All the bread crumbles and the likes that may appear during cooking can be wiped off right from surface straight into the sink!

Noble Areti Bianco quartz

Flush-undermounted sink is almost the same as an undermounted sink but the result is even more elegant. If the stone does not show in all its thickness and if the customer also chooses a granit-like sink (for example, the Blanco Silgranit-series) the line or connection between the sink and the surface is barely noticeable. To make it especially stylish combine this solution with drainer grooves carved into the working surface!

Brilliant Black quartz

A well-designed and carefully planned kitchen is definitely more favorable than a last minute mockup. It lasts for so many years! And you can be sure that we will do our part to make the result as beautiful as a showroom or an advertising photo in a design magazine. This is how you can enjoythe beauty and comfort of your home every day.

Bianco Carrara C marble