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We got a whole new website!

We got a whole new website!

Technology is evolving rapidly nowadays and along with that the expectations of internet users. Of course, Granitop’s customers would like our site to be as beautiful and easy to handle as granite, marble and quartz worktops, window sills, fireplaces and so on.

The role of social medias is increasing all the time, screens of cellphones and other devices have improved, and one photo usually tells more than a thousand words. So, to meet that expectation our new page has a much better image gallery and we will continue to improve our Instagram account and Facebook page.

Home is important for everyone, it has to be comfortable but also beautiful and inspiration doesn’t require much. Sometimes it’s enough to see a photo with an interesting or a unique solution and it will give you an idea of what kind of kitchen you would like. Sometimes, however, it takes longer planning and careful consideration – and it’s great if there are tips to be found in an easy and meaningful way. Often the kitchen or bathroom is already in place and question is what is the pricetag of your dream home…

On our new page we have tried to take into account all the different expectations of our customers. Of course, the selection of materials is never final, the calculator cannot consider every nook and cranny and without a doubt the amount of knowledge acquired by Granitop’s specialists over the years is too vast to be shared within a few blog posts. Quite often our customers include interior designers and architects with whom we have been able to make something really special that no-one could believe in the beginning.

White marble Bianco Carrara
Bianco Carrara C marble

Photos of beautiful kitchens and bathrooms have accumulated over the years and step by step we will show them on our site, too.

Before making your final order, please ask our experts and customer support for all additional options and always ask to see the real stone samples – the color and pattern vary quite a lot depending on the particular batch and the lighting conditions.

If you notice any errors on Granitop’s new website or it might happen that the result received from the calculator seems unrealistic, please contact us by e-mail! We have tried to make the price calculator as simple and convenient as possible but please be aware that every single configuration cannot be estimated here. This does not mean that we do not do special solutions! Ask for an advice and a price offer on worktop shapes or edge profiles that are not shown on our web. We will surely find the right option for you!

By leaving us your contact details we’ll surely contact you at the latest on the next working day! We are just a few clicks away from you!